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Author Topic: Monjoronson, More Late Breaking Insight, 15 April 2017, Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 133 times)

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Speaker: Monjoronson
Subject: More Late Breaking Insight
Category: Monjoronson Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV. USA
15 April 2017, 17:56 Z

“You can write at any time Daniel. This is Monjoronson, Magisterial Son, sharing and co-leading the Magisterial Son’s Mission with Serara and Mantutia Melchizedek our immediate supervisor. I am active at the same time in the MSM also taking shape on the Sister planet of Panoptia. We cannot compare the two planets Mission unfolding's in very many ways as the circumstances on both are only generally similar, as Panoptia had a more thorough genetic upgrade of the similarly evolved human races by their bestowal of their Adam and Eve.

“At any other time in human history, consequential happenings are for the passing moment. However at this time now, things are much more far reaching. We are in the middle of making a decision that is truly pivotal as a fulcrum of history. Whatever we decide you can have complete confidence in our follow through for your safety and your careers. If what is decided looks totally different then we prophesied in the TM Archives and the discussion forum and in the many dozens of blogs, sites and individuals over the last 25-30 years, be not dismayed, because in the end the whole accounting and history will have all the true reasons and thinking for what we will do.

“The many clear and unequivocal statements we made about how we will execute the Magisterial Sons Mission is now on the table for revision and a fresh start if necessary. This is an example of executive privilege, of course known to exist in every part of the Universe and sometimes the best and most carefully laid plans are found to be and are, egregiously mismatching circumstances and far be it from administration policy to continue as is, out of love for a reputation for smooth continuity, when the old prognostication no longer fits the action needed.

“Fear instantly leaps to the minds of all, at unknown possibilities. Why?....  Mostly preprograming from evolutionary experiences! Now we instantly put fear away to non-relevenency as a juvenile re-action no longer worthy of our attention. This whole gargantuan problem is similar to others in size and scope The Father is in the middle of in many other places. Does he have any problem about how to handle it? Not a tiny bit. His challenge is to avoid unilateral action trampling on the knowledge and sensitivities of others and He is open to the fact that He might learn something, so is able to deliberate and consider all others He has delegated this responsibility too. That is all that is taking place now. We pray things would never be any other way.

“You are privileged to be party to the give and take of the celestial discussion taking place as we speak. See it as something you are all very favored with here on That it may perplex and dishearten your young understanding, is similar to the Father and Mother allowing their several preteens to be present at the discussion about some weighty problems in the family. Even though their understanding is below full comprehension, the memory later in life of being allowed to listen in, will truly have them have a mature take they would have missed but for the wisdom of Mom and Dad way back then.

“If, this give and take and considering of all ramifications and hearing all authorities again, has you in suspense for even some weeks and even longer, we are confident of the value of putting you through this. You may be shocked as you shed old assumptions that the unfolding of any problem or big undertaking has so much seeming messiness and disarray when you had always thought that the celestial family was all effortless, sweetness and light. Unique personalities by the thousands from all levels of the hierarchy in the executive suite wrestling with the best way to do something, in a comfortable atmosphere of free expression, usually causes fireworks.

“In this transition time, simply relax, but don’t relax in the day to day pressing toward your polish and perfection. Often making choices that cause you discomfort and feelings of being out on a limb is where you will progress the most effectively. Strange new territory is where you want to dare to go. Comfort and ease is for old men who have let go the zest for adventure and risk taking. Dozing in the shade on the deck of the cruise ship looking at their watch to see how close lunch time is.

“This is Monjoronson in concert with my brother Serara under the truly inspired leadership of Mother, creative Spirit of Nebadon and most wise and gracious Father Christ Michael, a team of such special perfection for the welfare of the local universe. With love and affection for every one of you here in this most unusual classroom of The Spirit! Adieu for now.”

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