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Author Topic: Abraham,More On Loyalty, 18 April 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 140 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Abraham
Subject: More on loyalty
Category: The Will of God
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV. USA
18 April 2017, 01:54 Z

“You can begin Daniel. This is the Abraham of old. Coming to you today in this direct manner and along with today’s teaching, I want to give you a secret with this lesson. I will use an illustration that many of you may not know about. At the time in the late 1800s when the Urantia Book was a gleam in Christ Michael’s eye, there is the story of the man, who resided in England, a clairvoyant, medium and spiritualist, Stainton Moses, who we were bringing along to fulfill the same task Dr. William Sadler and his family performed, later beginning in the early 1920s.

“He actually began writing some many pages he called: Spirit teachings [1874] and a later second volume; ‘Spirit teachings vol. II’, in the early part of the 1880s with some even different content. He was attempting to get things in order to continue the work there in England and while dismounting from a carriage, he was injured and could have been killed because the arch enemy Calagastia was there to cause the misstep meant to take him out of the picture. In effect it did, because his recovery took the steam out of his response that the celestial working with him, was endeavoring to have him do.  That Celestial’s name was: Abraham, the same Abraham you know from your old testament. This is the secret I promised.

“Irrespective of what is happening at the moment having to do with the MSM, the account of the first attempt to engage an educated Human who believed in Celestial contact and even conversation being possible with a mortal, did not go well.  We floundered along for a year or more after the accident and we attempted to truly engage his mind and understanding about what I and Father Christ Michael wanted him to do.

“There were other issues where we asked him to follow certain instructions which he found hard to do. Our hope was for him to listen and record what he heard by writing in long hand, a task he had started in 1874 that would have taken several years of daily work at least. Well, as has been reported, the team, the combination of the two of us did not gel. The full account is in one of the flurries, now momentarily withdrawn and is also touched on in the time line written and compiled by Ron Besser.

“So my purpose today to begin this lesson in this manor is to show how our best attempt can sometimes lead nowhere. Now let’s go forward to the end of the adjudication of Lucifer and his band approx. 1986. At that time, things progressed well and the tiny start where UB and other spiritually interested students began hearing Celestial Teachers and then, either by audio tape or written messages recorded what we were teaching. From the beginning In New Zealand and then Australia and then groups being inspired in the United States to have study groups where individuals would hear our voice as Celestial teachers [100 came at first] and would relay that to those attending and duplicating the tapes or written messages to send to other students who subsequently were guided to become T/R persons.

“Now, as we have stated before, those T/R persons, individuals, almost to a person, were possessing a blind spot in that, as they came into the orbit of those Christ Michael and The Father himself was wanting to lead a mortal contingent to work alongside Celestial leaders in The Corrective Time MSM, they would be offended or were put off by some judgement they had, that that mortal leader was not worthy of their loyal service and allegiance.

“This of course does not happen if the person in question is head-over-heels in love with the Father and all things Divine. That is the main characteristic of an Agondonter. Instead what happens is that a strong resonating takes place that gives a deep conviction that the thread of the Fathers hand is running straight and true, right through that mortal individual. There is no persuasion needed, there is simply a clear understanding about what is going on.

“There is so much baggage attached to that concept of unwavering devotion to the Divine work through some human instrument. The truth is that except for some very rare exceptions, where the human servant was set up as a true representive for doing some specific task like some prophet of old, everyone of spiritual leadership, we know of in modern times who may have been very famous, taught marvelously, and was loved even by millions, had feet of clay so badly, that in not one instance, was it proper to give all your loyalty and dedicated service to that individual with total safety.

“Why?.... because you knew in your heart that their ministry, although useful and productive did not ring with the same authority of the appointment in this case. This training group is being led by a human [or what shall we categorize him at this moment, it keeps changing] that is just as, or more valid then any appointment in all history.

“By giving your full loyalty and allegiance, to any of those mostly sincere; ‘men of God’, you would eventually have fallen into the ditch of error and misguidance. We have today in the administrator of this site, such a trustworthy leader, everyone is looking for. Dozens and Dozens, no hundreds since the start of the teaching mission, have left, even having been trained extensively, because of this fear, that the common knowledge or conventional wisdom about trusting no man, must be remembered and thus at the appearance of anomalies in any area of performance by him, it is time to throw him to the curb along with the rest.

“They go away sighing with remorse and regret that like all the others, in spite of their high hopes at first, at joyfully encountering this training group, the old warning was proven true once again. They think.

“This is Abraham enjoying giving this lesson to ever more clearly reassure those here of the validity of your calling. With love and affection for you all, our salutation is fitting: Domtia…..”

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