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Author Topic: Marloc, A Brief History, 20 March 2017, Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 103 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker, Marloc
Subject: A Brief History
Category: Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV. USA
20 March 2017, 21:04 Z

I am ready for any message,

“You may begin writing Daniel, This is the one known as Marloc. My mission and purpose, as is the same with many other Celestial teachers, helpers and volunteers, is to say through humans, all the things that Father and your local creators Christ Michael and Mother Spirit Nebadonia, happen to feel is the most needed and timely for this moment and time on Urantia and then to have it available at least for some time on a site like the TML [teaching mission list] for the education now to be sought by many, as they come to be aware of The return of Jesus before very long. Even though the messages in the Teaching Mission Archives and the TML are not perfect by a long shot they are highly accurate for the most part. The important thing is that they have the ring of truth sufficiently discernable that they will fill the bill for the initial rapid awakening as well as to round out the understandings of the Urantia Book itself to many.

“This knowledge is very much like the knowledge of many spiritual things, that most of you here on the Serara Forum came to understand rapidly by reading of The adventures of George Bernard, [1111progressgroup], a healer, counselor, inventor and industrialist, in Australia, who from boy hood had contact with the loyal and faithful band of midway angels. These unique members of our family, kind, full of love, loyalty, over the top dedication, ever helpful and on the spot around the world to rescue and in general help in a thousand ways when humans often were in trouble. They were known as the 1111 platoon. With his over thirty years of more or less regular contact with the Midwayers, the story of these adventures he then rehearsed much to your enjoyment and education in the three Books [‘The search for 11:11’-‘In the service of 11:11’-‘’The anatomy of the halfway realm’] by George Bernard, available today in kindle books and also used and new on Amazon for an inexpensive amount.

The beauty of the Archives listed below is their eclectic nature. Simply by reading down the list of Celestial authors of the tmarchives for instance a person could quickly hone in on their particular interests. Now shortly there will be a tremendous thirst for what is really going on and the pressure will be great on sites like these three: and and, should they be advertised and made common knowledge as the go to place for learning about the MSM. [Magisterial Sons Mission] This perhaps will have them be so besieged that occasionally they would be inaccessible because of overload until the glut would naturally die down to a level they could function again. The subject of how to make available all these sources to conceivably millions simultaneously is a challenge I am sure will be met but with some considerable work. The Urantia book itself; available free electronically from any search engine, will be the most helpful for the highly motivated student. The current explanation of what the MSM is, though, will be the most urgently sought information.

“This lesson today is a recapping of the available material that by listing here would aid a new person to be headed without delay to find out the latest and best of The Corrective time which is inextricably linked with and includes the MSM. The history of this initiative announced starting in the late eighties can be found preserved in the Celestial receptions in the earliest tmarchives from the small in home Urantia Book study groups [and even some groups that did not know about the Urantia Book yet], formed first in New Zealand and Australia. At that time, in only five or so years, thanks to these transcriptions being shared with friends here, U B study groups also receiving messages, began to proliferate all over the United States.

“The history of these first time receivers of Celestial messages, post publishing of the Urantia Book in 1955, is crucial to: the necessary perception of this new revelation, being by Christ Michael. The genuine instigator of, whose brain child it is and now one of His most important tasks. [That task being to: through the Corrective time, begin the progression to the time of light and life as foretold by the Urantia Book] Every tiny bit of it thought through and launched by He, Local Universe Sovereign of Nebadon. These groundbreaking and vital messages begun at that time, either in verbal form that was taped as the student repeated what he or she heard or they were received and were typed or written out as it came and then were saved in these archives, were the method of telling the earth, of the start of Christ Michaels preparation for the return of Jesus as promised and to take place hopefully within only decades of this beginning.

“This is where we are now and the whole enterprise, albeit with much important procedural developing to insure compliance with all Universe authorities, [which has taken extra time], is largely on track as envisioned by Christ Michael under the very direct supervision of the Universal Father in Paradise.

“At this juncture of the true beginning of the Corrective time [Late 1980’s] using Transmitting/Receiving, was the adopted method, of informing all of what was divinely intended.

“This all important point, of the Messages contained in the Teaching Mission Archives being the valid, authorized and intended voice of the Sovereign of the Universe of Nebadon, calling all followers of God to heed and help execute His intentions, was not accepted and embraced by the most educated on earth. These were those who through the study of the UB knew full well the identity of the authors of this new revelation in question. [Teaching mission transcripts]. It was rejected by those in this category, mature students, who were intended to be used and were needed now in this massive effort, because humility was not present.

“This new, now more generally used way of communication,  was not very different then the way the  Urantia Book was delivered, which was largely through the transcribing of what the sleeping subject said [who was purposely kept unidentified by the Celestial supervisors, for reasons of complications that would have come from his notoriety] This was mostly true except for the fourth section of the Urantia book; ‘The life and teachings of Jesus’, which was delivered as a completed handwritten manuscript in one stack of pages found on a desk or table in a domicile they [Dr. Sadler and those in his small group selected to receive and safeguard the UB.] were working out of at that time.

“All these things I am mentioning, are background for a new student or trainee on these sites and as you read all available here, you will piece together the full story of the drama that unfolded when the loud and unmistakable assertion by Christ Michael over and over about his intentions for this new effort he called the Corrective time, was largely denigrated and rejected by the Urantia Book students of old [since 1955]. This resulted in the virtual necessity to practically start over in developing a new generation of consecrated Teaching Mission T/R persons who now are vigorously and most of all; loyally, selflessly, doing Christ Michaels bidding.

“The preservation of all these communications of such historic and weighty import is one invaluable silver lining. This is Marloc with this message to inspire and inform, as we come ever closer to the Return and public announcement of Jesus. Thank you most sincerely for your love and effort For the Father now, in this support work to accomplish all Christ Michael intends this Magisterial Sons Mission to accomplish under the joint leadership of Monjoronson and Serara, Avonal Sons, Celestial veterans of previous MS’s Missions of renown on other worlds in their progression. I wish all a good day!

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