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Author Topic: Machiventa, Correctional Institutions, 8 April 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 95 times)

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Speaker: Machiventa
Subject: Correctional Institutions
Category: Melchizedek Teachings
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
8 April 2017, 20:23 Z

“Machiventa, Melchizedek: It’s okay Daniel, you can begin. What is needed to be said today is on the subject of incarceration. There are more than three million in the Jails of the US proper and each nation has many, adding up to over ten million worldwide. Conditions in at least half of the Jails are very overcrowded, dangerous and unsanitary. This population contains, contrary to the feelings of almost everyone, unusually fine and highly redeemable persons. Around one third of US prisoners are there on drug trafficking charges.  A possession of small amounts, saw a highly damaging punishment policy that didn’t help the drug problem but was a life retarding experience that resulted in a million men and women having their lives sidetracked by a complex, that also had business related benefits for private prison companies, government and judiciary officials that kept the system in place.

“Often men especially are jailed because they rocked the boat, or were in a tussle because of alcohol that had them charged with assault or they got crosswise and not always in a bad way, because they took things into their own hands at some unjust or dishonest official or out of a lack of creative outlet, boredom and looking for excitement in risk-taking, choosing much to their sorrow, a path of bucking john law and overt rebellion. A great number are there by mistake having the bad luck to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and since they were a trouble maker in the past anyway, are charged with the offence they are innocent of, meanwhile it being extremely difficult to get a fair hearing because of court overloading. None the less the crime appears on the books as solved and adjudicated, gratifying the electorate.  

“Being confined for a short or long period has some redeeming value, as to be forced to do little then go over the past behavior has in at least some percentage, the effect of having them come to a place or decision to change enough of their behavior patterns that they take off in a new direction upon release. The truth is that the present system, aside from some outstanding examples is broken and miserably failed in the stated intent to redeem and reform those that pass through. There is a strong case to be made that the present system, does the opposite of the assumed purpose and many are hardened and educated in learning more refined and devious ways to circumvent legality, oppress others for profit and in general, pillage society upon release.

“Our solution and the one affecting the most lasting true change and the one with the least recidivism, is to have the prisoners judiciously formed into a working group to accomplish some task that they are paid for, [at first a small amount] with a strong leader or team of two. These men or woman, trained in this very skill, [mentoring with tough love sometimes] that are of excellent character as a model and then through many months, this pod of trainees in a highly structured platoon using cooperative reinforcement calculated with much experience about the way to help bring about the norms of balanced character. This gives the proper encouragement and close support as the individuals are strengthened on a path of service instead of narcissism while performing some genuinely necessary and helpful occupation.  

“Those who are especially hard to reach and have great difficulty would simply continue in the structured environment as long as necessary. An aspect of religion and worship must be taught as part of this very successful program. All or most, will then graduate to freedom as soon as the progress is made. The group needs to be small enough and continuous enough for close friendships to form and kindness and consideration of others being the only way tolerated in this small family circle.  [The most lacking traits in many prisoners]  

“Included in the total are those unbalanced mentally and out of control with thinking processes hardened by the many years and ways of thinking that are total chaos and without any or little self-control. This group is so unpredictable, untrustworthy, dangerous and damaged by horrific experiences, that it will take a very well trained, educated and above all loving guide and mentor to in any way reach them. Along with this, if some small amount of faith can be engendered, however misadjusted and dysfunctional an individual is; The Universal Father will step in upon sincere request to help, in conditions that are impossible to remedy by any conventional means.

“There also are individuals that are past help at this time because their responses to conditions are so socially mal adjusted and hardened, or they may be lacking genetic material in their makeup, or so fearfully permeated with insane ways of reacting to life, that only the more adept and specialized environments of the Mansion worlds can assist them to normalcy and that with much time and work even at that. Bringing this method of reformation, [small groups working under a strong leader or pair, for a sufficient amount of time] to the worlds law enforcement/incarceration segment in government, will be at first very slow of progress, because of the specialized training the prison staff will have to have.

“It is critically important that we include all the remedial conditions for rehabilitation before a group can be formed. Slowly this will be brought to the whole earth while at the same time the education system will effectively have this incarceration of wrong doers be almost unnecessary, because the enlightened ways of God will, from baby hood be part of everyone’s home life, character training and environmental influence. After the initial beginning where much is far from ideal, this policy will be a full effort to lovingly give prisoners an environment highly conducive to true comeback and mending. What this means in a practical sense is that things will continue as usual for some time, but progress will eventually after many decades empty the jails.

“This is Machiventa wanting to say only a few more things before this is put to bed. This Training Group of the Teaching Mission Forums of the and the Teaching Mission List, [an unusually astute place to be enrolled by the way] will go on now to renown. I say this again to emphasize to all of you, still vacillating in uncertainty and indecision regarding the Truth of the valid beginning of The MSM. ‘That fact is that everything being done here is authorized by The Father Himself’. That means anything having to do with the Corrective time under Christ Michael’s leadership.

“Many times the Father has drawn a person here and this knowledge or truth of the perfect, without contention, bedrock, foundational premise, that the Fathers hand, is right here in everything of these training organizations: everything! This understanding is what is lacking when you cannot get motivated to start helping. There is doubt you can trust this venue for safety! A humble request to The Father for an attitude change, if these words should resonate, is all that is necessary.  Best wishes for a good day and thanks and appreciation for putting yourself in this classroom.”

End. Discussion forum-

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