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Author Topic: Margul,Race is a Non issue, 4 Feb.2017,Daniel, L V Nv. US  (Read 291 times)

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Eyes Only
Teacher, Margul
Subject: Race is a Non-Issue
Category: Eugenics
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV.
4 February 2017, 19:45 Z

Transmitter; thank You Father for this opportunity to be the go-between in messaging. Help all that is transcribed to be exactly what you intended. Is there a message you have today for everyone?

“Yes, This is Margul speaking with what is to be delivered today, a discourse and discussion covering the subject of race relations on Urantia. In the early 1950’s, US, Pres. Truman integrated the United States military services, the Coast Guard and the Federal Marshals. This was a courageous step that highlighted issues and powerfully abetted normalization. Now promotion was only upon the performance and genuine merit of each individual. This is never talked about but part of the silver lining to the Vietnam War was the million friendships that resulted between African-Americans, Asian, Latino, all other nationalities and Anglo-Saxon soldiers.

“Not to belittle the tragedy, but another boon from that war was 3 million new Vietnamese immigrants that came in the 25 years after 1975 when Saigon fell. The Communist victors were blind to the fact they chased away some of their most valuable citizens. Most became exemplary US, French, Canadian, and Australian citizens outshining to a great degree their friends and neighbors. One young boat refugee, 14 years old at the time eventually went to the US Naval Academy at Annapolis, eventually became a ship captain and to the perplexity and derision of the xenophobic Asians, was entrusted with a goodwill mission taking a frigate to Hanoi. It is common knowledge all over Asia in all the nations, that in their military and civil service, in paranoia, almost no one is promoted that isn’t of the ethnic nationality. We think we have racial bigotry? Yes we do, but it is a worldwide problem.

“There is a picture in the National Geographic showing the staff of the American Embassy, in some African nation and every racial mixture you can imagine is represented in the 50 people photographed. We certainly have a long way to go, but this type of balance will be the new illumined example worldwide as the Magisterial Mission spreads over the earth. In India a caste system will be a thing of the past. The bluebloods of New England and the crackers of Alabama will be side-by-side in the University. The Europeans and Scandinavians of previous, ‘nose in the air’ aristocracy will be fast family friends with former peasants from Uruguay or the Transvaal. This family togetherness, joyfully embracing all the racial diversity is just bringing us up to speed for the time of eventually working closely with thousands of extraterrestrial strains.

“Now on these training forums, your diversity represents approx. 10 main nationalities and genetic types, but another 10 are in the wings and going to be with you as coworkers and eventually all 200+ nations will have contacts associated with all of you. To harbor any prejudice or categorization concerning the ability of racial types is a damper you will never see in the Magisterial Sons Mission. A person of average intelligence and ability in comparison to many of genius status that we’ve already seen on this forum, [and who are fully appreciated and prized] can shoot to become leaders in their mission profession far in advance of the pack with the simple ingredient of diligent, surrendered, responsive, loyal, service, that is in such short supply and high demand.

“When you put The Father first, like the pioneer said to his wife when they were attacked by Indians; “Katie bar the door”. In other words, this is it, your commitment is so great, you’re willing to lose your lives. Career advancement [which is simply being able to be used in greater service] automatically takes place, with that kind of purity of devotion. Racial considerations fade into the background and we only take note of it, in an effort to learn about, appreciate and validate, never denigrate that particular culture. The racial variety in the local universe of Nebadon alone is similar to the boards of beetles you see in collections, which have more varieties on Urantia than any other insect family. The insect scientist said; “God sure must like Beetles”.

“This is Margul, creating for the record, a statement about, the official God family policy, for all too happily take note of that we will live and die by. Talk about equal opportunity and removal of any ceiling, this is it. With a warm embrace for all of you, best regards and good day!”

End Discussion Forum-
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