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Author Topic: Marloc, Stiff Upper Lip 19 March 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 106 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Marloc
Subject: Stiff Upper Lip
Category: Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV. USA
19 March 2017, 24:19 Z

Thank You for coming, I just heard you,

“You can begin Daniel. Our message today is one of hope and encouragement as we are coming so close to the momentous event of the ages in Urantian history. Yes it has taken forever in your take of time, years and years that are more like weeks to us. Our lives are so full of activity and to do lists that the time simply appears to evaporate in some mysterious way. Soon you all working in the missions will be caught up in the same whirl of so much exciting meaningfulness that you will look back on these years or relative inactivity, struck with the contrast.

“A contrast that you are acutely appreciative of once you are in the middle of things soon. You see the hundreds and hundreds that we put here in the same training environment but now they are simply continuing on in their mundane lives, oh making progress in their character development and maturity but were unable to see the smashing opportunity. Yet! You here however, who have responded with acute action and decisive grasping, can see it with such clarity and gratitude.

“It will be like this forever and ever, the early bird getting the worm, because of an extra measure of desire and cognizance. A fire burning deep inside, to do this with verve and conscious action. A proclivity to throw caution to the winds when it comes to having a chance to do something with The Father. Instantly you are interested and ready to go for it, while perhaps our friends are looking through a fuzzy glass unable to catch the vision. We never ever condemn them for any debilitating reticence because we were there in exactly that frame of mind at one time or the other in the past, we only continue to loyally support them as they come along at a different pace then we can stand anymore.

“The cushy circumstance we were in when we were placed here we somehow saw was a soiled gunny sack compared to working with the Magisterial Sons Mission. We threw it all away in a heartbeat [well, almost a heartbeat].  Gone is that happy relationship that was like a boat anchor if we wanted to take advantage of this lucky chance. We politely bid goodbye. The extremely enjoyable and satisfying work we were involved in that took our heart and soul to execute went right out the window, in the light of associating with Celestial Masters. We didn’t even look back and only lamented it had taken so long for us to see the light. Our kids and grandkids we love with all our heart are now a distant second to having our local universe Sovereigns soliciting our service and can you imagine, even our company?

“The close family life we now leave behind will be taken up where we left off in some distant time; all compensated with outrageous ingenuity by the best of the best of administration recruiters that have more empathy then we can imagine. The treasures that filled our houses we unceremoniously relinquished free of charge to one and all in our haste to make sure we had nothing attached to our heart but the dream of working with Dad and Mom personally in a task so brilliantly urgent, critical, overridingly crucial, and momentously worthwhile, it literally takes our breath away when we pause to think of it. We see this work invitation like the chance to have a place at the presidential ball but see that analogy as a pitiful comparison.

“The ups and downs of relational interaction have no stumbling aspect or quality in any way in our life and thinking. Our relationship to supervision, our stance, is one of compliant malleability coupled with a feisty willingness to stand up for right, until the boss speaks. We instantly see the wisdom of that new decision and cheerfully comply. We know nothing really, except where all wisdom comes from and we embrace that concept with fervent trust in needed inspiration. Criticism or more correctly stated; ‘loving adjustment of outlook’ is absorbed with a non-chalant equanimity, being forever a student, we see it as nothing more than a normal turn of affairs we welcome for what it is: love in action.  Our invulnerability to offence, we make an ironclad backbone of our basic character. We guard and value this one achievement at least, as one of the most desirable characteristics of a servant.  

“Now comes a period of more intensive change and being exposed to new things highly different then we are used to.  It’s so out of the box we cringe with anticipation of shortfall and slow uptake stalking us forever, but then we remember the gentle, sincere friendliness from the top down and across the board and our fears begin to evaporate as we envision the cushioned landing.  We know this is the case, for even we, rank beginners, know how to kindly treat a newbie and bring them along with loads of forbearance and lack of censure. All the change and wrenching seeming demands now are manageable because of the considerate way the adjustment period is handled. None of this old outmoded childrearing method of throwing the kid in the deep end of the pool to sink or swim.

“I’m casting this in a lighthearted take on the coming revolution to remove any slight trepidation any of you might have. You are in good hands, bursting with love, compassion and knowingness, not only of where you are but of the treasured merit and usefulness of this group of mortal siblings. This is Marloc thinking and conniving about how to come up with the most effective way to register the true state of affairs to get across our joy at your appearance and unveiling to the world. The First time ever to use mortal, first life [admittedly mostly geriatric candidates] in a fully cooperative workforce, executing the MSM right alongside seasoned warriors. The advanced age and debility of so many of you is another brilliant way the Father has to confound the wise, where coupled with your faith and trust, will see all of you become highly effective, restored and fully potent functionaries. With great happiness I sign off now until next class time, confidence in you leaking from every seam. Yours in service, Marloc”

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