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Author Topic: Margul,Apocalyptacal Decisions, 4 April 2017 Daniel, Las Vegas NV. USA  (Read 105 times)

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Speaker: Margul
Subject: Apocalyptical Decisions
Category: Monjoronson, Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV. USA
4 April 2017,20:32 Z

“You can begin writing Daniel: This is Margul. A way we could start would be to talk about the subject of relinquishment, or another way to put it would be giving up something you may need to give up in the pursuit of this new occupation of being a dedicated servant for Serara and Monjoronson, who are working as on site Executives for Christ Michael and Creative spirit Nebadonia, in all the purposes and intents of a Magisterial Sons Mission. In life you would usually give up something you prized and relished and felt was important in your situation, only because it was patently obvious that the tradeoff was at least fairly weighted in your favor, to be repaid immediately or at a later date.

“For love and respect of a Divine Being, you will come to the place that just the appreciation, gratitude, reverence and esteem you feel for this providential wind fall [the MSM opportunity], is sufficient. Enough, even If some circumstance of prized relationship, companionship or valuable object like a huge estate or giant business giving big income and freedom to accomplish anything, must be left behind. Your maturity level would be so far along that this all would be given up, even without payment, because you are so happy to finally know for sure you are an accepted family member and full participant in Universe creation. Fully joined with the Universe owner himself and fully vested as a bona fide partner and true daughter or son. These are the things that to you are worth everything. That would be plenty, no payment necessary!

“But the truth is that accounts are being kept and a minor favor like a glass of water given  anonymously is noted and all that is relinquished will be much more then fairly compensated for, but almost always it will be actually paid sometime in the future and so the new condition of not having the things you gave up, may now have to be endured for a long time. This is almost always the case but there are many exceptions where the sincere sacrifice you could say, was replaced almost immediately with delicious turn around that is again, much more than adequate.  What I am establishing once and for all is the foundational principle that any activity of The Father is always handled with amazing generosity and recuperation of all supplied by you or anyone.

“This subject is important to think about because there will come many times in your service, that the duress is considerable. That duress or difficult circumstance may go on and on and only get worse and is perhaps never ameliorated or addressed in this first life experience. That is where the vision of the crown or prize being clearly real in the forefront of your mind, is imperative to remain stalwartly steadfast. The reason this is almost unvaryingly the norm [delayed compensation] is the fruit of unshakable character, this comes from the patience required until you come to actually possess the reward.

“By this exercise of waiting for relief, like someone stationed on a distant outpost without being told the length of the assignment, just being required to trust on the infallible trustworthiness of your immediate boss and the trustworthiness of his boss on and on up the administration line of authority up to the very top. You believe, no you are sure, you are not forgotten. This chain of command thing I mentioned above is part of administration trustworthiness and is as we know a superfluous but still relevant point because; we all have instant access, straight to the top!

“The old proverb said: “Hope deferred makes the heart sick” absolutely true when we are just beginning this life of service to God, and that is why you often were almost instantly compensated when you were first starting out, otherwise your tiny store of faith was in danger of being quenched by overmuch to endure for the place of growth you were at. Soon though if you had any substance of character at all, that particular storm was weathered and your faith was generously enhanced.

“Concerning the place you all are now: serious candidates for assembly of the York headquarters work force, it is our confidence, by our having this subject brought out with no equivocation that the choices of lifestyle change required will be easily made by all.  I say easily only because it is of no consequence in the least, to one who has absorbed the full meaning of being part of this MSM as an unprecedented, first time ever, historic, full-fledged [ready to fly] mortal, chosen and drawn here with optimistic intention and confidence of having the qualifications innate, that are necessary in every one of you to take on this adventure. Unless of course [this is a joke] you have something better to do. [amazingly, many have felt they have]

“One time in the distant past, The Father was preparing a team for a specific service in his plans for a certain part of the cosmos. All was going well, qualified beings were coming to the place of competence to do what he was wanting, spirits were high, joy reigned, like you humans feel just before leaving on an extensive trip with plenty of resources to travel in style, new outfits and luggage, the table swept clean of any worries or loose ends back home to distract from the journeys pleasures. Traveling companions were dear and affectionate friends of ancient acquaintance and much mutual experience to reminisce about. The day came for the start of the execution of His plans and the auspicious beginning, with fanfare and speeches, was a fact. This of course has been played out billions of times since then and this is exactly like that, except for one detail: First life mortals are part of the coworkers used in this case to accomplish [a MSM]. This is Margul; I wish you a good day!

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