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Author Topic: What I Sananda Do, 10 April 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 181 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Sananda
Subject: What I Sananda Do
Category: Jesus Return, His Staff and Apostles
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
10 April 2017, 24:01 Z

“As soon as you feel comfortable begin writing Daniel. We have a lot of ground to cover today. This is Sananda, I am the one who has been given the responsibility of overseeing all Thought Adjusters in Nebadon. I reside and work in Salvington although I am instantly here with any of you and my main function is the encouragement and guidance of any Adjuster of the Billions on Urantia alone and the other, over three million, inhabited worlds with intelligent life in Nebadon. Being concerned with so many individuals, I have the ability to simultaneously carry on innumerable conversations and consultations and sending personal messages as it were in great proliferation and then have the capacity to remember what I just did and with whom I have just talked. One of the writers of the Psalms of the Bible when he was bragging about God said: “He has never forgotten one word he has ever spoken”. So true!

“You all in your mortal life have done several things at once if you are very alert, talking on the phone, getting dressed, cooking breakfast, and watching the news out of the corner of your eye. You have often had mixed results because of diluted attention and in most cases you give up doing that because your retention or memory is unsatisfactory or you dropped the ball on one of those activities and burned the eggs. Now fast forward to the enhancement of your abilities by spiritual advancement where you can almost endlessly compartmentalize and do so many things at the same time with full presence at each activity. You can see how satisfying that is to be able to do so much [and effectively at that]. This is soon [in due time] to be your ability as you ascend to The Father.

“This network of adjusters connected as we are, so intimately with The Father is the ultimate in simultaneous fellowship, coordinated guidance and effective action that can be devised. Our being on hand with perfect timing is everything, to make a difference in the life of our betrothed. Getting pertinent information to each other in time to accommodate some important opportunity is a common interaction we facilitate to each other. Often as you can suppose, we scurry to be get many things lined up, but our mortal ward you might say, has other ideas and the opportunity is missed and the only option is to continue patiently as things develop for another go around later to present similar choices for positive progress.

“You might think this is frustrating and unbearably tedious to work like this in someone of average intelligence that we can run circles around with our own intellect but it isn’t, because one of the characteristics of the Father we have, is this, and that is, an unreasonable love for someone, anyone who is the Fathers offspring with a destiny of utter loftiness like all of you have. We see the end from the beginning and the patient husbanding is done with enthusiasm because it’s like the development of in-estimately valuable prince’s or princess’s in a kingly line, destined to rule sometime in the future, after we, [royal instructors and mentors], with no trouble or expense spared, prepare them for later actually being the King or queen. It’s even better than that because ‘we also are them’ as the future King or Queen in this little illustration.

“Split second and spot on timing is the heart and soul of our day to day existence. Many of you have been saved from certain death in moving vehicles, warfare, lightening, strokes, heart attacks, falling objects, earthquakes or tornadoes and Hurricanes because the Angel or Midwayer was there in the only possible instant to be able to do some good. That is why if you want to make some immediate headway in being of service to Celestial coworkers, be carefully on time for any proffered service. We truly appreciate that as a gesture of respect and reverence that you take your work that seriously. We endlessly put up with tardiness and careless promises as we know it is the mark of beginning maturity that will be addressed effectively by each person, as time goes on.

“Now to another reason of this lesson today, way back in Sept. 21st 2016 I came through in a message to Sue 7inOcean where I broached the subject of a new way to let a Celestial or Divine Beings speak through you as them. I was trying to communicate the concept of you being the skin around the personage speaking giving yourself over completely to being used with no partition between them and you.

“After a while and some comments about that Post, Ron Besser came to speak in that thread and asked you all to look again at what I was saying, as you all were missing my point about the new revolutionary way of transmitting much different than the old way of faithfully recording the message you can see or hear, much like you would do if you were reading from a teleprompter; mechanically, rote and similar to a preacher, preaching from scripture.

