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Author Topic: Califax, My Feeling For You, 20 Feb. 2017, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 127 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Califax
Subject: My Feeling for You
Category, Universal Father
T/R Daniel Alderfer, L V NV. US
20 February 2017, 19:14 Z

Transmitter: With a sense of timeliness unknown till now, we are here Father, with A humility and intention for a most responsive replication that must come from You Father. I am open and asking for a new selflessness and sensitivity to hear the inflection and attitude of Your heart that will then be clearly discernable to all reading these words. I’m asking for the indwelling and residing internally of yourself as the speaker, which is through the Spirit of Christ as you deliver this message. Thank You for this most rare and privileged opportunity to work now, this moment, in the Magisterial Sons Mission! Is there some message you would like to bring to all?

“There is Daniel. I hope that what I say here today will be long remembered. My intention is to speak from my heart as you requested above. This is Califax, and my heart is full and almost bursting with The Fathers will and intention at the very surface and the edge of my lips. The timing of everything is most ostentatiously pregnant with portent and meaning perhaps never in the history of Urantia as poignantly appropriate as this month unfolds. Hence my challenge is great, to communicate the truth of The Fathers feeling, love, interest, passion, conviction, and will for Urantia. I was personally sent to be The Father right here and now and that I can do very well and I am like you Daniel, very honored and privileged to be front and center at this moment.

“Our unfolding of the official and public beginning of the visible Magisterial Sons Mission is at hand and now the; take action or get off the throne moment has come. I know, speaking as the Father, that my convoluted path to this juncture was to you millions on hand, almost the trial of your life as you stood with bated breath, many, many times, in full submission and complete trust, after much effortful preparation, waiting for the bell to toll and then unceremoniously all commands to charge, were rescinded and the bridles were pulled and though the dream was still bright, now again it was put off and the coiled muscles of my army were relaxed to fight another day. We are now at that day My children!

“My purpose is to somehow let you know again in a way that is far from any hint of triteness of my most emotion filled and heart rending connection of strong familial love that I am in the most visceral way I know, through Myself as Califax expressing to you today. I Am reaching out with My arms personally as Califax, who again I state: is Me. I have, I know, trillions of worlds like Urantia which are my footstool, but this is different in a very special way. It is unique and treasured in a way never before experienced and never before in the same far reaching and invaluable reality, a place where reposits my most secretly useful item of value, that I have only begun to communicate.

“It is like you might take the crown jewels which are a large part of your wealth, of your estate and put it in a guarded vault to cherish as the epitome of your accomplishments in the realm of spiritual treasure’s, the dearest and most revered items of your exploits of an eternity past. This treasure to be taken out on the most prestigious state occasions and displayed as your absolute most central, most inner, most personal, emotion packed, central core of my being, as the Universal Father.

“What I am trying to say with words that are poor implements, as I pray the spirit intention and un-utterable attitudes of my innermost heart are clear and discernable by you my children, is that the triumph of my idea and real purpose of the Grand Universe is the loving character you see in the evolutionary life extant, now especially, on Urantia and the other rebellion planets. Even though it is evident in only the most pitiful minority imaginable on these planets, this enhances its pricelessness, rarity and purity of manifestation, especially in the face of the difficulties of the worthless soil it sprang from.  

“This jewel of accomplishment [loving character] that requires about a hundred adjectives to properly describe in all its richness and which also is the fruit of my primary idea of the partnership with animal and spirit exemplified in the typical finaliter, still this master stroke of creation [a mature Divine being like Myself] has a here to fore unseen richness of appearance in those rigorously exercised and purified individuals [although far from finished] through this most unlikely environment of the difficult dysfunctional societies of rebellion. Another way to put it is; that you, these individuals, have qualities of certitude of allegiance, which is so refreshingly genuine and unalterably fixed it takes my breath away. And this in ones barely dried off and put in swaddling clothes, just fresh from the birth canal.

“This is Califax as The Father, loving you in the best way I know how, in this moment of crucial propitiousness with words to settle deep in your heart, in a love ballad for all time, as you ascend to me in Paradise. Now, warmest friendship and close communion to you all. Sincerely, your Father!”

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