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Author Topic: Paul Of Tarsus - On Rest, Preparation and the Return of Jesus  (Read 626 times)

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Teacher: Paul of Tarsus
Subject:  On Rest, Preparation and the Jesus Return and the Lesson of the Incident on the Emmaus Road
Category: The Friend of Apostles; Paul of Tarsus
T/R: Sue Whiley/7inOcean
Location:  Geelong Victoria Australia
Date/Time: 12/06/2016, 10.25am (AEST)  20.25 (GMT)

This is the lull before the storm, this is Paul here Sue, the quiet rest that will refresh you and restore you. It is also a time of prayer, resolve and steadfastness in what is to transpire that we are all ready waiting, for our Father, to see it appropriate to do the work we have all planned for, for so very long.

Father is hesitant to see us go into a world full of so much animosity and untruths that we are also prepared for. This is why so many of Jesus’ friends such as myself, Peter, Andrew and others have come on board to make this as significant a face to be recognised and not just Jesus alone.  With you, the humans of this century will bring also a current view that is relevant to those whom we are all to deal with. Here we have theologians, philosophers, scientists and great thinkers of this Millenia that will serve to contribute to a new renaissance of revival and stamina. It will take years for us to make the moves necessary in the lives of Urantians of this modern era of technology and the ever exploding Information Age.  We will use this to achieve great learning for most of the younger generations who will flock to it like moths to the light.

The days of the agondonters will soon be no more when as soon as you see us in the flesh that represent the Spirit of God in your midst.  Faith, therefore, will take on a whole new meaning for those who did not seek the things unseen and yet there are things unseen they will learn to train their mind to, soon enough.

I learnt the hard way on the road to Emmaus and I was not the same man ever since that day when Jesus struck me blind on the spot and had me bowled over in realisation, that even I could not stop.  I did not realise the meaning of faith until I saw it there with Jesus and in Stephen who I witnessed with my own eyes as he was stoned to death. Such affirmation, hope and courage in believing in that which our mortal eyes cannot see but our hearts know the truth that it manifests itself in one’s own understanding.

I am Paul of Tarsus, the Apostle of renown and I come with Jesus and Peter and some others yet to be named among us very soon and you will be wise not to take the same mistake I did when I came across Jesus on the road to Emmaus.

When Jesus is before you and speaks, hear him well and know the Master that he is.


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