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Author Topic: Califax, Communion With God, 3 March 2016 Daniel, L V NV. Us  (Read 122 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Califax
Subject: Communion With God
Category: The Universal Father
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV. US
3 March 2017, 18:32 Z

Transmitter: Our Father, thank you for the opportunity the Corrective Times gives all on Urantia, to now turn to you with a renewed focus on worship. By coming to you and giving time in reverential devotion for listening to Your Spirit, we can begin a friendship that will see us personally embracing You in the far future. Would You have some teaching or message for all being trained here on the Serara Forum?

“Yes Daniel, you can begin typing. This is Califax and I am charged to discuss the subject of transcendental meditation as popularized in the western world by Paramahansa Yogananda.  Transcendental means; ‘related to the spiritual or nonphysical realm’. He taught his devotees an austere method of meditation based on the long Hindu traditions where the crossed leg sitting with back straight and a concerted intention for mindlessness and quietude to bring yourself to that place of undivided devotion. It does show respect to have these type disciplines, but the truth that The Father cares not a whit about our posture and only our sincere giving of time in devotion is necessary to catch his attention. The giving of our most precious commodity as a brief time creature is interpreted by Him irregardless of our spiritual maturity and knowledge or track record as a gesture of the most sincere type of love.

“He responds then through the aspect of himself, given to every person of some intelligence, that we know as the Thought Adjuster. With renewed enthusiasm and attention, his spirit entity now moves to take action that translates to a noticeable enhancing of our spiritual understanding and even motivation toward spiritual things. Just this simple action triggers the upward movement of any of us and then is continued and accelerated by the regular continuation of this loving gesture toward Him. Yogananda taught, the more the better, when it came to his type of meditation.

“Except the beginning student sometimes went overboard in zeal by practically spending most of the days in meditation, it was rare for this to become a way of life as the understanding soon came that a life of mostly action and service, practicing and learning in practical application was superior for spiritual development to the single minded devotional path. However in some instances this monk like existence where a one track focus, a setting of consecration and surrender, for some time, [which then would coalesce into so much time being less necessary], was often a fulcrum for balanced growth later, as a life was experienced.

“From what was set as a sterling example by Father Michael as Christ Jesus, His practice was a taking of opportunities as chance presents itself, to get away privately at many odd times throughout the day and week.  For even a few minutes, to turn toward the source of all, as a refreshing resetting of the dynamics of any circumstance. It releases and invites Divine help and advice with the open admission of our inarguable need for assistance.

“We do come to the place where our attunement with all things spiritual is so intrical and intimately constant that it is truly second nature to be in communion every moment, but as Christ demonstrated, we still jump at the chance to spend even more dedicated and intimate time where we are learning to communicate openly through thought, with our Adjuster, but also with other spiritual personalities, siblings as it is, that we have come to know from on the job experience by name and history.

“Every day as you circulate, you will more or less constantly have a decision to make about the handling of a relationship or responsibility or an exercise of power such as spending money or deciding assignments or allotting of your personal time, or of associates or family, that requires wisdom at every turn. This we do now, joyfully realizing the boon of high advice and guidance. In the middle of all this you will be allowed to make mistakes and now we understand that this punctuates the point in very memorable terms we now have as an invaluable gift, [dependable and reliable character, similar to The Father], set as a permeant part of us for all time.

“This high advice and guidance at first looks like a feeling that will be clearly felt where an aversion to taking some action is unmistakable or conversely a feeling of elation and joy accompanies the contemplation of doing something and we come to separate the selfish egoic impulse from the sincere serving impulse that becomes our true nature. This gradually eventuates into a truly one on one conversation that is as real and natural as speaking to your spouse or neighbor and manifests as a clear still small voice or almost audible thought, that is the long anticipated highlight of many moons, with your adjuster [and you]! This begins a time of almost unbelievable happiness as so many questions can be asked and instantly answered by The Father, personally within. Now a relationship continues on a level never to ever again be less, or as mundane as before.

“So there you have it, one and all, the path you all will traverse or have already traversed that is the status quo for ascending mortals. At the right time and moment the fusing of yourself with the impersonal Father fragment, a being of total transendenity, love, wisdom, inexhaustible experience, colorful creativity, and instant responsive betrothed like embrasure, of all you now desire and want will become one with you!

“You have been promised because of the highly providential nature of the happenings here on Urantia, possibly, many, many, of you, contrary to past Universe Administration practice will fuse now in this life time, right here on Urantia, as a most helpful and propitiously useful addition to your service as associates in the MSM.

“This is Califax with so much happiness and joy to be associated and leading, side by side with your local Father and Creator Son and Monjoronson and Serara, with in these historic developments. Thank You, my much loved team in development, the Teaching Mission stalwarts of Corrective time and Mission tasks just before us. For now, Domtia…. until we meet again.”

End Discussion Group-

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