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Author Topic: Heckathorn, The Power of belief, 23 April 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 99 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Heckathorn
Subject: The Power of Belief
Category: Serara Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
23 April 2017,19:24 Z

“Yes, please begin Daniel. My name is Heckathorn; I am working with Serara in the new revised Magisterial Sons Mission under Father Christ Michael. Whenever there is a question, having to do with any kind of issue now as we make this new beginning, The Father will see to it that the right decision is made. Yes it is administered from Salvington, but you here on Urantia, can relax in the knowledge of the undeviating over care from Paradise. Now with the changes of a whole new approach that will become clear soon, we will see breathtaking progress in all the areas that are dearest to the hearts of those awake and straining against the resistance of the old Calagastian, Jack built system.

“My particular area of expertise, is dealing with local government in the grass roots changes and new methods we will slowly introduce to the communities around York Pennsylvania, in ever widening circles that will in the long run will ripple out over the surface of the whole earth. The disturbances of the seismic adjustments, economic disruptions, rescue and relocation projects will be a big part of the picture initially so the rapid progress on these fronts of government make over and change will be a secondary priority, but they are the first areas addressed as soon as some stability in the environment is brought to any area.

“Schools are another high priority for adults and children and open teachable instructors will be found to assimilate into the new classrooms needing instruction to complement and grow along with the Mission workers initially ready to work in the Local areas around York, at first in primary schooling. The fact that the beginning schools will leave a lot to be desired as will all fledgling changes we will effect, it will be 10 times better than anything on the block. If you wonder at using regular citizen teachers who would know little about Mission principles and methods, half of the good being done will be in the mentoring of those like these teachers that will be brought into the effort by the friendship and patient instruction in the schooling we will initiate at first.

“Adam and Eve know all about this type of outreach on the local level and their leadership and direction will enable the foundational start for the basis of education worldwide. The most helpful and important quality in the citizens we interact with is like the common feeling of cooperation that was in everyone in the war effort.  This galvanized the whole nation behind the governments push to change over to an all-out united response. This will permeate most because of the communication taking place from mission headquarters explaining the highly desirable new earth beginnings. The spirit of love and service will permeate the atmosphere. The guidance by the Celestial guides of the Mission will be common knowledge as we will be obvious and present by the way we come out to the world communicating our presence.

“Not by power and not by might, but by My spirit is the way of our progress in this enterprise. Your prayers as you are present with what is before you will see the supernatural intervention in the hearts and minds you are working with. This belief and way of trust, instead of thinking it must all be done by you, letting God work the changes in attitude needed, will be the real catalyst in this normally unworkable human element. It is like the miraculous help a speaker will have when they courageously and fearlessly stand to speak with calm confidence as the words come that are needed, by the indwelling of some teacher perfect for the moment.

“Your old belief, thinking of the old recalcitrant attitudes of many as being a reality prolongs that exact condition.  On the other hand to envision and believe that, that is no longer the case and that the way of loving acceptance and seeing the truth about what is happening and comprehending quickly, is the real case, has the enormous power of any belief we have that we hold with no doubt. It’s exactly the same issue in the personal growth in those of you now dedicated to The Father. The Father, Father Christ Michael and Mother Spirit see you already in your glory as a fully mature and highly perfected being, with nary a flaw in the barrel. That strong, inalterable belief and confidence, is the key to the beautiful finishing and perfecting of trillions.

“Whatever you believe without a doubt comes true! [It of course doesn’t work with a falsehood but even then it does some times because of the power a trusting belief has]  It may take a while, but it always comes true. Knowing and believing all the precepts and leadership methods and societal development standards and coming ways for progress as outlined in the Sustainability and Planetary Management document will make them inexorably come true. Any successful enterprise always had at least one principle who doggedly believed, with no doubt whatsoever of its eventual manifestation. Then soon he or she was joined with other true believers and all obstacles and difficulties were eventually swept away. This Urantian makeover Mission is like that in every respect.

“This is Heckathorn with this view and lesson that you may think at first is Pollyanna type, rose colored glasses and mint julips on silver trays outlook, and it is, but it is the must have mind set as the way of foreboding pessimism and prejudicial suspicion, expecting opposition and evil responses at every turn is certainly tending to produce those very difficulties. With feelings of family love and joyful collaboration as we together forge ahead in this world class undertaking, I leave you for now wishing all a progressive day!

End discussion Forum-

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