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Author Topic: Califax, No Price Is Too HIgh, 8 March 2017, Daniel, Las Vegas NV. USA  (Read 136 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Califax
Subject: No Price is Too High
Category: Sustainability of Civilization
T/R: Daniel, Las Vegas NV. USA
8 March 2017, 18:20 Z

Scribe: Thank You Father, as you help us come with openness to hear whatever you may want to say about anything. Help us to have the humility of complete usefulness with no side issues of reticence concerning any possible request you may want. In confidence and trust is there a message you have to teach all of us with today?

“Yes Daniel, you can begin. This is Califax with the message about the latest happenings at York with Ron Besser that he wrote about yesterday the 7th of March 2017. The 400 page manuscript of the most prescient revelation that is in question, is a; ‘document to die for’ as they say in the fashion world about a new dress or outfit. It contains the heart and soul of the turnaround information calculated to most wake and motivate a jaded and sleepy humanity if anything will. The fact is that the established T/R persons who were contacted that are outside the world and were of the competence and alacrity to do that job flatly were blind as a post to what was being offered. Here they are, long time students and even pretty much masters of the old UB and in the crucial conversation asking for their help that you would think they would leap to begin to do free of charge without any hesitation, to pay any personal price to have the honor of being the pens and scribes for such a historically pivotal document and they miserably missed the boat.

“Why? They lacked humility and openness. Why was this the case after having their nose in the most catalytic book on earth for all these decades? Immersing their brains in the best I Q enhancer imaginable and yet missing such a critical lesson of the whole book: submission to The Father.  Anyway, where do we go from here? We go on like we always have done when failure is staring us in the face. We rebuild with as much energy and moxy as we can, to attempt again from a new angle to meet the challenge with unswerving determination to not be beat by this setback, to apply ever fresh reserves of firm conviction of eventual success! To have the enthusiasm of a youngster who doesn’t know what he or she is getting into but not caring, they trust the captain and it is enough, because of their joy at simply having the adventure.

“So we will go on now and we will decide what and how to do things. We have resurrected the phoenix before and we will do it this time also. No need for any pessimism because of the posting yesterday, this isn’t our first rodeo, I can’t tell you how it will all unfold, and that is saying a lot because I am the planetary prince. If anyone should know, I should know! But I do know that this is nothing that won’t be handled in a most wise and propitious way. You can be fully confident, you can now gird yourselves with the personal resolve that you will have the humility, [this is the missing quality that got us in this mess in the first place].

“What has happened so many times with individuals is that the personal costs [perhaps public humiliation, criticism that is not fair, being asked to step down from an office, being asked to take a back seat, having pet ideas rejected, not given honor they think they deserve, recognition was not forth coming after great personal effort, that kind of thing] was judged by them as too great. And they were gone, pulling back and withholding their service.  Usually the price they pay for this lack of faith and this reticence is a huge career set back that takes them a long time to work through, just to be back at the level of usefulness they were when the whole fiasco happened. That is not all the cost either. Yes they are in full good standing with the Father in spite of the hard lesson but it may be a long time until the outrageously rare and privileged opportunity is duplicated for higher service that they bungled by that lack of humility.

“Lucifer is a beautiful case in point. Father Christ Michaels appreciation of his faithful service had he pulled it off, would as you can imagine, had him in extremely honored and lofty positions of responsibility as time went on, perhaps even by now. He would have been on the top of the world, 500 K years hence approx. [a short time in the scheme of things] since those first thoughts of being bad done by, first entered his mental take on his reality. Instead the career was wrecked. Even then he could have saved himself by humbly starting over, an opportunity he was offered several times.

“Now even the “Sustainability and Planetary Management” document, undeniably a fabulous work by Monjoronson, is being compromised and delayed if not stopped completely in usefulness, by what missing ingredient? Humility. Never mind, as disheartening as it is the sacrosanct free choice issue will not be breeched. We will go on to success in the face of these challenges that are sufficient to choke a rhino. The story being written by the Corrective Time effort will have millions highly educated and fortified forever as they shake their head in wonder at the amazing twists and turns much stranger than fiction in bringing this to fruition. A thousand lessons of wisdom placed before future students will make all this trouble worthwhile.

“This is Califax, Planetary Prince for the duration, Trinity Teacher Son, of the Sautur order, coming with this lesson that is meant to bring you along in maturity. These happenings taking place, right before your eyes of the intransigence of pride, of the failure to field a transmission team from a group of 7 billion, of the need for longer training and perhaps beginning over to duplicate the Sustainability treatise, that was and is so fitting for the beginning we hoped to commence immediately. We can still use it for your training but how ridiculous, to have this happen now. Stay glued to the set, as they say, no group on earth [some come close] are of the usefulness of all of you here at, in the near future for the Magisterial Sons Mission. Can you ride out the twists and turns? I am confident you can! With nothing but good feelings of appreciation and love. Yours in service, Califax!

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