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Author Topic: Califax,Magisterial Ways Of Operation,15 March 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 111 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Califax
Subject:  Magisterial Ways of Operation
Category: Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
15 March 2017, 18:59 Z

‘I am here my Lords……..’

“To begin Daniel, the subject that I would like to cover today has to do with the fact that 90% of all the persons on Urantia could not care less concerning having contact with the Father, God, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, whatever. Even though it seems like a miniscule amount of the population, millions from that minority and more and more of the survivors will have contact one way or another in the next 100 years, with persons like you who are awake, know about the Mission and world reset taking place and will slowly, because of things they see and of conversations they have, be turned toward The Father.

“After that turn toward The Father is made a way will be on hand, at least a little like the Forum, for them to make acquaintance and grow in knowledge and maturity through contact and relating with those already involved with the MSM. Out of this over time, will grow eventually a huge number who catch the vision and actually take personal action in some rebuilding taking place in the Education, Economy, Government, Construction and Social outreach organizations. These will become our fast friends and coworkers we will delight in helping into service occupations that will be the backbone Of Urantian reconstruction.  

“Finally there will be a time of settled surface tranquility and peace and an end to the seismic disturbances and the volcanic activity will subside. Over all it will be a 25 to 35 year period of many catastrophes worldwide. Now the more effective and less distracted efforts of rebuilding will more earnestly take on the task of reorganization and reconstruction. This cessation and the reduction of the earth’s population will make the resources to accomplish it all more available. The abandonment of property and goods will be substantial worldwide and all will be put to good use.

“As an illustration of how the earth will heal itself: When Mt Pinatubo in the Philippines went off it was nearly four years until the worst violent activity subsided. To show the scope of just the damage from that one Volcano, it was estimated that in only six months of erupting, more noxious effluent was outgassed, then was equaled by mankind's total pollution and damage suffered by the earth from the time of the start of the industrial revolution in the mid 1800’s until the end of the 1900’s and all the wars. That huge amount of pollution from that one volcano in only six months was eventually buffered and absorbed in a few years by the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean where the prevailing winds carried it. There are at any one time over 1200, significantly active, volcanos on earth and multiple forest fires, showing the healing properties of precipitation and dilution by the huge volume of the earth’s atmosphere. Man’s pollution, multiplied and exerbated by the gross overpopulation, coupled with all else is tipping the scale to dangerous levels of besmirchment.

“My purpose in this lesson today is the review of possible and even likely unfolding of the Mission interventions.  Local beginnings will always be the usual progression of the healing and reconstruction work. Ideas used and found successful locally will be communicated to the beginnings of local efforts all over. Marshaling the national resources and leadership will come next for the widespread organizational coordination. Minimizing the old way of tribal isolation, will be encouraged. Open and free borders will be the norm from now on as much as possible. All nationalities will be equally embraced in the new Magisterial Administration, so a blurring of old loyalties and prejudiced elevation of racial specialness will go by the wayside. A world view of the universality and superiority of mixing and truly esteeming all varieties of humans as fully enfranchised with the whole will be the outlook of all before long.

“Adam and Eve directed and inspired educational methods and actual brick and mortar schools will fit like a glove with the worldwide refurbishing efforts. The curriculums will change rapidly as the circumstances warrant, being extremely fitting and responsive to prepare and inform as is needed, conforming to the local needs in any area. As we mentioned before this will be a commiseration and cooperative melding with existing schools to be careful not to harm or diminish good methods, quality infrastructure, equipment and ideas already extant.

“Existing school instructors, professors and administration will be kindly related to with a slow amalgamation tolerated and worked with as we understand the human need for a period of adjustment so there is harmony and not confrontation, letting patience and time bring all along eventually to the enlightened Magisterial direction. When an existing organization is respected and made collaborators, allowed to have input and say at every turn and the resources to ameliorate any physical needs at hand, the changeover is even more rapid.

“All over, as if we didn’t have enough to contend with, in certain areas there will be enormous anomalies of the physical landscape requiring temporary roads and stop gap bridges until more resources can be brought to bear.  New bodies of water will however provide easier access to many devastated areas of human occupation, providing a boon in that way. All areas and peoples interacting with the new administration will see a generous kindliness that will warm and inspire feelings of cooperation for the task at hand.

“In all areas of outreach, regular social get-togethers will be absolutely mandatory as operational contingencies in the way of policy. This brings about the communicating of the new friendly, trustworthy and reasonable way that everything will be done. This fosters acquaintance and friendship above most anything else, to make all the work and projects attempted of a most conciliatory, amicable and congenial nature. The rigor of a wartime footing must be abandoned in this attempt worldwide to win the hearts and affections of all to the new societal paradigm. In the end this approach is even more efficient and effective then the approach of urgency under great duress.

“This is Califax. Thank you one and all for your attention and giving of yourselves more and more to that wholehearted and single minded putting of whatever the Father is doing first in your life and day. With warmth and family feelings of very happily working together, Domtia with Love…….”

End Discussion Forum-

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