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Author Topic: Unknown, Be of Good Cheer, Mar 28 2017, Dominick, Saeattle, USA  (Read 101 times)

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Dominick O

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Speaker: Unknown
Subject: Be of Good Cheer
Category: Teaching Mission Skills/Transmitting
T/R: Dominick, Seattle, USA
28 March 2017, 5:00am PST

Be of Good Cheer.  Be of Good cheer

You see son your eyes need to be open

Maybe this will work but you never know until you try

You asked for stillness and felt your restlessness and the typing takes your mind off things that recording doesn’t allow

You can hear my words and type

This is good

You are learning to listen

There are so many ways to listen and be of service doing this is you are learning to try and trust even in these inaccuracies and in real time discovering more about this process

This is good, it takes your mind off of the fidgetiness

Don’t worry about the Picasso of content you feel is necessary to produce. Slow down so your words don’t diverge into your own creative writing


(water break)

It’s not always going to be bells and whistles

Punctuation will be necessary so save yourself the future trouble and practice now. 


You see, my son, it is good and you are learning to hear my voice, our voice, when you also have these examples of others on the forum.  This is good.  It doesn’t matter whose name is coming through, this will come.  I know it feels like a creative writing exercise and the words as you say are like a writing piece, but this is co-ceative is it not?  (chuckle)

So there you, we have it.  The names will come in time.  Place it (this) at the same place (TML)

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