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Author Topic: Margot on Personality, Humour and Relations  (Read 154 times)

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Margot on Personality, Humour and Relations
« on: February 20, 2017, 18:55 »

Eyes Only

Teacher: Margot
Subject: Personality, Humour and Relations
Category: Brotherhood of Man and Citizenship in the Universe
T/R: Sue Whiley/7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 21/02/2017 7.42am(AEDT) 8.42pm(GMT)

“How wonderful you are, each with your own gifts and talents, your personality is unique to yourself. There is no two of you alike, although we are of one Spirit and we share the common thread of love, of understanding and camaraderie. There is that part of you that is so specially characteristic that you own and that is you, your personality with all your own mannerism, quirks, humour and charm, that naturally originates from your life’s experience grown out of your relations with your loved ones, your numerous dealings with your fellow folks, be they workers, bosses, teachers, students, friends and siblings.

“Your interactions with others have shaped your character, your manner and prose as if you are fitting in with all that presents to you to respond to in the attitude that fits the occasion. No doubt, your humour breaks the ice and enables a more relaxed and malleable relation to ensue in order for a better way in dealing with matters that concern those involved. Too many times one can be too serious and take it to the extreme when another one will break it with one jab of a joke that lightens the mood and makes the interchange more fun to poke with and see more sensibilities at work in a given situation.

"You are adept with this and it is all too easy to have a serious moment when it is even harder to break the monotone with an abrupt smile and see a different shade than before. In all, humour has a way with enabling a more graceful interlude to infect an affection and a softer tone to an otherwise stiff and rigid exchange.  Laughter is the good medicine and we all need it more often than not. To see the funnier side of things is a graceful way to help foster coping mechanisms in what can be a rather stressful mode for most to be in.

“This is truly an interesting take on how each of you come to the table in the manner in which you choose, for some you are sincere and truly poignant, to others you bring your charm and wit and this can indeed compliment and enhance the exchange and it is also a wonderful thing to cement such interchanges with a solemnity of thought that rings true and is heartfelt for all to cherish and enjoy that moment with a smile that makes your heart sing with joy.

“This is a lesson not only in humour, but in humility of your own personality in recognising the hearts and bones and truly the freaking aches that comes with it that we can all relate to one way or another. There is that common relatedness we all share and bond to, because at some point, we all have experienced what it is to feel that moment in which we share.

“This is a human prerogative to state the obvious that you do get to feel the intensity of pain, of hurt, of sorrow, of disappointments, of all that life throws at you and it is that shapes and forms your personality that you are at this point in your journey. How you respond to life’s tragic and oftentimes funny moments is yours to choose and this characterises your perception and your motivations in relation to how it is you relate this with yourself and with others.

“Truly, it is when one has come to forgive oneself, learn to love oneself can this love be manifest in others as you understand what it is to forgive and love as you have unto yourself in order to see through the fog of the moment and know these moments will pass and you move on to the next obstacle or maze that life has a knack of presenting to you.

“No one knows it better than yourself as you are living it in the now, the very essence of choosing and living to survive another day. That is your human prerogative; it is in your nature to strive, to crawl, to learn to talk, to learn to walk, to learn to be a living working being as yourself. And it is also in your nature to discover your place with whom you came from, your Source of your being and it is your joy to find the identity of your beingness in the One who is also a personality and is truly like you in every way and much more. The I AM is very much imbedded in you with His fragment of His own personality that wraps up who you are in relation to your origins and to your destiny as children of the Universal and Infinite I AM.

“No matter who we are, be it human, angel or Sons and Daughters of God, we are all His children and it is in this great identity of personality that we spontaneously relate and respond to as you are so naturally inclined in your life to do and this continues on into eternity.

“This is a lesson in personality with whom we are all as one as He is one and infinite in all that is in creation by his infinite wisdom and creative love.

“You ask who is the author in this treatise and Margot keeps coming to your mind and so let this be as your remarkable ability to pick up the signature of those who come to you is a fine tune you have this morning Sue.  Welcome back and may we continue on in the many lessons we have to get busy on in imparting what is to be read by a large audience that will soon be hungry and thirsty for more of the spiritual insights that we are more than happy to be imparting for the purpose of spiritual edification, upliftment and joyful engagement in learning and growing in spirit and in love.

“We are here, we are the Telos and I come as one with the Telos who we are as a collective representative of the Infinite Spirit, the Eternal Son and the Universal Father, we deal on a human level as that is our prerogative from the Father in connection with the low creatures of Time and Space that require the familiarity in which we are tasked to obtain and share with the Father who in turns sees all and knows all in all that we do with his creation in experiential beings as you are the children of God the Supreme.

“We will be in touch Sue and we look forward to more dialogue and discussions like these in the coming days, months and years as long as it takes to impart what needs to be known by the large numbers of your population that will flock to hear these spiritual inputs of thought.

“I wish you a good day and know that we are a thought away from you and it comes as you are so given to the natural inclination of being in awe of the many who so lovingly share of themselves on the Serara Forum and it heartens you to know what a gem each one of your brothers and sisters are in the light of grace.  And so they are, my dear and it is a joy to see your heart change to embrace the uniqueness of character in each little petal, each little flower and each little leaf that matters in the Father’s garden. You all matter and it is with a heart as big as a sun to warmly embrace each one and feel you belong to as I do to you.

“This is a good long one you agree and you thoroughly enjoy this exchange and I am delighted to know we can get this in writing with ease, it is your strength to write and we will get you to do more soon enough, my dear.

“Know that Jesus is due to come and he will cement it well what has to be and we will all know the wherewithal of Urantia from that day on forward as your population will soon see the truth in his words and will fold into the care of his words and the words of the Paradise Sons who are tasked to bring much righteousness that is necessary for all to receive.

“I leave it there for now and I look forward to working with you Sue in the coming days when you are good to sit and write what so tickles you that I am only a breath and thought away and before you know it, we join hands to get this down in writing for all eyes to see.

“Shalom my friend, we will meet again!”

End. (8.45amAEDT and 6 pages in my notebook)

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