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Author Topic: Machiventa, Our New Life, 17 March 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 114 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Machiventa Melchizedek
Subject: Our new life
Category: Machiventa Melchizedek and Staff
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV. USA
17 March 2017, 18;33 Z

Is there a message you would have?

“Whenever we come together like this, students and Master, I look around the room full of budding leaders, I see the gifts of each, I see the experience of each, I see the love of each and my heart swells with the sheer adventure and first time opportunity for you all to be brought along to a place of independent action and trustworthiness. This individual; You, that now has wisdom and consideration to a large degree, that can be used in all the areas we know of, That need just such a worker.

“Your being so new to this bringing very little experience compared to a Celestial worker is no matter, because your main value and rarity of existence, is as a present day Urantian with unquestioned dedication to The Father and Magisterial Mission. The other ingredient is that the back ground information is there, inside you, ready to be used by us, as you in your own words, tell many, about what all this means [the Mission and Corrective Time Administrations intervention]

“You being able in a few minutes to tell most of the story to an inquiring individual, setting it in a context of friendly authoritative narration you have personally as a trained worker experienced yourself, will have many brought along to cooperation and enthusiasm in quite an effective way. Yes Celestial workers could do the same effectively but this is especially fitting because of the double benefit of excellent credibility without having to explain in the Celestials case, who they are and how they got there, etc.

“Being there, because you obviously are a contemporary human and often one with white hair at that, instantly commanding extra interest/respect and then you, kindly as an older uncle or Aunt, telling them what is really going on. The second part of the double benefit, is your own stellar advancement in usefulness by this very circumstance of being a mortal coworker with mentoring of such a high order that has hardly been seen ever anywhere!

“The patriarchs of old such as; Machiventa Malchizedek, although not a patriarch as such, was a Celestial who mentored not a few in this direct manner. Abraham and those he trained and sent out all over the world dispersing the news about how The Father was, were some prime examples of that time. You are in a similar circumstance, lucky, blessed, you! You will be working every day in actual rubbing shoulders closeness with your Celestial leaders, as tasks are executed and you can imagine how much and how fast you will come along if that were the case. Hopefully when I explain this to you in this manner you will begin to have that inner fire of acute appreciation and true grasping of the awesome chance you are being given and the ridiculousness, of the blindness, of it being rejected by so many that have come through these gates.

“This brings us to the spot you all are in at this moment. We are asking you to begin a life style that in its most crucial effect, is asking for a strenuousness that is hard to adjust too. It is an adjustment that is somewhat painful because of the demands now asked on your time and the usual leisurely and highly comfortable life you have been used to, has to be relegated to a dim memory. To be up early in the morning as this life warrants, to then maybe, after a midday rest start the second shift as you; more then carefully, continue study, being there for receptions, pursue correspondences, research topics in the archives, all the things of an executive assistant in some important office. All taking place most conveniently, right there in your own home, for now.

“These things become possible and even very pleasurable when the true value of the opportunity is continually, right on your forehead. You constantly remember the rarity of your offering and calling, you constantly recall the profoundness of this most valuable commission. You ever, have behind your eyes the knowledge of the far reaching ramifications of this top flight opportunity for your immediate family as they progress alongside you in Urantia’s refurbishing, from now to eternity. It puts all in perspective making the discomfort and effort you will experience in the initial adjustment, worth it. You start to see the most detested part of your life [regular moderately strenuous exercise] as a small price to pay for the vigorous energy and stamina you will now need as an important cog, as a managerial assistant.

“This is Machiventa, back to keep my fingers in the pie, as I can, totally on the same page as Father Christ Michael, as to your training and nurturing as the young fry coming up in the Family, that I want you to know, I have a keen and piercing interest in. Let’s do this my loyal cadre. A good day to all!

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