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Author Topic: Margul, Ends From Beginnings, 21 March 2019 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 119 times)

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Eyes only
Speaker: Margul
Subject: Ends and Beginnings
Category: Monjoronson Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
21 March 2017, 20:45 Z

“Thank You Daniel, you may begin, this is Margul with the interest in speaking on the subject we could call: ‘The end from the beginning’. First as an aside, I want to mention the aspect of family variety. In our life here in the spirit realm, although we live often on spheres of physical matter it is a leap to grasp fully what our day to day life looks like. In the first place, the types of individuals of personality are endless. To run across in our life as we attend schooling or are teachers ourselves or are specialists in some aspect of the universal over control and even if we have been around for many thousands of earth years we still are in wonder and are taken aback to interact in some normal way with a completely new humanoid of a type that only vaguely resembles your Urantian mortal strain.

“Head with eyes, nose, ears, mouth and hair are usually present in some interesting and beautiful fashion, eye type, skin coloring, torso build, height, arms legs and feet are all there but of such mind boggling, variety with such ingenious variations that, no matter, tend to grow on you with closer association. It becomes normal to have as an old friend, a variation that should they walk down the street in some American city at your side, would stop all traffic. What thrills me personally the most is the uniformity of kindness. To have this new friend of some more then strange appearance who then talks to us in the endless ways of getting around language problems such as hearing them as clear as imaginable, speak to you in your mind by thought, in a way that is totally familiar.

“They or you might begin the conversation with some little remark about something happening in your combined reality such as the meeting you are all there to attend or something regarding the speaker you both just heard. Or they or you would start telling them of an experience you’ve had you know they would relate to such as the way you both traveled to the occasion or your or their origins or the nature of the delightful uniqueness of that particular sphere. You might mention your loved ones you live with just now, but then sooner or later there is invariably an expression of appreciation of The Father or His representatives and how blessed you or they feel to be having the adventure you are having.

“Universal also would be a consideration and a solicitous interest in your life and experience. And then as another ubiquitous aspect of their makeup, regardless of their look or strangeness would be a concern, care and willingness to spring to your aid should you need anything in any way. They would consider you affectionately as a family member, deserving loyalty and generosity, no barriers of any kind in place to impede functioning together cooperatively. Idiosyncrasies abound but come to be endearingly and touchingly heartwarming, because of those universal ingredients that are totally dependable in all God’s Creatures: kind affectionate openness and acceptance, coupled with integrity.

“If this sounds like heaven to you, as you have to warily go about your life on Urantia, sometimes circumspect, encountering in some instances surliness in public settings, it is. Heaven meaning complete safety and love at every turn with delight in association that never ends and feelings of bondedness felt with meeting any new being. The specialized job you are called to do now immediately, especially in the next few years require that; ‘wise as a serpent demeanor’ but at the same time being sensitive and responsive with no edge of hardness.

“It is training with a purpose, because there will be opportunities in the future that resemble this earths chaos or at least extreme immaturity and disarray you may be called to serve in where you are not in the least naive about the dangers and challenges to be a guide or teacher to first life mortals needing the empathetic moxy to bring them along and out of that disparate circumstance. My beginning statement about knowing the end from the beginning is the actual true understanding of everyone, as we come to have some maturity and service under our belt.

“We see very clearly what the outcome is of any combination of circumstance in a general way. Many of you have this already because of all you have suffered and it is indelibly part of your knowing should you called upon to evaluate what's happening some place at some time. The simplicity of The Way of the Father comes through clearly about what to do and how to do it, tailored to the local society and physical environment. The Sustainability and Planetary Management document is just that, applied to every conceivable Urantian provocation or summons. It is a guide book of most excellent appropriateness for this mission, that when fully absorbed by you Mission leaders, will be the connection and extension of Monjoronson and Serara’s arms in every way.

“Most of you associates working with York Pennsylvania as your base, in the first years of the administration, will have the joyful and happy occupation of relating and speaking endlessly to the common people you encounter or will be sent to and who are perplexed and needing friendly guidance. The satisfaction that comes from this putting out fires and bringing reassurance and comfort as well as teaching in an informal or formal way will be the most delightful experience of your existence till now, by far. The disseminating of the understanding and comprehension will spread in concentric circles out from the York headquarters until it covers the continental United States and Canada and the same will happen from other continental beginnings.

“This will all take place amidst unsettled conditions and a disorderly environment in most instances in these first decades of the new beginning. It will not be a cake walk or problem less waltz through the tulips, but it will be the most stimulating, educational, thrilling and fulfilling time of your lives. All the while you personally will be supported and guided whether you are at York, Biloxi Mississippi, Hanoi or Helsinki. This is Margul, with this lesson as you all think of the coming days of change and stimulating turbulation with us by your side at every turn.  Thank you for the willingness and courage we see as more of you in this training are joining in a whole hearted and undistracted way, to become what we need and intended from the beginning.

End Discussion Forum-

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