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Author Topic: Marloc, Your Role As Teacher, 6 March 2017 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 106 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Marloc
Subject: Your Role as Teachers
Category: Creator Son Michael of Nebadon
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV. US
6 March 2017, 18:47  Z

Transmitter: Without any doubt or wonder Father we are here with the intention to simply listen to whatever you might like to transmit as a message or teaching. Thank You for opening up these methods of speaking to us with the detail and clarity that you do. Is there a lesson or information you would have for all at this time?

“Yes Daniel, you can begin. This is Marloc speaking. The subject we will cover today concerns being a teacher but I’ll start by speaking to a related life condition. That is having enough to do the work and to maintain your life in the middle of quite a large part of the economic system in place, perhaps being severely interrupted. It may come down to you, in spite of your best efforts and planning ahead, coming to the point of a rock and a hard place with no funds available for what you need or no food in the house because your house is no more or you simply had to move suddenly and could not take all your adequate stores with you. No problem.

“What if, Even if you had the money there may be no food to purchase. This is the situation the widow and her small son were in, in the metaphorical story in the account in the old testament of the prophet Elijah coming to stay with them and because of the local famine; they had next to nothing for the foreseeable future. In that instance, I’m sure they would have worked but everyone else was in the same condition mostly and that possibility was as scares as the food they needed.

“This is where, when and if, that day and hour should come, that all the food is gone or only enough for one sparse meal is left, that the mind set and condition you would need is one of confidence in the face of no evidence that a solution is at hand. You would not be afraid to perish or to suffer prolonged fasting and you would face the unknown with the feeling of gracious over care being in place, although the usual timeliness appears to be missing. No need for desperate prayers beseeching  the heavens for relief as Father knows your needs before you ask. This is where in quietness and confidence you would go about your day, hour by hour not worried and expecting the solution to present its-self; and this is important! or not. It would be highly unlikely you would perish from hunger but it is not unheard of, yet that would take a couple weeks in most cases to become so weak you couldn’t at least function marginally if you still had water.

“I’m talking about this subject because although I severely doubt many of you would be asked to go to these lengths, as we need you up and running to work in the missions and no matter where you are there will be things for you to do to help right in your scattered location. This discussion is to bring the issue up and to think of what you would do for the reassurance and communicating to your neighbors the steps they could take to insure their being back in contact with God and to open up the relationship so help for them would be forthcoming from the spirit side. For an individual to be cursing God for their severe troubles, it would be understood, that they would be unable to look for supernatural help, but a small turn of even a little faith would be a sure opening for their receiving help for desperate times.

“Our assurances of the over care of God for his children would fit in perfectly here and it would be a very, very, rare case that even a little humility and trust would not be sufficient for their being rewarded, obviously, with at least a small amount of relief to be given for their continuing survival. These beginning baby steps of turning to the Father are opportunities of tremendous import, which will then carry them on to beginning to truly have a working relationship with God. Our Father after all, is allowing all these troubles just for this very opportunity. Difficulties will be of such magnitude and severity that turning to The Father will be seen as their only resort.

“We will see proud individuals of the “I did it my way” attitude down to the bitter end, perhaps perishing because of that very intransigence and yet these trials will do their work and will do a good job in trying the very most stiff-necked and will soften not a few. Our being there in their vicinity, [if they are lucky] will appraise them of this amazing individual [you] that is not phased in the least by everything, ‘going to hell’, in a handbasket.  They can’t figure out your confidence and how you seem to know what is going on. They are now very curious how you, in no uncertain terms, maintain the strong conviction that, regardless of what is happening, this is workable and how you could have this crazy seeming, assurance and lack of terror about what is happening!

“I think you can see the very happy opportunities you will have to be used in some of the most poignant and heart rending turn arounds in having the chance to encourage the beleaguered you may encounter, to begin to look to God for help. The loss of life, the extreme adjustment in life style, the uncertainty about the future is all explainable and can be presented in the light of the truth you all know thoroughly. Most of all, the sun being just behind the clouds of this most bitter times at the moment can be emphasized that there will be a sure turn for the better in many areas of the world almost immediately.

“The picture you can paint for anyone of the brand new enlightened society that is immediately coming and is even extent now in the beginning stages at a place called York, for starters, in what was eastern Pennsylvania, USA. Soon many other places will have small beginning outposts of the new way.  This is something they themselves can help to usher in before very long. With only the willingness to work they will be actively supported by a truly benevolent government administration under the one known as Jesus the Christ who had promised to return and now He has.  

“This alone will be one of your most effective ways to bring understanding of what is taking place. None of this will be consistently smooth. Difficulties at every turn will present themselves with the solidified public opinion and ignorance; formidable obstacles that will be overcome with a patient and accepting approach devoid of judgement. Your most potent tool of all is the relaxed spirit of outgoing love and concern coupled with service of many kinds, that cannot be faked for long, a love and service that is in such short supply. This is Marloc with this message of hopeful reassurance and some guidance as we get ever closer to these events. Thank you everyone for continuing to apply yourselves to this training as relief will come, we will not ask you to do more then you are capable of. With affection and appreciation, good day!

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