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Author Topic: Machiventa, Your Struggle, 19 April 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 108 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Machiventa
Subject: Your Struggle
Category: Melchizedek Teaching
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
19 April 2017, 20:06 Z

“When you feel ready Daniel you can begin. Yes we do have a message today. This is Machiventa with a dissertation on the subject of coming of age in a world of complexity. All of you are inmates you could say, because the parameters and limitations you are under are fairly stringent in the lives of most alive on Urantia today. A small percentage is so privileged because of great wealth that they have absolute freedom and power to literally do anything they would like.  In truth all of you can with courage and struggle do absolutely anything you would like. It just takes a lot longer with much more pluck and application then that person gifted with family or personal money of generous quantities.

“But even that ‘fortunate one’ with the big bank account it seems, often struggles with challenges even unlimited money cannot fix. With all their advantages still they may lose a child or mate to some incurable disease no amount of specialists and physicians can remedy. The relationship conundrum commonly is an unworkable sadness in the very wealthy. One of the wealthiest in the western world, midcentury said: “I would give all my wealth for just one happy marriage”. Conversely the lowly servant in a strenuous subsistence life of no financial security and unremitting struggle may be deliriously happy in her or his marriage. So even if a person has opulent wealth, it still seems there is no escape for troubles of many kinds designed to make this physical existence one round of crisis after crisis.

“The saying goes: “I have been poor and I have been rich, rich is better”. Most learn that educating oneself, with the diligent consistent application of effort and production to insure sufficiency of supply to live with a roof and food and fostering some security by frugal money management, is the only way to survive with some decency and satisfaction among your troubles. But almost always it is a path demanding painful effort and application that levels the playing field. The biggest lament I hear is there is no real security in the end; all suffer this urgent test of abilities and patience being subjected to time and chance, by living this first life on a physical planet.

“Almost everyone is looking for that easy fix that will have the income roll in consistently with only a few hours effort each day. Few find it or can maintain it. Rapid change can make the most secure business vulnerable to upset and failure. It is oftentimes said with a sigh:  “I can’t win for loosing”. We don’t advertise this but the underlying truth is that this life that requires so much effort and struggle and suffering is exactly what the doctor ordered for the rapid maturing of this human condition, where upstanding character development and eventually having  contact with God is it’s perfect fruit.  

“In the western socialist economies many can live at least a decent life on a pension or assistance check because of some malady they have or social condition such as many kids to support with no mate, thus they are judged eligible to be supported just for being, no matter how unwise their choices have been. This is a condition that is unsustainable for long as the unfairness of being supported with no effort or service on their part, eventually brings a back lash of intolerance of a life of dysfunction and of offspring simply molded to look for that same unnatural condition, as well as being financially ruinous before long to the treasuries of any nation.  

“Millions however have no safety net of such ease and are under the gun financially for decades raising several kids on their own, because of accidents or tragedy, or unwise choices, male or female, requiring even two eight hour jobs, off and on to keep some semblance of normalcy having the full family responsibility alone. This kind of heavy load of service and accountability, works a beautiful work of character development, as tough as it is to watch from a distance.

“These circumstances of strain and confrontation do a valuable work however in most lives. The laziness and irresponsibility of youth sees life's demands conspire to minimize these qualities. This struggle has a humbling effect in many, such that they reach the age of sixty or seventy with an appreciation and sensitivity, meaning they live a life of kindness and service, because of what they have suffered and experienced by this free for all of anxious care that to them was unavoidable. In other words: ‘Life’s a beach and then you die’ isn’t too far off as the reality, but to be any other way would not be as effective for your maturation.  

“To valiantly continue to strive against this tide until passing, to evermore look to The Father for the energy and wherewithal and simultaneously let go of the worthless striving after wind represented by acquiring possessions and security, now realizing the supply and security comes naturally in a new manner because of the faithful trust that replaces the old self-reliance simply because we understand now, our coming to the place of unconditional service to The Father was always our real goal and that places us under the umbrella of his guidance and blessing.

“Before that point, going unaided into trouble and serious difficulties was the best thing that could possibly happen to turn us to him. Your thought adjuster had a large hand in the journey you have experienced, not smoothing the path by any means in common circumstances, yet often saving you much tribulations when your direction finally, turns more and more to one of humbly taking advice. With regards and respect I leave you with these guiding words that any one of any mettle has come to embrace. Thank you one and all for your service and coming with the rest of us on this superb and joyful adventure. This is Machiventa; right alongside you, always available for support, which you can ask for at any time. Cheers!”

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