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Author Topic: Margul, Families With Children, 7 March 2017 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 131 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Margul
Subject: Families with Children
Category: Sustainability of Civilization and Life
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV. US
7 March 2017, 21:05 Z

Transmitter: Thank You Father of all for the relationship of son and daughter and the fact we can look to the future with confident hope in the final result and that is working together forever in an expanding family with only love and acceptance as you guide us to take up our place in satisfying service. Would you have a teaching or some communication for all those training and working in the Magisterial Sons Mission?

“Yes Daniel I do! This is the one known as Margul. You can say first that I never thought in a thousand years we would be privileged to have such a close and intertwined relationship with all of you here. When we relate to humans or mortals of any kind on the Mansion worlds it is enormously different because they are now removed from their first life setting. We hear about how it was, but now in this case we actually see you as you move about your lives’ and do the things you do to survive. It’s highly educational for us now to work with you while you are still in close association and immersed in what we consider an environment of danger sometimes and also an environment where the negative attitudes, energies and actions of much of your own contemporaries color everything.  It makes you put up your defenses even for an excursion to the store, ready at any moment for an interaction that may require an effort on your part to turn the circumstances toward positivity, kindness and selflessness.

“Truthfully we had no idea of the difficulties you faced almost every day and along with that is the struggle that most have with some less than perfect physical condition or some malady that is in sharp contrast to the joy and comfort physically that is the norm on the Mansion worlds. There is the need to be wise and watchful as an open innocent and unassuming approach invites you to be taken advantage of by your society as they in a somewhat predatory manner are on the lookout for that person they can take unfair profit from. Another thing that was an amazing eye-opener to us was the amount of time almost everyone spent and believed firmly they must spend, just to have shelter, food, transportation, health maintience, savings and to pay for family education  

“It is not true, but it is felt and acted on by almost everyone that the quality and opulence you can enjoy is about the only measure of your value and is worth almost any sacrifice in time and even health. To live in very modest and much less expensive rural circumstances so that much more time could be spent in family activities and spiritual study and service to others is looked as foolish, lazy and of little value. Meanwhile the approx. 50 years of the usual work life is spent in arduous pursuit of the lifestyle that gives a home of spacious comfort and extra income to be used for pleasurable pursuits having nothing to do much with spiritual development or service aimed at enhancing societal and environmental advancement. It is thought to be normal and perfectly okay to be utterly self-absorbed with time consuming livelihood and pursuits and hobbies of no redeeming value concerning world civilization.

“The years of child rearing in most families on Urantia, sees an overextended, strenuous, lengthy day with a long commute required. Their work is with jobs outside the home by both mom and dad just to keep ahead financially.  This has the children often alone at home missing the parental interaction and on top of that, being irritable, exhausted partially present mentors when they are home. Mealtimes, prepared using food that is highly healthful takes a backseat to prepared fare with compromised food value and instead of the conversation and stimulating parental interaction the meal time is often before the entertainment device that limits the breadth of personal development, because it is comfortable and easy.

“All of these things you know very well and it is unnecessary for me to rehearse them for you, but for posterity I do it and below I will write choices we see only a small minority do at this time. Choices that take advantage of this physical life much more profitably. From now on, more and more, all over the world, [ I first want to talk in contrast to the typical home life I described above], there will be opportunities for families to reach out in a pioneer manner to the vast rural areas that will be settled slowly [to avoid far flung and isolated families], there will be easily found, small farm environments of the right size for maintaining some standard of living that, are below the middle class norm of today’s cities and their suburbs, but would be even more than adequate in comfort and spaciousness requiring much less money income, allowing the parental occupations that are necessary, to be home based at least during the years of childrearing.

“Many areas would be temperate enough to grow all your vegetables and food and to have small amounts of livestock using intensive gardening methods requiring very minimal time and even space for cultivation and subsequent canning and drying using the now much less labor intensive methods commonly known about. These single family enterprises of course have need for those myriad other commodities necessary for a normal physical life and these could be procured by barter or currency [earned from producing commodities off the land] in the farmers markets that would spring up to make this rural approach workable. Manufactured items not possible to make in the country setting would be at these markets and would be paid for by the excess produce now easily preserved for year round storage by ingenious, efficient methods requiring little investment or labor.

“The goal and reason for this more basic and rural lifestyle for child rising, is the far superior benefits of healthfulness and rounding of personality, in a close family unit of a life of more outdoor and physically demanding conditions. Education would be a combination of home schooling and organized public schooling, most of all, configured to provide much more time for the family together to work all of this out in their own personally managed kingdom. This would be in conjunction with an interrelated community functioning in a frame work of and by, reasonable religious practice consisting of mostly private worship and yet the local extension of The Fathers Temple would be present in any area of moderately numerous populations.

“Housing and buildings on these small family estates would be a combination of Inexpensive factory components and or the readily available inexpensive materials that would be different for any local area. When the emphasis is away from the acquisition model of accumulating as much surplus as possible at the expense of more balance in the use of personal time, the time that becomes available for the true values of life is substantial and highly rewarding in the ways thought to be worthless in today’s society. Most of this will have to slowly be taught and learned as the generations unfold for it requires much innovation, resourcefulness, and invention to make these small family units work.

“This again I mention is Margul, with more content for your appraisal as the days before the missions become visible to everyone, are few in number in my estimation. This description above of possible common family arrangements for those with children is only a general possibility as the exact details will be custom concerning the lands and possibilities. It does contain the heart of the spiritual aspects of family life that in truth were often part of Urantian pre-world war I family life of many millions that were nurtured by and that then ended with heavier soul value then we see in most places today. Thank you everyone as you consciously place yourselves in this classroom, choosing true value over trivial persuits! With Fatherly affection, I sign off for now. Good Day!

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