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Author Topic: Califax, Rite of Passage, 22 March 2017, Daniel, L V Nevada USA  (Read 120 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Califax
Subject: Rite of Passage
Category: Serara Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V Nevada USA
22 March 2017, 20:06 Z

“You can begin writing Daniel. This is Califax and my mandate today is for explaining to everyone, the ins and outs of the latest thinking about the Magisterial Son’s Mission. As you know the concept and actual implementation has been something all leaders of note have wrestled with and gone round and round about. The quandary is: the exact way, time, order of progression, when or if, to commandeer all public media, the personnal to be used, grouping of information to be most apropos and time of its introduction. Than; how to keep ahead of all the expenses in a very timely way and how to regularly feed the Magisterial account from Celestial coffers, which currency to use when, where to have the repository regarding banking institution, what legal corporations to have as the MSM legal representative, what earthly governmental officials to contact and work with first, what physical facility to use to house the first fledgling headquarters mortal associates, and hundreds of other things.

“All of these things are a cinch and no problem, just assign someone of sufficient experience in the Celestial executive corps, tell them to solve the problems and we will meet again to okay everything on Monday. I’m joking. The biggest challenge is the overarching scrutiny of history, which is practically all important for the execution of the beginning. The need to satisfy prophecy and Paradise and Super Universe protocol, as closely as divinely possible is the most important group of concerns.

“The first thought all of you might have is: with the brainpower present in all the Corrective Time leaders, the input of The Father, the council of all the chief executives of the sister planets undergoing MSM’s simultaneously, a scenario of compatibility could surely be worked out. It has been worked out, over and over and the moment came and went only because at the last minute it became clear that either there were still aspects of historic disarray or new additional unworkable or unacceptable considerations apparent now as the situation afresh had changed and that the likely unfolding with these additions in the mix, could not be abided.

“Thus a more fitting time was sought in the immediate future, because as all involved know, this is extremely urgent for a hundred other reasons. I am writing to inform all of you here, to explain; this is in actuality, business as usual. This extremely problematic challenge of the timing and implementation of the Mission, is just what we have experienced in not only Magisterial Missions, but: Creator endowments, life implementation, supervision of evolutionary processes, star system creation, arrangement and balancing of planets around a sun, Adam and Eve bestowals, planetary Prince installations, timing and delivery of epical revelations, you name it.

“Yes, it is more or less cliff hanging, yes it is nerve wracking, yes it is patience demanding, yes it is long and drawn out from your perspective. From our Celestial perspective, it is a lot like the birth of the 13 colonies into the United States of America, with the difficulties of hammering out a balanced, brilliant, inspired constitution, finding leaders fit for the task at that moment, having a population sufficiently large and economic system sufficiently prosperous to make it the correct time to initiate the new nation, etc.

“In other words it was touch and go. It was on the verge of falling apart and being put off for decades numerous times in the unfolding of that time around 1770s and 80s. Now in hind sight we sit back in satisfaction and comfort at the accomplishment, seeing the fruit: a form of representative government that will be the pattern of the governmental system to finally be pre-eminent for all of Urantia, all those gut wrenching machinations at the time, water under the bridge. But perhaps forgetting the truly troublesome and hardly smooth developments that were so demanding and even terrifying, no one [hundreds committed to the new nation, lost their lives or their fortunes before it was all over] involved in the contentious, messy constitutional assembly/compilation and war of independence, ever wanted to go through that-again.

“As we have mentioned several times before, you here in the Teaching Mission and Serara, Monjoronson training groups are triple blessed:  First- having the opportunity to actually work for the MSM, Second- experiencing and growing in universe understanding from witnessing the Celestial trials of the detailed ups and downs of the unfolding of the Mission beginnings and Thirdly-[and this is the most valuable] being mentored personally by the top leadership of the Corrective time who are of stellar and egregiously lofty training and origination. All of this with an eye on the invaluable uses for all of you, highly and specially trained to do very important things in the far future, with the ones, most appreciative of you, in all the Universe; Christ Michael and most adored Nebadonia, Creative Spirit of Nebadon.

“By rights, you should be falling off your chair with gratitude and appreciation, struck senseless by the portent of it all. Are You? We smile when the trainees here because of their newness and ignorance say this or that, casting doubtful and disparaging viewpoints or non-constructive critical observations that then we all absorb with a huge reserve of patience and love as all part of the training curve. Any ambience other than this, ideally, extremely tolerant and forbearing atmosphere would ever be appropriate for your most rapid advancement in the way of love, mercy and inclusion. The intention being, that not one, [although it unfortunately does happen] meant to be a part of the Mortal Mission worker corps would be sidetracked or offended out of the training course.

“However, and this also is a paramount point, the climate of the training forum of necessity regularly, must subject the trainees, to say the least, when they are able to handle it, to severe tests or vetting's that highlight the loyalty and commitment of each and every one. Without this strengthening and proving, the degree of competence we need is not able to be attained. The challenge is to bring those severe tests about at the time and in such a way that the individual is not blown out of the water prematurely. If a person fails the test, then right at their side is the comforting adjuster to begin again afresh the climb to more advanced maturity that will indeed weather and pass a future test on that exact characteristic we are developing. Meanwhile the trainee will be fully embraced and supported by all brothers and sisters who quickly forget the details, only knowing the certainly of eventual success.

“Well there you have it! This is Califax, giving you a close look at the truth of most that is happening, as up to the minute as I can deliver and am allowed to illustrate for you, who we love with a purple passion, as you say. You can all rest and take a deep breath with a warmth and understanding confidence as your mindset, that all is under control and any discrepancies and dichotomies or inaccuracies you notice here on the forum are often part of that testing I mentioned, for having you be inured to the instant doubtfulness that springs up constantly on Urantian playing fields. The withholding of judgement, the thinking the best, the positive confidence in The Fathers inerrantleadership demanding that over the top consecration you see in all of us.  For now I sign off, your Planetary Prince. Domtia……………”

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