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Author Topic: Marloc, Remedy for the Rebellion Virus 5 April 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 112 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Marloc
Subject: Remedy for The Rebellion Virus
Category: Evil and sin and Indoctrination skills
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
5 April 2017, 20:05 Z

“You can begin writing Daniel. This is Marloc speaking under the auspices of Christ Michael. You know about the premise that a fly in the ointment causes the ointment to go bad. Microbial life is so pervasive that it constitutes about 90% of the number of species on the earth. Even a fly landing on ingredients newly prepared and inert would leave some sample of microscopic life that then would tend to multiply, also simply leaving the preparation uncovered, some type of yeast or fungus spores of the thousands of varieties in the air, settle on the surface and soon there is an active culture on the way with trillions of replications feasting on the concoction. The microbial life is pervasive. One of the first inventors of the microscope would take a little saliva to examine and was astonished at the varieties of small squiggly animals no one could see.

“When the video goes viral and balloons into a topic everyone is talking about; [like the one that shows the German Shepard type dog going confidently up and down the steep ladder without any hesitation] it is this same principle of contagion. We speak of the Calagastian virus, of self-willed rebelliousness, like; “you can’t tell me what to do or even suggest what to do”, or “I know what I know and even though you are God, I don’t care, this is my take and you are obviously wrong and to my dying breath will maintain my rightness because I have researched this and this is the truth, not what you are telling me”. “You don’t know the truth about this God”, “I will not give you the benefit of the doubt, I don’t trust you God, any further then I can pitch a boulder”.

“This pervasive attitude of “me, do it myself” shouted in anger, you may have seen in a two year old with no training, of overboard self-reliance, good on the surface to have a proactive problem solving attitude, but then if not mollified, will make an unpleasant, hard to teach individual with almost 0 humility in the face of Divine guidance and the viral or infected part is the unconsciousness of the hostility to spirituality and existential investigation, they know not why, it is just there. This perversity was somehow ingeniously made part of the genetic replicating mechanism and almost instinctual make up of most of the earth’s population.

“The usual Divine treatment of this malady, if there is a slight possibility of turning on the light and awakening out of the haze of fever holding them in its grip, is to allow enormous trouble to engulf them through natural extrapolations. This doesn’t always work because even to reduce someone to failure, after failure, calamity after calamity, suffering upon suffering it many times does not compute to turn for a solution to The Creator in a collapse of resistance.

“This is where the Thought Adjuster, or Father Fragment, as explained in the recent revelation called the Urantia Book comes into play. The TA, being intimately attached to our intellect, our consciousness, our physical brain, since a young age of first becoming morally conscious, attempts through feelings and placing thoughts of positive action in our minds, to have us hopefully begin to sense and heed Godward  guidance; we then, embrace it or reject it all day long.

“Now at this current stage of earth evolution, coming to a time of natural earth readjustments, simply part of the normal geophysical processes that happen and were known to be on the horizon and coming for thousands of years through seers of all kinds, make the inequities of internal global pressure and heat, unbalanced by complex but predictable unfolding, now equalize and balance. This will cause such gargantuan mechanical cause and effect, as has been predicted even by secular scientists, to take place which is in perfect timing to the need for such stresses on a species, as to be a very fitting and pertinent catalyst for a new humble take on life in general.

“If it is possible to rescue a psyche, or an intelligent entity, of unmanageable usability in any family dynamics, this will be it. To have the last memory upon waking on the next stage of your existence on one of the worlds in this neighborhood of the galaxy [worlds that exist specifically, for a loving and realistic continuation of your ascension path after your physical death] and that last vision be one of your violent destruction, it will be very effective in many instances. Perhaps previous troubles were insufficient to have them look to a creator with humility.

“But to have your last vision be, a mountain being thrown into the sea before your eyes and that then momentarily, causes your physical death in great throes of brutal annihilation, you would be sure in the deepest part of your heart, that you were a goner. This, if nothing else will, would tend to put you, at least somewhat, in a frame of mind filled with relief and gratitude at the miracle of your again being conscious and alive. Here even so, there will be a percentage with disbelief and cynicism and hostility so engrained it will be a long tedious task to win their willing acquiescence, even then it may not be possible because of the ‘Virus’

“You may have heard Celestial talk about the extreme insidiousness of this contagion, so persistent, extraordinary precautions are demanded at some locations in the super universe of Orvonton, measures such that anyone from these fallen worlds of rebellion even coming to visit or to interact with are prohibited access. Unless, if their origin was from here, they have gone through the exhaustive evaluation to determine that no visage of the blight is even remotely possible of remaining. What a mess.

“My purpose, by writing the contents of this lesson is to show the seriousness and true nature of the fight and the cure and also the value of the Lucifer rebellion as a teaching tool. If this had not been allowed to happen and run its full gruesome course, this blain, this blight, this attack, on the forever central values of: veracity, aesthetic perfection and rectitude, these foundational merits would not be protected and universally esteemed and understood as deeply, for all time. Those coming up behind us will be exhaustively educated on this very crucial issue of family loyalty. This is Marloc speaking, in a spirit of affectionate, teacher student give and take. Good day and happy salutations to all.

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