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Author Topic: Califax, The Ends Justify The Means, 2 Feb.2017, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 213 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Califax
Subject: The Ends justify the Means
Category: Revelation New and Old
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV.
2 February 2017, 21:56 Z

Scribe: Thank You Father for being here! Is there a message you would have transcribed at this time?

A personal chat. “Yes, begin typing Daniel. Forevermore when you come to The Father in prayer and devotion you can rest in the quiet comfort, you are in full and good standing in His family. Irrespective of your actual place in character development, productivity in your work, ability to love others, the amount of knowledge that you have, the length of time since your beginning, the depth and length of experience, the amount and quality of the service you have rendered. You here and now have full acceptance and are justified by the father.

“Yes we realize when we examine our life in detail, we see specific things that we can begin doing, or things that we need to do no more. We see skills such as learning an additional language that if mastered, would greatly improve our usability. The challenge with almost everyone is to be joyful in the middle of the knowledge of so much shortfall.  To cheerfully face each day without any regret or self-flagellation, content and happy with your, albeit modest progress.  Your sincere intent is all The Father needs to see.

“How commendable it is, to bite off a big chunk of challenge, then to realistically work on that challenge, without discouragement in spite of the long time period required to come to competency. The thing that will give you the greatest reinforcement and spiritual elation, in the face of little discernible progress, is to sincerely bite the bullet with the regularity of the work that you do. You can know because of the way that He is, that The Father Notices and appreciates any kind or amount of service as modest as results may seem to you.

“This whole issue I’m talking about is simply a level of maturity that comes to understand the reasonableness of The Father. In this journey of enhancement of maturity will come tribulations that are periods where it seems like you’re locked in a room without windows on a treadmill with no access to the speed control. This is where through crying out to The Father for additional reserves of grit, you will be splendidly blessed, because of your willingness to trust in his benevolence even though you see little evidence at the moment and especially because the severity of the demands are new to you. This is probably the most valuable and often the first major lesson We learned on the path to maturity; “the father’s reasonableness can be trusted”. Dictators often demanded a rigor and an unsustainable level of effort that later proved to be foolish and unnecessary. I’m asking you to believe and know it is never like that with The Father.

“When we come to this level of knowing it is our first major plateau of spiritual growth. All the celestial leaders you are interrelating with now have come to this place of unshakable confidence, to a very great degree. Nothing for all time will give you as much satisfaction as the assured knowing that you are utterly safe in the arms of The Father. You do not know exactly what the immediate future looks like, you don’t know the extent and value of the rewards, you don’t know the length of time you’ll have to be on the job before you’re given relief, or how long you have to put up with Lack and insufficiency.

“This is the beauty of where you’re at, at the moment. This is why like they say; “you are paid the big bucks” [Later recognition and even more opportunity].  Everything you are doing now requires such a leap of faith for you to grasp the magnitude of your opportunity for this privileged and rarefied training. Your realizing that there truly is on the whole earth, no organization or endeavor that comes close to this calling and as a feather in your cap, the unusual amount of faithfulness and trust, Father and Christ Michael and Mother Nebadonia are asking you to demonstrate. That is why there is such a high attrition rate in those The Father places here in these training groups in the corrective time. The few good kids they’re going to end up with (several thousand approximately by the time several decades pass, in these initial groups used by the MSM) have so much faith, that those that are watching are tremendously inspired, thrilled and filled with admiration.

“Now for the reason of this teaching today: There are over 200, excellent, qualified candidates right here, right now, on these boards actually sitting in the classroom, but who are asleep at the switch. They have yet to catch the vision of what they’re being offered. Everyone has at least for a short while thought that the trade-off for losing their personal sovereignty (and that’s exactly what we’re asking for) isn’t worth it. But it is! The chance to for all eternity, have a leg up in the ascension journey because of the specialized mentoring that you’re being given right here, right now is what I’m trying to kindle and make understandable through that one open eyeball and one clear hearing ear. Ending the fuzzy comprehension of what I’m saying is my only challenge, because He would not have put you here if it wasn’t in you to do this! My hope is that your fearfulness about the magnitude of the changes we are going to help you bring about will evaporate upon your realizing who is talking to you. Would we call you to this and thrust you into service without the proper training, or providing powerful assistance, and sufficient time to bring it about? No we would not!

“This is Califax, Trinity Teacher Son, of the Sautur Order, my title is Imperator, Chief of Staff for the Magisterial Sons Mission, speaking with a direct connection and mandate from The Father for that is who I come from and where of I am inspired. Believe that someone of my origination and lofty dwelling has actually come here to be your friend and guide. I have, it is true and I have committed to seeing this on into light and life. That is a considerable time, even to us. Step out and come with me, take my hand, I am The Father. With love and joy working with you, warm wish’s for an excellent day!”

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