“My thrust of the lesson was, to have you open your minds to being so used by the speaker that I Sananda said, you were not getting: and here I quote Ron Besser speaking about the new powerful way that myself, Sananda as Jesus, will use all of you when we are active in the Jesus Mission and the MSM, I quote him here speaking to all of you:

“you now have the influence of the power of the teacher who is beloved by billions and can take the singular and mostly unprepared transmitter, into the status of the new testament authors, read so reverently by thousands and tens of thousands of churches every Sunday. [Re. Sananda speaks to my adjuster, Sue, reply # 5 by Ron Besser Sept. 21, 2016

“Now I quote myself: “Ron sits back and waits for all of you to catch fire but all you can do is sit back and mope about how nice the situation is but then fail to catch the fire in the Message!

“And now I continue with what I want to bring before you again: “I am Sananda and Jesus and I are prepared to hit the road immediately and Jesus will speak as a transmitter and he will speak as the Father and he will speak the Deities on high, yet he will not do more then what the transmitters have learned to do on this web site and you will be viewed as a countervailing [offset the effect of something by countering it with something of equal force]  unit and agent WITH JESUS about the land you teach upon.

“Sananda, continuing in this vane so you get the point this second time: “Ron writes graphically; he hears everything and pulls it down from us in a way that it is fun to release it. You should all learn to do that!  Do what???

“And here I quote again as Ron speaks trying to have you see what I mean, he says: “Ron - I am trying to make a very serious point to people I adore and care they succeed, yet there is a persistent undertow [or distracting force] to your promise to do the best you can and realize that when you are given the torch to carry to new possibilities, you put it in your pocket and walk off the track or playing field. But, what happened to me is that I removed the partition in my mind that separates Sananda from my own ego and I am Sananda when I transmit.  That is the answer to Sananda's "Do what???" above!

“Here I include a most poignant and pertinent quote from that same thread by Sue and written as a reply by Ron: “Jesus and Abraham are working hand in hand in the new Teaching Mission.  That changes the importance of celestial input to the level of producing a New Testament for the Bibles of tomorrow and even beyond the New Urantia Book which cannot possibly follow the spontaneity of new parables and new insight into the Father and the high Beings of Paradise.  This is a living Ministry!  Not a school book ministry like the old Urantia Book became. What we speak through you will become like scripture.

“Bear with me here, this is important that all of you get what you started to get, back last September and here again I quote Ron Quoting me: "Concerning Transmitting! What did Ron learn to do that YOU have to learn to adopt to find God for people where you speak so personal and so well wishing, that they collapse into the heart of the Father and never go back to the divided mind!

“And here I Sananda again quote myself: -“When we transmit we must pause just enough to speak to the mind of Christ. [Get into this mind set as we speak]  That is a mind that feeds the multitudes without releasing the essence of any of your own egotism that can spread over the divine message like a dirty film over a pane of glass obscuring the joy of God in its fullest measure.

“Once more I Sananda, quote myself from this pivotal transmission from Ron Besser: "Ron is so concerned you will take this message as routine and then walk away without any responsibility.  He notes Daniel A., turns out transmission after transmission, but they are movie sets without action.  The new Teaching Mission messages are full of action and it requires a person to dump the usual conscious connection to a teacher and to take them on as themselves through the Mind of Christ.  I am Sananda and I know Ron wants one more statement from me to show you the light.

“This is Sananda and I am not quite finished quoting myself from that highly helpful transmission from Ron Besser: "Give unto god all you are!  Speak Him aloud when you transmit!  Type it as you speak it aloud, and ask to have removed your pedantic [over scrupulous, exact or fastidious] selves and to open the door to the spirit speaking through you and to hold that spirit until he is finished!  Ask the Adjuster in you to speak fully and aloud and without constraint and bring your listener into the era of immediate and lively spiritual contact that is you speaking to your listener.  I am Sananda and I give you this admonition:  Somehow; somewhere! There will be a speaker arise that can do what Ron can do almost all the time, to plow right through rhetoric and allow the Deity speaking to project into the room. People will walk out so changed they cannot behold the moment it happened easily.  Good day."

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