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Author Topic: Califax,Use Your temporary Imperfection, 23 March 2017, Daniel, L V Nevada, USA  (Read 127 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Califax
Subject: Use Your Temporary Imperfection
Category: Teaching Mission Skills/Transmitting
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas Nevada, USA
23 March 2017, 20:29 Z

“You can begin Daniel. This is Califax with my message today being: ‘The principles concerning overages and shortages’. I mean by that; too much and too little. You are too hot and then you are too cold. You are too busy and then you don’t have enough work. You have plenty of financial supply and then you have too little. It rains so much the creeks overflow and then there is no rain for months. Many friends come to visit and then you are so alone you ache. Everyone thinks well of you and a mistake makes you have no reputation. You know all about a subject then research and development leaves you completely behind in that same field. A spouse is perfectly fulfilling and all you can dream of and their passing has you back to square one. Through every one of the above circumstances you learn tons about many things.

“A tropical environment sometimes is so consistent that the hard wood trees have no rings in the trunk what so ever. That constancy is the other side of the coin, perhaps there is such sameness and invariability that you long for the stimulation of the seasons of the northern or southern hemispheres. The training of the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission can contain many aspects like this. You desire and consistently practice to receive messages from Celestial sources and after a long, long, time of working and being there and looking hopefully for that treasured gift, it is given to you and then every time you ask or sit down for receiving, someone is right there to speak and you literally could receive messages, one after the other around the clock and you have to ask for mercy please.

“You long and long and speak and speak and worship and worship hoping to converse with your adjuster and finally you clearly hear that very small voice, almost like a clear thought and with joy you begin asking questions about everything and being so appreciative. The answers mostly come instantly and for weeks you delight in the new closeness and gift of communication and then after some months it is so normal and commonplace you even forget to greet them in the morning and many hours go by without a thought in their direction.

“Now it’s a game of constantly coming back to balance. So many decisions to make and choices to weigh about the conduct of the day, priorities are constantly being re-arranged as the growth takes place. Chunks of your old behavior no longer are even interesting and new areas open, to be delved into with fresh enthusiasm. Facing fears head on when they pop up is your new way of life, because nothing else can be conceived to be done. To always, always, always go straight into the fear, facing and experiencing the thing in full strength, is what you do, because you learned that not once was any power left when you had that do or die approach, together with trust.

“One fear you had was to participate in the Forum conversation and soon you found out why. Writing in responses to the forum regularly has you aghast the next day at the gaffs in expression that reveal your blind spots, incomplete education, vanity, ego and immaturity. You thank The Father in person for the modify button allowing you to fix the worst embarrassments. At one point the realizations were so clear that you came close to erasing everything you ever wrote. Then you realized that would be a little too obvious and perhaps ten percent was worth saving. All of these things you already know. Why am I Califax, The Fathers direct representative, Trinity Teacher Son and Planetary Prince, taking the time to speak about them in a lesson to this miniscule group in training to work as mortal assistants to the professionals of the Celestial administration of the MSM?

“The first reason is that you are that valuable and prized as the subjects of this experiment.  [First life mortals used in ways and for tasks that usually in the universe ascension path previously were given only after quite a bit more education]. Another reason is the realization of how useful you will be and how invaluable you are as functionaries, we can let loose on administration needs such as the very large; ‘liaison with the public’ category of tasks.  For many, many years it will be the most serious need of the Magisterial Sons Mission. Will you execute your duties without gaffs and mistakes that cause embarrassment to all concerned?  No not at all, in fact the response you give to those mistakes will be part of the beautiful instruction to all who saw what happened. The total willingness to apologize and accept your responsibility and your illustrating that cheerful acquiescence to your superiors plus the manner you relate to those you may have offended, will be worth solid gold in the learning that results from such a scenario.

“Almost nothing is so common and universal in this your first life, as a constant string of mistakes and improprieties.  Everyone finds, that; the most frustrating thing of the physical life. When will I get my ducks in a row and start having some balance and wisdom so the constant challenges will be much more manageable? Now is there any more worthy and effective teacher as one in a position of authority [You as a representative of the Administration] who models this responsive and humble attitude constantly in the challenges all continually have? As an imperfect illustration because there were many exceptions to this story, take the quintessential mother superior of the nunnery. She is of such lofty superiority and such a model of behavioral perfection [at least she makes sure that is all anyone ever sees] that it may be a highly unrealistic portrayal to her students. How refreshing and encouraging it would be if there was that humble sincere admission of short comings if necessary, that she than is careful to make right.  

“There is an important balance required, for we have all seen that individual whose persona is somewhat groveling, containing personal denigration or false modesty, as a way of life. Instead to rebound by minimizing the incidents as only minor steps to greater maturity, simply par for the course, always highly optimistic and realistically cheerful no matter how often you have to fix and start anew. There is a time over and over in our lives that we do nothing but make mistakes and handle things clumsily, such as the time you took the course to master becoming a commercial pilot of the new Boeing 777, having to endlessly practice in the simulator till you got it right.

“There is a minimum standard of public behavior you will already have reached, my point is the humanness and commonality is a large part of the power of your office or occupation. This illustrates to all, the realistic standards that give hope instead of intimidation to those just beginning a relationship with The Father and those in His family. To have a representative of The Father Himself instantly put you at ease with gracious and lowly commonality such as you have witnessed by the public actions of the British Queen and her Family as they make courtesy calls around the commonwealth, is what I am talking about. Thank you everyone for your being here, always wanting to learn more, always open to our suggestions and respectfully attempting to apply what we are showing you. This is Califax, taking satisfying pleasure in teaching you like this. For now, a most hearty; ‘Good Day’!

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