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Author Topic: Califax, Level of Service Aspired To, 9 March 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 261 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Califax
Subject: Level of Service Aspired To
Category: Announcements for all of Importance
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
9 March 2017, 19;56 Z

Transmitter: With love and joy to be here, able to listen and transcribe, I thank You Father of all for the training you are overseeing for us to more faithfully be able to be used for any communication regardless of its Celestial origin. In gratitude is there a lesson or message for all here in class today?

“Thank you, you can begin writing when you are ready. Daniel, this is an attempt to come to a new place of competency regarding clear transmission. When we come like this, there are several hurdles to overcome when talking to any mortal on Urantia at this time. The first is your undivided attention that makes all else fade into the background while we are speaking. The second is the clarity of our voice in your mind that comes more clearly with experience. The third is the disconnection of your self-interest that is by practice since birth, right on the edge of your consciousness. The fourth is the mindle connection that we develop over time by subtle changes to your brain and physical proclivities. The fifth is the maturity level concerning your humility and surrender to the office and task. The sixth is the work ethic you have garnered in a life time of being dependable and responsive to supervision and direction.

“There is another factor also, that I will call the pain threshold you have learned to endure, where any personal discomfort or outright suffering you can command to hold off in gratification or relief for a considerable time before collapsing in usability because that is all you can take. Every one of these factors can be enhanced simply by beginning and not saying uncle till you really have given it that old college try to the maximum of your ability. After you do all these things over and over all the while asking for help, moment to moment, considerable progress will soon be made. The other factor very important is the inner desire to accomplish this, and everyone we know of that has become competent has this burning desire for fulfilling this exact office and it is so pronounced that, job, family, pleasures, pastimes are a distant second. It is not unheard of to have your whole life take a nose dive in all the things above just because nothing is as sweet and joyful as the prospect of being used this way.

“To have all be compromised because of this quest you’re on is a fore gone conclusion and the loss of the former life is hardly noticed because of the overriding dream of being a T/R or other vital servant, in the service of Father and Father Christ Michael and the Magisterial Son’s. The chips fall and it looks like you have messed up royal and your finances are in disarray and behind and your social life is miniscule…..Why? Because you have this bright dream that you can be used in the Corrective Time as a truly accurate and reliable T/R person or other functionary. Why would a person go to these lengths?  Primarily, you see with perfect clarity this is all real, there is no doubt about the veracity of the Magisterial Sons Mission and the communications you see come through other T/R persons which you can simply not deny are authentic and on the level.

“Scattered amongst the training is enough off the wall and confusing receptions and doubtful statements that a rigorous mind set of forbearance must be fostered that is unfazed by such distractions put there deliberately to demonstrate the need for solidarity and steadfastness that would try a seasoned senior at the academy to the very core and quick of their heart. We have asked this before and we are saying this again; how can a person wanting to be an associate at York, be an effective servant when most of their time is taken up in a full time job? I know I have touched on a sore spot now. What it means is you may be giving up practically everything in your life as you know it now, similar to the first century Apostles, something they of course understood perfectly.

“Was this the type of dedication and sacrifice asked of regular disciples at that time? No it was not, nor was it asked of anyone. It was a personal matter that was freely given in overt dedication. However this level of consecration by anyone was certainly accepted appreciated and rewarded, if that level of involvement was exciting and thrilling to them. It is simply a matter of how much you would like to be involved. This is completely a faith issue. To cast yourself on the mercy of  The Father as far as your sustenance is concerned is very daunting, as very possibly your resolve would be tried right off by straight times of lack and necessity, not to mention the total rejection by your spouse and family.

“This type of challenge and gauntlet being thrown down is of no worry to anyone since no castigation of any type would ever be brought to anyone's attention. This is being blunt as to the type of over the top single minded work conditions that would be the normal life of those who would be associates in close collaboration and responsiveness right beside our physical leader in York Pennsylvania. There is plenty of work to be done right now to occupy your day almost full time: cover the papers 103 through 118 and become conversant with that material. Read repeatedly the sustainablelity document by Daniel Raphael. Get to know and be nurturing to as many as you can on the and TML websites. Be active in nurturing all you can by posting on the Forum Websites, Continue to practice with careful dependable punctuality and reliability your times to worship and for developing competency in receiving Celestial messages. Cover more thoroughly the Tmarchives material; review the areas of the current Urantia Book you are fuzzy on, for starters.

“What about your income necessary to keep body and soul together if you are not retired with a pension? The rich young ruler was commissioned to sell all he had and give it all to the poor and come and follow Jesus, [leave everything and come] [as he had said enthuasticly how excited he was and how much he wanted to help the apostle's and be a part of the work]. When they told him the truth about the level of commitment they were suggesting, he wasn’t ready for that kind of all out capitulation. There are two levels of service being discussed here: (1- Top level service of unusual requirements and: (2- regular supportive discipleship requiring only reasonable sacrifice while going about a normal life of a full time job and family responsibilities.

“This is a message to the choir who have come on for the duration, claim they want to give their all in much more effortful service and now I am reviewing the requirements for this choir to do its rather strenuous job for the congregation. Much of the congregation came to hear if they want to be a part of this special service opportunity and most are not expected to be of the maturity, where they are able to do the many hours of practice and work the choir requires. If a person has to deliberate long and hard about how much you would like to give and attempt, good, but it is totally clear and without question, there is a fearlessness and courage present, for those destined to have a much more demanding part in the Magisterial Sons Mission.

“The faith to come and follow Jesus is just there and is not an issue they have to agonize about. In the end this is a subject about level of service that you aspire to.  This is an unheard of level of service for ones of such youthfulness and inexperience, yet it is all true and of utmost rarity and value. This opportunity cannot be seized by only minimal consecration. Can you catch the vision?  

This is Califax, your Planetary Prince; looking for a few good men and women! A good day to all.

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