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Author Topic: Serara,Eleventh Hour News, 24 March 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 115 times)

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daniel alderfer

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Eyes Only

Speaker: Serara

Subject: Eleventh Hour News

Category: Serara Staff and Messages

T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Los Vegas Nevada USA

24 March 2017, 10:10 Z


“Yes this is Me Daniel, Have no fear, for I am here says the comic book hero. Of course the main reason to have no fear is that The Father is here, not just Me and the Millions of volunteers. Without further ado, my message is: Tomorrow will be the 25th of March; we shall see what we shall see. Ron Besser said recently that I am the premier diplomat to handle Earth diplomacy, and that, I am. I am also not ashamed to ask from all, a bald faced request for help. I have many working with me in the diplomatic effort to avoid hopefully, much war of any kind.

“The war preparations across Asia are ridiculous. All the trillions these primary nations of Russia, China, Japan, both Koreas, Taiwan, India, The Philippines, Australia, Indonesia and Vietnam have spent would be a boost of epic proportions if it had been spent on new infrastructure, agriculture, education, renewable power, universal potable water supplies, public transportation, cooperative management of the Asian oceans fisheries, forests and mitigation of desertification and industrial pollution! Trillions in just the last five years! Even though the war material build up, does generally help a nation’s economy, as all that hardware is usually built and employs millions within each country, it is mainly a boon to the industrialists and business interests, neglecting the majority of the people and the nation’s real needs.

“The main tragedy however is that all the spiritual information is available right now for all to turn to the true values of spiritual application with inquiry to search and be curious about the meaning of everything. A turn that would defuse and would cause the collapse of the present kleptocratic system. We instead have this mass insanity amongst the conniving leaders, thinking this physical defense method, now discredited in the educated circles of all reasonable nations for a hundred years at least, could remotely, possibly, bring stability with sustainable prosperity and peace. The death dealing effectiveness of even the conventional hardware has taken quantum leaps in destructiveness in that time, ensuring even worse retardation of national development for the foreseeable future in any place military action takes place.

“Enough about the wasted opportunities and criminal neglecting of humanitarian centered priorities. The geotectonic adjustments of titanic proportions will do much to take the steam out of all this leadership shortfall and foolishness, that today’s movers and shakers with a shred of decency and integrity will come to sorrowfully regret. The challenge now is that the timing of everything is everything. How do we the Celestial leadership shepherd these extremely touchy and highly critical, unstable and rapidly swirling mix of human misguidance and seismic/volcanic adjustments so unpredictable that we only have clues what the earth will do not to mention what some party will be able to set in motion before we can douse it with water.

“One thing is sure; If anyone can pull this avoidance of more meltdown of what is highly misnamed as civilization, It is Christ Michael with a Magisterial Sons Mission and all that means, that has been on site now for decades. We haven’t been sitting around watching the northern lights all this time. We are certainly on top of everything as much as celestially possible, as you know about the dispersion of Celestial over care in virtually all nations and all geographic areas. We can do this and are going to do this [Begin the boots on the ground MSM.]

“We come to the Forum and rehearse the latest alarming developments as much as we are able and because of the intelligence being disjointed and of small amount and so eclectic, what we leave you with is confusing and hard to fathom on your part I know. If it seems like a keystone cops gathering sometimes, you’ll have to forgive us and continue the steadfast trust because truthfully it isn’t as bad as it looks. This is a very messy and chaotic business and constantly so much has happened that we aren’t able to apprise you of, that we know your head is spinning with quandaries that would stump any preverbal genius.

“On top of that we often share conversations and inner council discussions, which further give the impression of what looks like disarray, or at least small disagreements in the leadership that is simply what goes on in any gargantuan undertaking. We are transparent enough and enlightened enough that no other way of working with trainees like you would be appropriate. We are trusting the Spirit of God will smooth over and bridge the uncertainties as well as galvanize you for adventures you will be a part of in the future. Maturity comes in no other way we know of. We certainly are no longer depending on those Hogwarts wands like we always did before.

“So what's going to happen tomorrow? Appreciate the fact that you will be the first to know of all on the earth and that is worth a lot. Let nothing faze you or dishearten you, as our boy in Africa [as he calls himself] keeps telling you. This Is Serara, Magisterial Son, arm and arm with Monjoronson, Christ Michael and Jesus with almost innumerable others, well in control of things [mostly] and our Father has our back. Thank You and You will have a Good Day! Domtia…….”

End Discussion Forum-

While he was a great way off his father saw him and had compassion., 970-618 1214,-  7223 Iron Oak Ave. Las Vegas NV. 89113
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