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Author Topic: Paul of Tarsus - The Tentmaker and Missionary  (Read 777 times)

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Paul of Tarsus - The Tentmaker and Missionary
« on: June 12, 2016, 22:50 »


Teacher: Paul of Tarsus
Subject: Paul the Tentmaker and Missionary of the Roman-Greco world and the 21st Century with us today
Category: The Friend of Apostles; Paul of Tarsus
T/R: Sue Whiley/7inOcean
Location: Geelong Victoria Australia
Date/Time: 13/06/2016 10.24 am (AEST) 20.24 (GMT)

Think back to the days of the Roman Empire, the Greeks and the great philosophers of the Greco-Roman era; yes this is Paul here Sue, and again I visit you as you seek me to speak here with you, these times that I lived were of great days of progress in the then world of the Mediterranean Sea.  Yes, the great lands that surround this sea was all that we knew and much commerce and trade was had both over this sea and over lands where I travelled and met many along the way. I came to it because of my involvement in tent-making as that is what I put my hand to, to get my staple of living.

It was a fair business as many travelled and required tents as they travelled, these were canvas made from hides of animals and of material threads from plants, I found my way with those who loved Jesus and together we sought to teach others in knowing the gospel as was given me by Peter and John and the other disciples who helped me.

As I got to Greece, it was met with those great philosophies that I was soon to discover a way into their thinking and, to my amazement,  much was paved for me as I found others who knew of a higher meaning and value to life that was of interest to me and a refreshing change from the stoic teachings of the Jews.  I knew the law and I soon learnt the ideals of the Hellenic thinking that brought about a liberated lifestyle in both the Greeks and the Romans, both in their political and commercial enterprises.

To them, there were many gods and many reverances to them, but none was able to know of just one that could stand above all else as this is what I knew as a Jew in these times.

It was because of my Jewish upbringing that I brought this into my teaching to bring in the law, unfortunately, I fell into the mistake of not letting go of my old view and realising the better way that Jesus taught with his disciples.  Like all things new, it takes time for it to be realised and accepted and I found these truths to hold true as I travelled and discovered it in the many I experienced with who have embraced Jesus’ teaching of the brotherhood of man. Of course, this teaching was, at the time, a new philosophy for us to accept as our minds were so narrow in the many laws, gods and political strife that pervaded our world of thinking and lifestyle.

The one good thing I loved about the then Roman-Greco world was the lands were all under the seizure of the Romans who had established freer lands which people could travel and do commerce, and it was this, I saw the opportunity with the language to use to reach out and preach the gospel to the many “Gentiles” in the empire as it was then.

Back then there was the Aramaic, the Greek and the Hebrew languages and I knew these because of my business that I was in. It was to my advantage that I was able to go and do the missionary work I tasked myself to do,  as I sought to do this to continue the mandate Jesus has asked us all to do  - “to go out and preach the gospel to many” – and so I felt compelled to do this work as Jesus has bid me to do also.

Your day in the 21st Century is not much different to the world I lived in and it is this century that the two worlds converge once more in the annals of religion, philosophy and science.
Your civilisation has reached a level of reason that can now be ready to receive the universal teachings that we, Jesus and all the many celestial teachers and the Melchizidek brothers, will bring to uplift your thinking to better you in your progress into eternal living in light and life.

I am Paul of Tarsus and I come to you to assist you in these endeavours to see a better civilisation than yours and mine,  and it can only be done when we co-operate together in understanding and realisation of the truth that is ours to value and cherish for all eternity.

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