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Author Topic: Mansonloran, Balanced Perspective, 2 March 2017, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 110 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker, Mansonloran
Subject: Balanced Perspective
Category: Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV. US
2 March 2017, 21:26 Z

Writer: Thank You Father of all, for our being placed here with such clear evidence of your hand in all the details. This validates and gives us impetus for more direct response to You as we leave behind the old personal life. Thank You for inspiring these communications! Is there one you would have for all at this time?

“You can begin writing Daniel. I feel it is important to say at this time some things l wanted you all to know. This is Mansonloran speaking for Father Christ Michael. We have entered a critical time [as they all have been] where we intend with the strongest conviction to carry through the public announcement of Jesus Christ physically on this earth coming through the public media in a unmistakable, highly authoritive, truly professional and even shocking [in a good way], with a delivery that will be the premier video of all time where “going viral” will have new meaning and it will reflect in the lore of Urantia for millennia much like the recorded speech’s since 1900. These are poor comparisons but it will have a permanent place of such as Churchill’s before the American congress saying that as long as GB and the US stood together in unity no task would fail and Kennedys “ask not” speech that set the tone for American service ethic.

“The timing of such an announcement is of utmost utility and we have attempted this exact scenario so many times before. All we can say is that it will be a surprise.  A wise person will look back later and see the signs between the lines in hindsight but it is unique and must be decided more or less on the spur of the moment by The Father although the general time is known somewhat by the team poised to take so many actions immediately after the most telling event in our history takes place. We are confident and even sure that this attempt is it, but as you know, a slew of very helpful ramifications  accompanied the previous delays that then allowed important earthly circumstances to be more ready and fitting that none of you know about. One of the most valuable was the vetting of those identified as ones who had a depth of sincerity and commitment only such a disappointment would clearly identify.

“The carnage of the ongoing wars and the onerous slavery going on with the traffic in humans of all ages and gender, the oppression economically of almost everyone, the accelerating loss of life forms to pollution and unchecked development, the increased sickening of Urantia’s population,  by the industrially produced food supply tampered with for profit, the despoiling of the arguably most precious items on earth [the oceans and the soil to raise crops] the overfishing and hunting of wild life to extinction, that is impossible to regulate because of no united worldwide administration with the teeth to inforce conservation.

“On balance though and this may be hard to take for some, you have to realize the tectonic adjustments will bury underwater some of the finest of earths crop lands and forests, and the pollution and despoiling of vast tracts of arable land by hundreds of newly active volcanoes will all be far worse than the human damage and degradation caused by irresponsible human mismanagement for thousands of years. The ruining of agriculture areas by humans, despoiled  by chemical use of  herbicides, insecticides and unbalanced chemical fertilizer usage or even the radioactive poisoning of vast areas by accidents or outright sabotage is only one small cause and part of most of the damage we will have to heal.

“It is highly urgent for the process of resetting and remaking of everything to start as soon as possible and ending the egregious suffering of billions now, but the hard truth is that the seismic and volcanic disturbances will make the mess the earth is in from human irresponsibility appear minor. This is a huge cataclysm that is coming on the earth and the balanced view of it by you, the inner circle, where we pull few punches as to its severity and extremely problematic nature.

“When all is said and done, by my speaking bluntly like this, hopefully, I can help the reality to be more fully understood as we begin to have you wrap your minds around the job we will be doing. One example: The effluent from the typical volcano is full of heavy metals and poisons of all kinds that is then spread over a huge area, blocking sunlight, widely distributed in a hazing worldwide, by the jet stream currents, causing a cooling and mini ice age to affect other areas also now unusable simply from the cold and frost. We are talking very great problems and loss of life.

We hear your unfeigned prayers and sighs for relief but to put this all in perspective, as bad as things are, we haven’t seen anything yet, when you take into consideration the tribulation as it has rightly been called in prophecy, now to come about over much of the earth. The larger perspective I am attempting to appraise you all of, is to give you balance as the human workers that we are sharing information with, as much as we wisely can.

“The slow seeming, actionable and visible taking of the reigns of the new Magisterial Mission administration, is all on track and we are sincerely doing the very best with all our wisdom, that we can for the Earth. This is Mansonloran, with your service and faith duly noted in probably the most challenging conditions every encountered by a human contingent such as yourselves. The sheer perseverance we are asking is remarkable and my desire is to have you know you will make it through, and can look back on something rare and very appreciated by The Father and your local Sovereigns. Sincere regards, Domtia, with joy.

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