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Author Topic: Brinotia, How Sustainability Will be Adopted, 6 April 2017, L V NV. USA  (Read 127 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Brinotia
Subject: How Sustainability Will Be Adopted
Category: Sustainability of Civilization and Life
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
6 April 2017, 29:53

“You can begin Daniel. This is Brinotia, working closely with Califax and very happy to communicate and get to know all of you T/R persons working with Ron Besser in this training group, a circle we have so much confidence in and high hopes for. Without more preambles, I’ll begin today’s lesson like this: You may have all heard of cosmic rays, like the rays that are damaging to unshielded humanoids traveling above the earth’s atmosphere, rays that damage skin and even internal parts.

“Below in the heavy atmosphere, they are 100 times less damaging because of the blocking and scattering properties of the atmospheric gases and dust. Even so there is damage occurring even under the shield of the air, if more than several hours of direct naked exposure are regularly experienced. The healing properties of the body with sufficient calcium in the diet and the right kinds of fats make even seventy years of earth life, out of doors as a gardener, farmer or construction worker,  tolerated quite well if exposure is held to a minimum by covering of even light garments. Sunlight itself is the remedy for skin damage because regular brief [fifteen minutes or so] direct full spectrum mid-day sunlight exposure of the whole body produces in conjunction with the skin, a form of vitamin D, which is instrumental to the skins rejuvenation.

“Part of the content of cosmic rays are infinitely small particles that zip un-obstructed through the composition of the earth and out the other side within the roomy atomic structure of the majority of earth matter. Cosmic rays are produced by stars and the rays hitting you at any one time are a mixture of the radiation from all different kinds of stars and include x-rays and gamma rays and invisible light type radiation at the ends of the light bands. You can tolerate quite a bit of radiation of the many different kinds as long as it is diluted by distance or intervening matter. Granite gives off quite a few clicks of radiation from any Geiger Counter but is generally of an amount that is harmless.  There was a village in China situated on a hill under which in modern times they found concentrated uranium deposits that had been giving everyone a generous, lifelong dose, far above average, with no side effects that could be found.

“My looking at the radiation from space and the radiation from our material environment is to bring home the principle of so much of the influences in spiritual attitudes on Urantia are like cosmic rays, in that even though they are invisible, yet they are actual material particles of infinite tininess, traveling at close to the speed of light. The Aroura Borealis seen on both polar areas show the density and amount of the incoming rays now interacting and visible, behaving like the gas in the energized fluorescent tube, as they come in proximity with the earth’s strong magnetic fields.

“In the same manner the location you are, at any moment, is a soup of a different but similar in pervasiveness, type of emanation, we know as societal belief systems that are as real as rain. These permeate unconsciously, the mental and intellectual climate of the earth. A good example of a highly shaping and powerful force is the pervasive belief by most people that spiritual interaction, although occasionally heard of, is highly impractical and certainly not something you can depend on to be something of positive impact in your life and seeking to contact the power of God by contemplating your navel, as they disparagingly call meditation, or by praying and worshiping, is a ridiculous waste of time.

“The belief goes; “if I can see it or feel it I’ll give it some credence, but until that day, I have no confidence in the over care of a loving God”. They really, believe this! Another mesmerizing belief that limits earth progressiveness is: “We must question and look askance at all authority in government and religion, we reject and refuse even much interest, as all our experience is of the untrustworthiness, incompetence and dishonesty that is invariably the norm”. Another attitude of society that causes powerful universal impedance or retardation is the firm conviction that; “it is a dangerous world with universal harmfulness and danger abroad, instead of benevolence and we need to be ever vigilant by bucking against and at least watching out for, nefariousness at every turn”. Deep distrust of everything and everybody is looked on as a virtue.

These mindsets and customs of behavior are so thoroughly believed, [What you or I believe without doubt, is almost impossible to keep from becoming manifest], that it creates a mesmerizing effect similar to mass hypnotism. This commonality of mindset or a firm belief makes positive change in the three areas above, cited as examples, a slow go, when it comes to a person reversing and then embracing the contrary truth that will set them free. I am lining this out like this in a lesson to be archived to make clear the that beliefs are as real as physical things, when it comes to the necessity to addressing them for the refurbishing of Urantia.

“Those three erroneous beliefs above are in a group of possibly 100 that we could list in Urantia’s civilization that we must highlight, educate about and over time, actually change and completely reverse as the MSM evolves. These 100 or so beliefs cause the very troubles we see and these erroneous beliefs have a life and power of their own that tends to enthrall, captivate and grip those living here. The power comes from the universality of the erroneous ideas. Those ideas permeate human minds effortlessly and then are consciously adopted and once adopted produce the fruit of that exact belief.

The only solution to the needed changes is an experiential journey by each person, a voyage that proves over time the erroneousness of the old and the superiority of the contrary positive belief. The most effective and common way this will happen will be by personal interaction with someone on the path of service and love that shows by example, interested consideration, much conversation and  kind friendship, the better way. In other words; simple work and service.

“Father Christ Michael said that should we have 7 billion trained volunteers it would almost not be enough because of the size of the true scope of the makeover that will need to take place. No problem, with fewer workers it will just take a little more time. This is Brinotia, expressing as I did before, the happiness and joy to participate in ways of teaching and assistance I am well suited for and to work with you dear people so directly. For now, I say: ‘Domtia’ to all!”

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