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Author Topic: Califax,The Writing is on the Wall 23 Febuary 2017 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 135 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Califax
Subject: The Writing is On the Wall
Category: The Universal Father
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV. US
23 February 2017, 18:03 Z

Scribe: Thank You Father for life and your friendship, always offered and available. Inspire and guide the message delivered at this time with the love and wisdom that without fail is evident in all you do. Is there a teaching You would like to have transmitted?

“Yes there is, please begin writing. This is Califax with the latest message for all reading, following and being trained as those first mortals to be helping in the Magisterial Sons Mission known as the Monjoronson, Serara led, effort. This, purposely for the Corrective time, under Creator Son, Father Christ Michael, Co- Sovereign of the local universe of Nebadon with Mother Creative Spirit Nebadonia. In conjunction with the new teaching mission and now actually in and counting as part of the 6th epochal period on Urantia.  

“My message is one of letting you know that the actions of Jesus to take place almost immediately are just as he forecasts. What does that mean for all of you? It means this; those who look askance at the leadership of Ron Besser are in for a rude comeuppance. I mean those who actually have the temerity to question The Father in his choice for Mortal leader of the physical contingent of the Magisterial Sons Mission are literally left out in the cold as far as being an associate of his. Forget it.

“You might if you start this instant to eat humble pie in great quantities, be able to reverse the flow of the Universe as you have left the most amazing and important thing in the world, to you as a human at this time, go by the way side in a refusal to put this opportunity first in your lives.  You actually thought your job was the most important thing in your life. Can you imagine that?

“Repeatedly it was suggested to please cut down to half time or there about in your livelihood and step out in faith for your supply, so you could spend much more time doing this Mission work. To cut back in your living standard to make time for this work to demonstrate your allegiance and faithfulness. Would you do it? Now the start is on your door step and what can you do to do a 180 and thus still work for the Missions? It is still not too late but it is 11:55 pm.

“You actually thought your health was the most important thing in this life, pursuing the solution to some physical malady you have, over the clear request in the most urgent terms to please spend time with the task we gave you to do. But no, you believed against all the evidence to the contrary that you must first become healthy.  How about a better strategy we see in our leader, being most of the time highly incapacitated and painfully hobbling, through hazy vision literally, to the work desk to do some request placed before him.

“How quickly do you think your health challenges would be fixed and ameliorated if you truly put Christ Michael’s requests first and give only cursory and rudimentary efforts that you even neglect, in favor of jumping to Christ Michaels requests? You have full confidence in the ability of the healing power of our God! The bodily troubles, all are a far second and third priority effort on your part since you have your priorities straight. Can’t you see you were called and placed on this training forum with all your physical challenges intact just to see how sincere your humility and how deep your Agondonter faith was before Christ Michael? Responding to Father and Mother in spite of highly difficult circumstances you had to work around physically.

“Is being an associate on the leadership team at York Pennsylvania a minor functionary position requiring only a little faith and trust? It is not. It is a high and lofty position of great responsibility. Almost to a person those on this list are intended to work full time eventually at York, but only upon your humble response especially to your immediate mortal supervision.  Before that takes place, the opportunity is null and void and you may be left on the wharf.

“Days on end go by with lots of you, not even showing up for class by reading [not skimming] the postings. Its common as we listen in, to hear disparaging comments about Ron Besser, he did this or he did that or how can that be when I know better. You probably do know better, it’s a test, of your thinking the best in spite of human fallibilities. How better for Us to see without a doubt, those loving and big enough to put up with a lot, in merciful forbearance, then to have the particular set up in place now in York! When you are corrected by Christ Michael or one of the Celestial leaders and they get the facts a little skewed, does it blow you out of the water in prideful outrage? Or; is your response one of humility and willingness to be quiet, until you understand. Do you reach the point of the straw that breaks the camel’s back; way, way, too soon?

“This is your Father as Califax now, with a little less kid gloves. Most of you are capable of the important changes requiring so much faith on your part to demonstrate your unmistakable priorities. This moment is a lot like the time in the banker’s office when you sign the contract for the farm. By that signature you become inextricably tied [you can be released by default and failure] to the primary enterprise of your life. You sign with no trepidation what so ever, because, you are committed! This is spoken in love and confidence in each of you! Domtia and God speed.
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