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Author Topic: Califax, Study This, 11 March 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 151 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker, Califax
Subject: Study This
Category: Revelation, New and Old
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV. USA
11 March 2017, 20:22 Z

Transmitter: With love and appreciation for this life of being trained in the Forums for Magisterial Mission work, we are here Father. Thank You for the patience and enlightened guidance we all are getting as we respond and open to your inspiration. Is there some transmission and message you would give at this time?

“Yes there is Daniel. From the very beginning I would like to say that the subject of this lesson has to do with your understanding about revelation in general. This is Califax, with what I intend to be a wakeup call for all on the, TML discussion sites. The Urantia Book is the largest document of revelation of the modern time but the material in the Tmarchives and the postings on this site are approx. equal in volume to that material that could be classified as revelation, so in total we have approx. the equivalent of two U Book size volumes available for all of you to come to know at least by a first reading. This level of acquisition or exposition of new knowledge and material is an amount that would put all who do the work to cover it; at a level that would set you apart from the general public of Urantia like a doctorate would set a person apart from someone with a high school education.

“The material in the teaching mission archives is so diverse and wide-ranging, that as you study it, you would need to use judicious personal editing so to speak, to sift out the superfluous and out of date writings but in the end you will have a grasp of knowledge remarkable in it being a balanced account of how we on the Celestial side not only are dealing with Urantia and its mortals but also quite a complete understanding of much of Urantia’s history, of how ascension works, how The Father so effectively mentors all with the Adjusters, but also a beginning acquaintance with a couple hundred at least, of celestial Family members, all the way from the awesomely colorful and faithful Midwayers, other diverse Angels, to administration workers of dozens of levels and orders to, ascenders on the mansion worlds and the highest Representives from Paradise, Havona and the headquarters spheres listed below for your review, of:

“Super Universe 7’s, Orvonton’s, Uversa, [Approx. 1 trillion Inhabited worlds], Minor Sector, Ensa’s, Uminor the III rd. [approx. 1 Billion Inhabited Worlds], local Universe, Nebadon's, Salvington, [Approx. 10 Million Inhabited Worlds], The constellation of Norlatiadek’s, Edentia, [approx. 100,000 inhabited worlds], and Local Star system, Satania’s, Jerusem, [approx. 1000 inhabited worlds].

“You could say another name for this lesson would be “Study, Study, Study.” When any of you encounter those on this forum who have personally put in the work and applied themselves to this most rare and valuable treasure trove of knowledge [the Urantia Book and the tmarchives] you are struck with the knowledgeable answers, mature understanding and invaluable correct perspective that cuts through the fog when most any subject is broached. Perhaps nothing is so powerful and influential as an accurate statement that rings with authority and is the truth about some subject that can be found and quoted if necessary.  

“From here on in, your mission work, your primary value and use is the; ‘one on one’ relating with, in the end, what will be thousands, that will literally have their life redirected and inspired by the things that come out of your mouths in kind and pertinent conversations that cut to the chase. A lot like Jesus conversation with the woman at the well that was such a powerful catalyst that eventually her passionate account, turned many in her village to be deeply changed and dedicated followers. This powerful level of articulate and highly educated conversational ability, coupled with wisdom and love, comes by one thing mostly, besides the Adjusters guidance and that is: putting in the work, to cover the material.

“We are persons with integrity, love, empathy, compassion and mercy, but all that needs the icing of thorough education providing substance that reinforces our authoritative office as a teacher. Along with this framework of background knowledge was the powerful gift of intuition that told Jesus in a few seconds her life story and history. This is a part of spiritual maturing and comes with asking and desiring to have it.  This then provides the ability to tailor your words in conjunction to where the person is at this moment and now you can see how effective and powerful you will be in making a difference to those you will be placed in front of.

“This office as a MSM relationship specialist is likely one of the most joyful and satisfying on Urantia or anywhere that you could possibly enjoy and live. You will have duties of all types but your first and foremost as a liaison with the personalities you will encounter, those being brought to have a relationship with The Father, will be the most happily fulfilling. This is Trinity Teacher Son, Califax, as The Father and as Planetary Prince. Please archive this lesson in the TML category: Revelation, New and Old.  Thank you for beginning your work, now, to study and become familiar with as much of this material as you possibly can. Good day!

End Discussion Forum-

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