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Author Topic: Farrington, How we got here, 9 April 2017, Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 151 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Farrington
Subject: How we got here
Category: Evil and Sin and Indoctrination skills
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV. USA
9 April 2017, 18:48 Z

“Farrington: I am a Trinity Teacher Son also, a coworker with Califax, assigned recently as help to Brinotia, to teach and transmit whatever may be important to get across. Yes go ahead Daniel. Write that the lesson for all today is about ‘fanswaggeling’ or in the way it is commonly understood it means universal deception. Urantia was fanswaggled using sophistry [‘reasoning or arguments that sound correct but are actually false’] by Caligastia in a direct concerted effort to obscure and hide from common knowledge the truth of the ascension path, the truth that the fragment of The Father is available to indwell and personally guide from paradise any that will respond, the truth that as of being born as a physical mortal you already had full right and position as a family member, a fully authorized child of The Father, the truth about the mansion worlds for continued guidance and schooling after first life passing, the truth about the potential of everyone to reach a point of fusing with the Fathers indwelling monitor and from that point being assured of everlasting life.

“He hid and covered up knowledge of the many aspects and levels of the Father that serve the universe and the way God experiences intimately, through us, all of the creation. He rejected the way of the bestowals and Magisterial Missions and Adam and Eve coming to up step and strengthen genetic quality through a slow process of melding their genetics with sufficient numbers of their offspring to overwhelm and thoroughly revitalize the human genome on Urantia.

"He missed the point and made sure the truth of your destiny, which is the mortal-divine partnership in a plan to in the end have a masterpiece of creature beingness called a finaliter, half origins of finite physicality and half origins of divine perfection. This Being finally through exhaustive training and experience to be of such perfection, dependability and usefulness that they can in no way be surpassed as an agent and provocateur in the endless universe expansion.

“Why go over the despicable self-aggrandizement and prideful vaunting of himself demanding to be worshiped and obeyed in place of The Father. He fomented endless strife,  pitting factions against each other, enjoying seeing the death and painful suffering of the subjects he secretly despised and using it forever more consolidation of dictatorial power, to insure more slavish allegiance out of fear, of a less and less noble peon class of chattel entertaining himself worldwide with warfare partially designed to reduce the human population and at the same time he kept many from ascending by trapping them in the grid surrounding the earth in a purgatory of limbo and unknowing uncertainty.

“I go over it because perhaps nothing on earth is more fitting to discuss. It really is the heart of reality, the way of give and the way of get, the way of service and the way of self service, the way of magnanimousness and the way of stinginess, the way of mercy and the way of harsh judgement, the way of thinking the best and the way of suspicion, the way of trust and the way of doubt, the way of confidence and the way of fear.

“We go from here to eternity having uppermost in our mind and consciousness these two ways of existing and relating of such opposite fruit and benefit. The way of the exclusive self-interest on the surface looks attractive and highly beneficial but its fatal flaw being the lack of sustainability. Only through the outflowing, outgoing, sharing, cooperative and synergistic way of openness or transparency does continuous revitalization, renewing, refreshing and expansion take place.

“This failed experiment of the Lucifer rebellion is invaluable precisely because it is such a far reaching and smashing failure, it illustrates on an incontestably grand scale the opposite of the Fathers way with such plentiful and painful clarity it is like a perfect nightmare you wake from in terror but then realize it was only a horrible dream, incredibly real and without precedent of illustration, for all time the epitome of evil and nefariousness and a vivid, clear, picture of the way not to go.

“And now, even to this day we are dealing with the fallout and complications of these two ways of living that we must redirect and set right, community by community, organization by organization, and nation by nation. We fight a slow uphill battle of the winning of minds, of attempting to illustrate pertinence to Urantia’s billions one by one, The Father's way of love requiring only the capitulation to; devotion and worship, to begin to profit from the premier association of all time. This is Farrington with this teaching today, greeting all and looking forward to the progress and ending the slide to certain destruction. This we are going to bring about with the MSM, now soon to be seen by everyone, beginning with world headquarters In York Pennsylvania. Good day and best wishes.”

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