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Author Topic: Sentenact, Fusing At This Time, 5 March 2017, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 128 times)

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Teacher: Sentenact with Califax
Subject: Fusing at This Time
Category: Revelation, New and Old
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV. US
5 March 2017, 18:33

Scribe: Thank You Father for your continuous support, your love that is consistent, giving us rest and reassurance when all is uncertain but that. With the Corrective Time having begun now for many years, it is sure to continue the restoration of the evolutionary progress that has been sporadic or delayed. We have new hope; the long intended Teaching and Magisterial Missions will now do the work. With appreciation and confidence, happy for this opportunity, is there some lesson You would have us brought today?

“Yes you are free to begin transcribing when you are ready. This is Sentenact, with the subject of crossing the bar or reaching the level of conviction necessary for your fusing with your Thought Adjuster.  Now that it is possible and even intended for many of you to have that fusion experience at this time, look on it as something that very well may be coming before long. The relating with your adjuster will be the same, although with a new inviolate quality that gives a feeling of finality and safety.

“You know that your future is locked, in an official status of permanence, concerning your path, your standing in the Family, your category of ascender, being without doubt or question as to the outcome of finally embracing The Father. This factor of security and safety perhaps is the biggest happy catalyst to the enhancing of your usefulness. You no longer are in preliminary training to determine your worthiness for permanence but you have been declared permeant.

“The melding of The Father and You is without recourse now, you would have it no other way and the whole concept of the originally; animal and physical, now in full collaboration and union with the Father. It is now forever set in the inexorable Family dynamic containing the seed of empathetic mercy and love of all things, of both sides, physical and spiritual, of the real universe. This is then contained in an individual with free will; it is a creation reflecting astounding wisdom and utility.

“A being of uniformity of; kind, magnamamous, merciful character, but most everything else, is uniquely and refreshingly, comprised of all colors of the rainbow in varity and even quirkiness in an acceptable way. Anything else would smack of assembly line soldiers of tiring sameness. This in itself is a miracle of creation that has endless variety of personality that never fails to delight as our acquaintance of those who are our siblings, widens to infinity.

“Upon fusing, the individual will notice little difference from the month before but soon the connection, the beauty of the new certitude, does its work and the settling in for patient progress, has a new feel of comfort combined with an additional reverent appreciation for the enlightened plan that gifted you with such a previously unimaginable level of continuous happiness. You know, there is no circumstance for any conscious entity that could in anywise be improved upon.

“This is it, the epitomie, the apex, the final perfection of the reproduction idea, for the utmost creation of all time. With this; ‘being’ [You and The Father combined] it means functionaries and fellow family members, fellow creators, ad infintum, for a future far more glorious then we can imagine now, because of the factor of evolutionary innovation in a free society, the magnificent outcome, impossible to foresee or predict.

“Should you have this honor of fusing now, appreciate its true significance as a vanguard change in the evolution of ascendency policy. We are witnessing the unusual new approach, a contrast from eons of business as usual, to the more rapid cementing of your unchangeable, sincere intentions and the will of The Father. This is Sentenact, speaking in conjunction with Califax as We communicate this awesome and ground breaking fusing policy now taking place on Urantia. With boundless cordiality, benevolent will and affection for each of you, We wish you a profitable day!  Domtia…….”

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