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Author Topic: Margul, Strength of Triune Admin.11 Feb.Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 234 times)

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Teacher: Margul
Subject: Strength of Triune Administration
Category: Revelation from the Paradise Trinity
T/R: Daniel Alderfer
11 February 2017,21:07 Z

Scribe: With openness and willingness to be used in anyway Father, Thank You for the Corrective Time and the privilege and opportunity of this training and this work. Is there a lesson to be transmitted at this time?

“You can begin writing at any time; this is Margul, Trinity Teacher Son. We are looking for you to receive verbal messages. You have been working for three days driving truck and now if you would; get back to working on improving your skills in the audio receiving. The speeding ticket you got two days ago reflects on your laid back approach to almost everything. The concentration and focus takes too much effort. You put out just enough effort to get by. These things will fall away as you mature into something that takes whatever you do, an exercise in carefulness of execution.

“That leads us to our subject that I want to cover, that I will entitle; new revelation about the Paradise Trinity. Trinity Teacher Sons like myself are used as hands on extension of The Father. Whenever there is some task that requires some particular finesse that we have been trained to handle, off we go to save the day. In this case working for the Corrective Time as direct teachers, delivering more up to date understanding to all and responding to specific times and places that require exposition or coordinated support the Creator Sons might need.

“There is in everything we do sacredness, a special setting apart for a holy purpose that is reflected in our close connection to The Father in communication and spiritual unity. I as Margul am charged as only one of my responsibilities, to bring to this dispensation a much more extensive and comprehensive understanding of all the Paradise Trinity is and does. Through friendships and long association we work with the Paradise Trinity in ways almost past finding out but that is my task, to in these teachings contribute to the enlightenment of all. There is something known as triunities that goes hand in glove in any task we are doing to meld all the involved parties. Simply put, Triunities are teams tailored with three individuals especially for the accomplishment of what the Paradise Trinity has in mind concerning some challenge The Father wants to address.

“The principle of working with triune teams is throughout the Universe in everything The Father does for all areas of administrative top leadership. You will come to understand the full wisdom of a decision making and problem solving team comprised of three. They together working to understand and then execute with supervision what is needed to be done. Brand new to your understanding is the concept of trirugulation, where Trinity upon Trinity is in concert from Paradise to the time and space, mortal grass roots level.
[Scribe: I got the idea clearly that trirugulation was the word intended and was a new word to fit the usage.]
“In a bridge framework made of steel supporting a highway, railroad or conduit, the strength and rigidity of a span is achieved by judicious and sufficiently sturdy, interlocking triangles, laced in such a way that for any point requiring the supporting of weight or tensile strength, the triangles of steel or other material, transfer evenly the load, distributing it along the length to finally be supported on each end where the weight of the span is delivered to the abutments to be finally absorbed by the ground with a foot print large enough to handle the stress. Similarly from Father to final point of extension, is triune leadership of sufficient gravity or composition to fully deliver His will and intention.

“More I want to explain is the relationship between the various triune groups. It is a unique, rarefied interrelating that is fitting for them alone and which they only understand. It is a method of administration of great dependability and solidity the very essence of which is wisdom, understanding and mercy that can be trusted to deliver The Fathers will and intention. Triune responsibilities are especially heavy and dense with the level and composition of decisions required in the category of Paradise level perfection, fidelity and rightness. Those composing Trinities are of numerous types of beings but all are of exceptional preparation and are those with extensive extra experience and unusual power.

“Before I end this teaching for this time, let me speak to coming to decisions with three persons weighing in to decide. In the discussion involving the matter at hand, three give a balancing interaction which more readily has truth triumph. Unanimous consensus must take place to resolve any issue and however long it takes; three give a balance that is hard to match with a lesser number. This explanation about the use, strength and wisdom of triune teams is for the record, and is to be categorized under; “Revelation for the Paradise Trinity” in the TML archives. This is Margul, good Day!”

End discussion forum-

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