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Author Topic: Califax, How Planetary Change Will Come 17 April 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 121 times)

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Speaker: Califax
Subject: How Planetary Change Will Come
Category: Serara Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
17 April 2017,21:40 Z

“Go ahead when you are ready Daniel. Our subject today is illustrated somewhat by the phenomenon of ‘Combustion and how it works’. When the allies bombed Dresden Germany and the city began to burn, after two hours or so it became so intense, there was such violent up draft at the base of the fire, that there were hurricane like winds created in the vacuum to feed the blaze. The flames and smoke were seen to reach to 15,000 feet. The loss of life was approx. one quarter of the city’s population of one million. It had increased recently because of an influx of refugees escaping the Russian advance from the east. The sudden bombing saw three waves of bombers, beginning after 12 am, some hours apart. Fifteen square miles, over 88 % of the city was destroyed.

“The reason and lesson of a fire like that is to bring to mind and understanding the true nature of combustion, going out of control when sufficient fuel is present. We have a similar circumstance in a spiritual sense all over Urantia as we see the attitudes of unreasonableness and illogic and now despair, that render most any discussion a fruitless back and forth with no meeting of the minds. The conflagration part is the cross fertilization or contamination that spreads like a germination in bread dough with the introduction of yeast, communicating to all minds the same attitudes, that most accept and only a few with habits of careful control over what is or is not accepted, having filters that separate the good from the bad.

“The Thought Adjuster valiantly counteracts this universal pressure, with the still small voice [and before that with feelings of aversion or elation] guiding to reason and sensibility. The choice being left up to the individual to be exercised by such advice should they be still long enough, to listen and hear and feel. This whole subject is important because of how the Magisterial Sons Mission will use this principle of imbuing the population of the earth with the new attitude of respectful service to The Father that will spread even more effectively then the negative attitudes of so many, that held reign in the past.

With all life being interconnected in a oneness of spiritual connection, some receptive and some not, still it works in both ways as to dissemination of the attitudes and ideas that come to dominate and become preeminent. As the education of a few at first, adds up, eventually there is that tipping point that makes the new spiritual consciousness prevalent enough that universal acceptance becomes more rapid and natural. This is a process of hundreds of years of continuous effort, sure to win out because The Fathers philosophy is more effective and attractive than the negative from the simple standpoint of the fruits of the two ways of life being so unquestionably obvious.

“Having that attitude of respectful service to The Father is a gift that follows when first one begins responding to His guidance from His indwelling spirit. Billions of humans now, that will be here after the trial of earths catastrophic adjustments, will tend because of their severe sufferings and disruptions, to have their sensitivity and humility much closer to the surface, bringing increased receptiveness to all things spiritual as well as being highly influenced by the increased spiritual help being poured out over the whole earth, by The Father, Christ Michael and Creative Spirit Nebadonia.

“The horrendous picture of the Dresden disaster had the British and American bombers in later years, soul searching at the destruction and suffering they perpetrated. A chapter in history they are not proud of, [except for the international teamwork, brotherhood and selfless cooperation demonstrated] being swept up in the spirit of revenge and reprisal at the time. This experience in the collective consciousness of the earths human race, at least having the effect of helping to again reinforce the superiority of the way of love over the way of war and competition.

“This teaching today is the overview of the manner the knowledge of The Father will fill the whole earth. It will be a natural and irresistible progression to the universal embracing of the way of sustainability and prosperity. It will come about by the same principle that combustion reinforces itself, by the ingredients of reaction being present, to maintain the positive catalytic process which in this case is Divine societal principles of living being embraced. Before long the way of God, demonstrating, especially in the light of our sorry previous history, the only sane path for civilization to follow.

“This Is Califax, Planetary Prince and Magisterial Son hailing from Uversa, come to help in this massive effort for a turn around, even now, with a fresh revision of means and methods being contemplated by The Father about the wisest course for the makeover of Urantia [soon with a new name]. These will one way or another result in a University Planet for all time in the Grand Universe expansion to perfection. Thank you everyone for your attention, application, patience and cooperation as we work this through. Good day! And Domtia…..”

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