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Author Topic: Machiventa, Nitty Gritty of It All, 18 March 2017, Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 105 times)

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Eyes Only

Speaker: Machiventa

Subject: Nitty Gritty of It All

Category: Machiventa Melchizedek and Staff

T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV. USA

18 March 2017, 18:41 Z


“Yes, Daniel you can begin. The lesson I have for all today is one about the reason for being. When you are born, sometimes it looks like an accidental conception with only time and chance entering in. There are none of those, not even a miniscule amount, that goes unnoticed or un-authorized, not intended for that moment. The life force of the Grander Universe through Creative Spirit Mother Nebadonia, Co-sovereign of the Local universe of Nebadon is fully involved in the beginning of that life. When so and so begets so and so and on into tremendous overpopulation like we have on Urantia, all is proceeding according to plan.

“The fact that it is turning into a congested hive that wisdom would dictate as cumbersome, and uncomfortable, in no way lessens the value and the potential of each birth. The reason for that life in the big picture is: because of the surety of the ascension process, [which is only ever thwarted by the individual themselves deciding by many choices to refuse to go on], each entity and personality is for the express purpose of: ‘expanding The Father’. This means in the simplest explanation that He is reproducing himself in duplicate. The new one is unique only in personality and flavors of colorful and endless varieties of individuality of manifesting, but they [we] are an exact replica of his basic character, dependable in every facet [in the end] to be just like Him.

“There you have it; the reason for the Master Universe Creation. Stated another way, life’s meaning is bringing into existence more of the best substance that can be imagined: Infinitely kind, benevolent, embracing, creating, sheltering, nurturing, sharing, energetic force and tangibility. This try as you might, is unsurpassable in splendor of concept for being the prime reason for the Universe. Why do We feel it is necessary to talk about this most basic foundational undergirding reason for everything?

“Well, with the above being said, we can go on to the why of you doing what you are doing today in your personal life, until you sleep tonight and do it again when you get up again tomorrow. You are doing it now because you understand the final product of your actions is a concept which is of such serendipitous, [came through inspiration] meaningful substance, which has more value than any other commodity. You allowing yourself to submit to this training for the work of the Magisterial Sons Mission can be condensed to the Nano particle of or prime directive of:

“More of The Father, translating to be: more relationships of utmost sweetness and satisfaction, more joyful existences', more pleasurable constructive activity, more varity in domains to explore and experience living in, more opportunities to help more family members successfully progress, more new creative creations of unimagined type, more explore-able avenues of buildings to investigate and make, more inventions of creatures to see live and experience living with, more brand new adventures never before experienced by anyone for ever and ever.

“Some of you picture living in a picturesque mountain lake setting, with your books by the thousands and your sturdy cabin, and your ultra-light birch bark canoe, and the lake attached to endless numbers of lakes to explore and the fish practically jumping in the boat and the evenings before the fireplace and the cupboard full of the best food and the companionship of Spouse and animals and the weather being endless summer and clothes that never wear out and perfect health and youthfulness and finances available to travel about the world endlessly if you want, a shop or sewing room or kitchen to endlessly create and invent things in and vehicles of all types to get around in and  friends near around the lake and extended family within easy visiting distance. Just give you that and you would be happy for an eternity.

“All that described above is easily within your reach as a child of The Father on your ascension journey and you would be allowed to experience it to your hearts content for as long as you would like! Now think, as wonderful as you think that life would be, is that the best that you could come up with? Well you would say, I have simple tastes and yes I would be happy forever with just that. This exercise is to inspire you a little about what is available now just around the corner, the substance of the reward of you being happily in total agreement and in sync, absolutely responsive to the wishes of The Father. I think you can see the way of the life of one in the Family of God is more than sufficient, and far surpassing the rosy scenario or a thousand variations of it, having nothing to do with mountain lakes, we see above, that may thrill many of you at this place in your journey.

“My reason, my crux, my inspiration to bestow, is the concept that the most personally fulfilling thing you can imagine is yours to experience. As time goes on, you just choose and do it, with endless wherewithal at your disposal. This existence is truly, as a side feature, meant to endlessly delight you. This is Machiventa to guide you in your progress now in the somewhat difficult training demanding so much patience and to give you an accurate perspective that imbues you with energizing motivation. With warm affection and highly positive feelings of love for everyone, I wish you a good day!

End Discussion Forum-

While he was a great way off his father saw him and had compassion., 970-618 1214,-  7223 Iron Oak Ave. Las Vegas NV. 89113
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