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Author Topic: Monjoronson, How we will continue, 12 April 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 106 times)

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Speaker: Monjoronson
Subject: How We Will Continue
Category: Monjoronson, Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V Nevada, USA
12 April 2017, 19:17 Z

“You can begin writing Daniel, This is Monjoronson, and again I want to say a few things. The concept or idea, most important to get across is our determination to now work with as much effectiveness as possible, within the existing society, slowly in concentric circles first around York Pennsylvania and secondly, after some time  in The Vancouver area of west Canada and then in a site in Asia to be determined. This now is our best vision of a new approach, because the actual return of Jesus is decisively seen to fit much better after some little time allows the earth circumstances to be more propitious.

“The public announcements of Serara and Monjoronson, although without the authority of the Master himself, will because of the manner in which the public media will be fully requisitioned, in spite of all they do in the moment to prevent what is happening, will see us have our full and very effective say, as the first indications to everyone aware and awake, that something is afoot for the serious change and mending of the Urantian problem. The public announcements may not be a onetime thing. After that it will be small beginnings of ever more notoriety that starts with the microcosm of the York administrative initiations.

“The unmistakable hand of God will be sensed in the way we speak and the manner we relate to those first interested and intrigued. The feeling will be tangible that this is different. Hopefully people will say; “That these individuals [MSM functionaries] are amazingly cognizant in a way that I sense is extraordinary and somehow I feel they have the key to remedying our worldwide dysfunction”.

“The lack of any mercenary or monetary motivations in the Mission administration whatsoever, will be the first indispensable ingredient and then the over the top responsiveness and sincere loving and giving service, experienced by all those first curious and interested. This will then pave the way as this satisfying relationship is communicated, to those in their circle who in turn are intrigued and influenced, to be brought along with a similar burning interest about this strange new movement on earth, to more pragmatically and practically from the bottom up, little by little, growing to fill the whole earth, with the way of give over get.

“The lack of any strident fanaticism, or overt or covert pressure or coercion of any kind coupled with a course of study in classes newly begun, free for any interested persons who can see that this refreshing and oh so reasonable new earth effort for truly maintainable progress based on principles of reason and logic coupled with the premise of Divine over care that is not in any way intimidating or fearful, only inclusive and welcoming.

“The optimistic and cheerful individuals, sincerely filled with joy, going about their duties, have all that come into contact with them want to find out their secret as the whole world is tending to discouragement and pessimistic cynicism. It will be an emanation of light that inspires with visions of possibilities for all humanity. Our vision and work will be one of inclusiveness for all that are looking for some life purpose of pure altruism.

“Now for the first time in their life, they can be part of a movement backed by the Universe God that is of overarching, real connection to the only thing of any true validly when it comes to bedrock trustworthiness with effective solutions. The only thing on the earth, that takes the extremely ill society and with methods that show almost immediate results, begins the unmistakable signs of recovery that reveal the patient is slowly returning to health and normalcy.

“One of those methods that will show almost immediate results will be primary school assistance that has a curriculum for refreshing and highly positive daily instruction far more effective than that in place almost anywhere else on earth. The parents of these primary school students will be the first to have their eyes open to the new wind blowing on earth, of free opportunity and safe environment of such wholesomeness and energy that they will want to help in any way, as they sense the wave of the future.

“But first trouble and tribulation will be so disruptive few positive beginnings are possible and this will be the time for the preparation and training of the mortal staff of the Missions workers. Through these years of worldwide readjustment and even tragedy the finishing out of those destined to be the front line liaison personal will be educated and prepared for the gradual beginnings that come clear as a way to proceed is understood. The unforeseeable nature of almost everything will be a continuous challenge to come up with a way that works, in the moment. As time goes on, this Mission will prosper and be effective in spite of horrendous beginning challenges.

“Accomplishing the details of the York beginnings are of the most urgent nature, for having a small staff at first that is for the purpose of being the first; ‘go to’ place in the World, for contacting the offices of the Missions. This will see a natural and normal evolving institution of sufficient expansion, at a pace that fits, to grow into an administration that will be in accordance with Gods inspiration to be most effective for being the foundation of an eventually huge worldwide consortium with connections and outreaching to all peoples on earth.

“More news and direction will follow as we continue to see our way forward. This is Monjoronson with Serara here and both of us together will, with Father Christ Michael now with a new more clarified path, with all of you right with us in your own expansion to ever more usefulness. Thank you for your effort and application to acquiring the tools of service such as effective speaking under inspiration that is the fruit of all the audio and written practice in transmitting and receiving we encourage you to continue to sink your teeth into. With love to all, a salutation and wish for a most profitable day.  Domtia……”

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