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Author Topic: Califax, Now is The Time, 5 Febuary 2017 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 173 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Califax
Subject: Now is The Time
Category: Monjoronson, Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV.
5 February 2016, 20:00 Z

Penman: Our father, with happiness at being part of the Magisterial Mission, of relaying what, you, our celestial teachers want us to know, in a spirit of cooperation and humble responsiveness, we are here in open, total agreement, full of trust and looking on this as training. Is there a message you would have transmitted today?

“Yes, the specific thing I would like to speak about today is regarding the subject of; ‘benightedness” the whole world is in a state of the benightedness. It means to be “overtaken by darkness, existed in a state of intellectual and moral and social darkness, unenlightened’. To state it simply and plainly, our mission and job is to turn this around. This has been done to a certain degree, several times on Urantia by inspired leadership. Once was the period immediately following the Second World War as the United States launched a massive relief and rebuilding effort to come to the aid of the destroyed European civilization. To her credit, everyone was helped, not just those that had been our allies and friends during the war.

“Simultaneously in Japan, Gen. MacArthur worked for several years and to read the independent accounts of those who were on staff with him, he was a little difficult to assist because he impatiently demanded long days, just enough time to sleep and eat, seven days a week, going years without any vacation, having a sense of urgency, to address all areas of Japanese society. [Not that the Mission will be that rigorous, I am praising the General]  Helping them rebuild a representative government, a just court system, insisting on labor unions, equal opportunity for women and free public schools. Also providing financial assistance to help them rebuild the public infrastructure.

“All these things we will do! And as you will see, almost nothing is as inspiring and exciting as being part of a rescue and rebuilding effort that is well-financed, led by old hands who with consideration and reasonable expectations know how to expedite the business, with workers that are selfless and beneficent, with operating procedures that are malleable and able to constantly be customized to fit prevailing circumstances. Well, it is pretty close to heaven on earth. And now, although we are trying to remedy that, we want you to know, how commendable and remarkable that you are responding to this training and inspiration, knowing only a small part of what is in store for you. And then to make it even more meritorious, at the same time we ask you to bear with us, In the middle of severe disappointment, over and over. The faith and trust that we see in all of you is a big part of our joy on the job.

“The faithlessness that is the bane of the old teaching mission has as its genesis; lack of humility. Their surrender to the premise of unselfish working for the father in a life of simple uncluttered single-mindedness with no more attachment with the trappings, free of the usual obligations except for the main obligation, slipped from importance in their lives. The concept of the total necessity for loyalty and allegiance, through human assignees, [and it can never be otherwise] was denigrated and minimized, although every single one knew well of that principle.

“Simple sincere humility erases a thousand questions and problems. The feeling that you are responsible to hold court on the boss’s behavior reveals in a second the arrogance. The real problem though is; ‘not believing without the tiniest shadow of a doubt that the Corrective Time,  as explained in thousands of received transmissions, is totally and absolutely what and by whom it says it is’. They literally did not believe what they were reading, end of story.

“The reason that those that are still here, are here, is that they believed what they were reading, they have humility. And when they were tried, by having their desires thwarted, there was a bigness and love that covered many transgressions. They desired association and the promised opportunity for such joyous service, with the kind of vehemence, any price was not too much, even life being interrupted, personal dreams and fond hopes being dashed.

“Those being slow and un-enthusiastic to cooperate with the Mission, point to lapses of proper protocol being ignored or missing in the relations with supervision and then they blew that into being a super big deal demanding redress. After all, because of their great service they are somebody now. They imply respectful interaction must be insisted upon to make their important point that an offense was committed and they refuse to, or are slow to cooperate until due respect is given. They are implying that they must have a piece of the action. In contrast to this, humility is such a beautiful thing!

“Now to speak very frankly; how can we use those of you being trained here if you’re off being busy with a dozen activities having nothing to do with our formal request to become able to receive messages, and to spend a couple hours a day in study?

“I’m speaking about those very interesting pet projects and hobbies that are so much fun but take up so much time. Then there is the unwillingness to simplify living circumstances so drastically that part-time work is sufficient, [oh my, you mean coming way down in lifestyle?] Thus giving you enough, time to do this job! The necessity for you to quit early in the evening, so you can have enough rest to be up early for the most important thing on the face of the earth. [Your work and service]  Even if the prescient actions for actual beginnings are a year off and I assure you they are not, Please get your rear in gear! You have been shown the work to do to occupy those increased hours of work!

“Do you really believe that the most important thing you have ever been asked to do, is to put the Magisterial Mission first in your life? Are the demands of a spouse and children unable to be put in such a perspective and managed in such a way that they are a distant second to what you’ve been called to? Would you really respond less quickly to the Universe Sovereigns then your family? The example of the amount of time asked of the first century apostles as they were being trained by Jesus, is pretty close, to what we are asking of all of you! Is there something more important you want to take care?

“With this lesson at this moment, the vail is being lifted as to the reality of your life, if you can catch the vision. Thank you for being here! We are confident, those intended to be part of this team will courageously and fearlessly implement the right choices. This is Califax, as you can see; I’m pretty much being everywhere at once and so very happy and joyful to be part of this. I think we will see sleepers on this forum, have the fortitude to surprise everyone. In appreciation, we wish you all a good day!
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