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Author Topic: Califax, Celestial Over-care, 3 Feb. 2017, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 167 times)

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Teacher: Califax
Subject: Celestial Over-care
Category: Monjoronson Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV.
3 February 2017, 18:32 Z

Writer: In this new day of opportunity we come before you Father, with feelings of appreciation and happiness to have a part, however small, in informing and bringing new light. Thank you for this technology of recording and disseminating what you want to say! Is there some message that you have?

“Let’s begin Daniel. I notice you’re using your new voice to type application, you call Dragon, and that it’s working very well! It would be great as you receive a verbal message, if simultaneously it would type it out as you spoke. That sentence came through so well, very quickly after you spoke.

“What I would like to talk about today, is the subject of; “synchronicity”. I think you all have experienced this in your lives. Actually it is something very many of us on this side do very well. There was a Western production engineer I think his name was Deming, who came up with the idea of just-in-time manufacturing. His premise was that on the assembly line in the auto industry, instead of having the parts stockpiled in a huge warehouse right there, the production of parts you needed for that particular day would come from the suppliers just in time to be used on the line, making the warehouse unnecessary.

“This was in the 60’s 70’s and few people took note of his ideas at that time in the west, but the Japanese read his writings and immediately put them into practice giving them a nice step up in efficiency. With this mother of all coordination projects we are attempting for humanity, the seminal unfolding concerning the needs and plans, that have everything to do with the beginning of the new administration, we have so many things needing to take place approximately at the same time.  Our skills at synchronicity are playing a big part yet it makes us laugh sometimes because these best laid plans of men and Celestials can instantly go off the rails because of the necessity to connect the choices, and respond, as we let humanity, [within reason] determine how this develops.

Scribe: something just happened: the words that came through determined by the computer program were different then I spoke but they were inspired because it was much more fitting, so it looks like Califax today is able to access the inner part of the speaking to type program.

“More upon the subject; the way it works is that your Adjusters are not only dear friends but very well-connected and instantly communicating between themselves.  Working with several of you, for instance in the same city, so many times they are able to but a thought in the mind of those that are working together and so cause beautiful coordination between everyone. Four of you arrive to search for certain documents in the company storage unit. You remember the gate code, the other person knows how to access the lock, and the other person knows what section to start looking in. The documents were found because the adjusters helped you put two and two together. The car you arrived in stopped working but the coworker’s car is right there, the rainstorm had traffic be very light, so you got across town in record time.

“The morning had been so rushed that no-one had eaten any breakfast, now in the vacant parking lot on the way, is the lunch truck and you can stop for a bite with easy timeliness. It didn’t just happen. You after a while are trained to recognize and realize the tender loving care of your better half. You are able to accomplish some mission much more efficiently because of the cooperation between adjusters and we noticed that many times the adjusters pause with satisfaction when their mortal takes time to notice all this and expresses appreciation.

“The other side of the equation has our subject [you, and you may chuckle over this] may be without any patience at all and those that are around 60 in this training forum will remember so many times that the opposite to synchronicity took place. The day was one round of the most frustrating setbacks; starting out with a flat tire and the windshield wiper broke and you had to borrow a cell phone because your battery was dead and the supplies didn’t come in as promised thus the men were sitting idle on the job. Everyone was sent across town to your other job location but the electricity went out thus no one could use the machines and finally it was 5:30 and you look at the sky so happy you could go home, but the pipes started to leak in the rental unit, meaning several hours more work. None of that was an accident and we brought you hundreds of days like that and at the end of those 20 years you had turned into this unflappable, calm and confident person having weathered so much trouble that nothing bothers you anymore.  Then I think you might have noticed when you reach that level of the game you have many “lucky breaks” which give you much better synchronicity today.

“So the understanding on these physical realms is that almost nothing is cut and dried or follows set rules. The mortals that are your associates are all at different stages of maturation and off the wall things happen that are inexplicable except that now you know the track, of your friend or family member is simply being taken, to bring maturity in the particular unique way that is needed. In marriage it is often a perfect storm of having two people be attracted to each other and then getting hitched and the mismatching and trouble works a marvelous work of building patience and love in the community.  After decades it is realized it was a match made in heaven for enhancing the maturity and expansion of everyone but it looked like it was from hell as it played out day by day. All this carefully and lovingly brought about by those rascally Thought Adjusters.

“Back to the startup of the Magisterial Sons Mission, so many are consumed with trepidation with the messiness of the United States and World political situation, I remind you that we saw thousands of times in history, that things have a way of ending up more positively than anyone imagined. Because of the fact of the over care of all of your and their adjusters plus innumerable spiritual beings of a thousand special gifts and powers we use in a pinch to turn the tide. Plus, now there is only residual influence and not direct interference from the previous evil administration.

“Thank you for your concern and welcome prayers in reaching out to others, asking for The Fathers notice and empathetic mercy in your comments privately. These prayers and supporting feelings are projecting and taking into account what’s happening, this in truth is making a matrix of positive progress. Again this is Califax; painting the picture of positivity, of understanding, of optimistic confidence, that we will do this [restore and make over Urantia to have a “Civil” civilization] I’m asking you to dispel fear, hug tight trust in The Father. Have shining confidence and positive optimism when all heaven is breaking loose. This makes each of you one in a million in a sea of pessimism. You don’t know how this could possibly work out in a positive way but you now are beginning to; “Surly know” that it will! Good day!”

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