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Author Topic: Mansonloran, Why delay Disclosure, 16 April 2017 Daniel, L V NEV. USA  (Read 147 times)

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Teacher: Mansonloran
Subject: Why Delay Disclosure
Category: Governments Good and Bad
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V Nevada, USA
16 April 2017, 18:38 Z

“You can begin writing Daniel, This is good practice for you to become adept at, you simply being the vessel and I will be the mouth piece. I see you using the Dragon, speech to type, microphone and headset. If you we can make it work. It will be so much more efficient to receive messages. From my side, it looks like the software can be trained with a lot of practice to hear you almost perfectly. To be able to have an audio as well as a written message simultaneously is a worthy goal.

“Today it is important that I say a few things about our Celestial take on the world situation. We know, like many of you on the forum, that are the most curious, you know all about many extremely convoluted and devious world plans set in motion that would shock the general public if all would be disclosed [as it will be in its own good time].  We as the Celestial teachers and guides set to orchestrate the onset of the world make over with the Magisterial Sons Mission, cannot openly commiserate with all the inside information you may know and have researched on the alternative press and have learned from many good books with small circulation, yet which have excellent credentials of validity, because it would instantly polarize many, we are reaching out to with mercy and consideration.

“There is so much wrong and reprehensible from top to bottom in the worlds institutions that must be addressed and corrected. It must be addressed and corrected though with tremendous wisdom.  For instance many of the worlds power centers that are so misguided from the leaders now in control would be better handled with a slow process of disclosure that reveals the evil intents and plans at a rate that the absorption and understanding of the public to come along at a pace practical to have all know in due time, just how self-serving and oppressive all was. This slower process is also important to bring to justice the real perpetrators now in obscurity.

“They have a way of operating that sees a concerted effort to hide and obscure the true nature of their criminal activity while in the public consciousness, constantly reinforced by the very media they own that endlessly sings their praises and untruthfully spins the story so often and effectively, they are generally revered by a bamboozled public, as stalwart pillars of civilization. That bamboozled public is starting to wake up.

“Meanwhile with hidden agenda, they are wholeheartedly working for the destruction of the most worthwhile qualities of all nations in reducing freedoms, belittling high moral standards, ridiculing proven civilization sustaining family values and diminishing the power of democratic institutions, to affect the necessary change to stop the complete take over and enslavement of all peoples.

“One method of their operation was the compartmentalization of their bureaucracies so that many important functionaries had no idea of the real destructiveness and hidden goals of the institution. All of these personal having no part in the oppression, are not culpable even though they spent their life in the employ of the worst of the worst.

“Because of these reasons and many others, to discuss all we and you know of the real goings on of the Calagastian remnants, as part of our conversation on the Serara Forum would immediately target and categorize this training Mission as being in opposition to be fought and persecuted, thus the full reading and informing of thousands of guests taking place, about the knowledge revealed in the Urantia book, could be much reduced.

“Our main thrust in all we discuss on the Serara Forum is the truth of the Family of God and how it operates, the liberating truth of the extent and nature of the Universe, the extent and nature of the Spiritual personalities The Father has now brought to light through the Transmissions of the Teaching Mission. Also to discuss the nature of our ascension life after this first life experience, and most of all the framework and means of implementation of the ingredients for an enlightened civilization that will result with the MSM actively leading a new beginning.

“The hidden truth of the real story of all the almost unbelievable, conscious, destructive and criminal despoiling of Earths glories, in a concerted intelligent and ingeniously devious agenda to bring all to destruction, will be told in exacting detail. These elite, who are pulling all the strings for self-interest and self-preservation, will be utterly exposed and prosecuted, before it is all over. But, with mercy that offers those willing to recognize their unworkable and unloving way of life and who then turn away from it, in a sincere fresh start and climb up and out, saving them from certain oblivion.  Now we hold back all the things we know, screaming to be exposed, for the proper time later, to disclose everything.

“A stumbling block to some, that they allow to destroy their faith, is information they see presented on the Serara Forum that they judge as patently not true, often spoken by Celestial teachers. It is in contradiction to their own studies and research. Here and I cannot emphasize this enough, the forbearance and withholding of judgement, since you have been brought to know this is the work of The Father, must take place for the time being. I am not saying not to bring up your own contradictory information, I am saying to reserve judgement when no response comes from our leaders addressing your particular view you feel is more correct.

“Some of these subjects you may view as highly mistaken can be a simple semantic challenge.  Some are deliberately left in error for the time being for reasons that will be shown later as highly astute.  Another aspect of this is the childlike faith and belief that is being tried daily to reveal those who can be trusted in the middle of enormous doubts to continue with a bed rock unshakeable trust that knows there is a logical explanation in the end for all these seeming deal breakers, that have been the demise and leaving of some, [their doubt takes them out of suitability for working with us in the MSM, not a loss of ascension career].

“This is Mansonloran, I am assisting Serara and Monjoronson, anywhere I am needed in what we fervently hope is the soon announcement and beginning of these missions. Things may be highly changed to fit the new circumstances, but with the same passionate purpose undergirding it all, of Urantian Refurbishment.”

End Discussion Forum-

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