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Author Topic: Mansonloran, Mission Working Conditions, 1 Feb.2017 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 220 times)

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Speaker: Mansonloran
Subject: Mission Working Conditions
Category: Serara Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV.
1 February 2016, 18:10 Z

Scribe: With joyful feelings of the happy privilege of receiving some teaching today Father, I am here in readiness with appreciation. Is there a message you would like to give for the inspiration of those with access to this training?

“Go ahead and begin Daniel. What I have in mind to be the teaching for today is the subject: ‘Reaching a consensus in a working environment’. The relationship among workers can be one of the sweetest parts of our life. It is the harmony and feelings of satisfaction that comes from working in a group that thoroughly enjoys being together. A group that can hardly wait to start the new day because the efficiency and interconnectedness and appreciation of the skills you bring to the team that makes you feel needed and highly regarded, a feeling you also have for all the others. My purpose with this lesson is to give an idea of the actual working conditions in the MSM administration. Later these things are second nature and go without saying but for now this review will set the stage for so many of you, soon to have your historic part.

“To describe this dream team in even greater detail: there is a bigness and lack of judgementalness, coupled with a willingness to wait for accomplishment when an honest effort is seen to be made for what needs to be done. The assumption in all parts of the department or production group is the expectation of sincere collaboration being forthcoming as well as a willingness to pitch in to overcome bottle necks that may be holding things up. There is no strict hierarchy of job categories as everyone strives to know a little about everyone else's duties so as to fill in should it be necessary. No one cares about getting the credit, only rejoicing in the accomplishments of the group.

“What this looks like in the working group is a refreshing resiliency, as sometimes it may be necessary to work for months in less than ideal circumstances of overcrowding or lack of more efficient equipment, having to do things for the time being the old fashioned labor intensive way to press forward, while new quarters or new equipment is still not on site. Cheerfulness and optimism pervades every functionary, patience and gratefulness is the order of everyone’s approach to the task.

There is a confidence and trust in the wisdom of the leadership having the mandate for doing the job and this breeds a feeling of family togetherness that has no need to second guess instructions handed down. When a bright idea strikes, there is no fear to broch the possibility to those supervising, that a much better more fitting way to get things done could be possible. Yet the attachment to the acceptance of our pet idea is nil, since there may be factors we know nothing about that cannot even be discussed for any number of reasons that may require our suggestion to be disregarded at the moment.

“It is administration policy to work almost around the clock, within reason, resting and recuperating only as needed for efficiency, for the operation necessarily needs urgency so services are rendered in a businesslike and highly responsive manner. With human workers the ability and sustainability of your output is all important for it was common to disregard that in the house that jack built, where talented workers were used and spit out as a matter of course with no concern for the balance for family relationship maintience, sustainability of service for the duration or concern for the happiness of the individual worker. Often the bottom line for profitability in the short term ruled, as the standard for company policy.

“Respecting the variability and uniqueness of the productiveness of each person will be the determining factor from now on as to what performance is demanded. Long term reasonable functioning will be the uppermost interest of management and the wide differences in the ability for work to be produced will not be compared or condemned if the worker in the interest of health and tranquility cannot come near the output of someone of more youthfulness or even from the standpoint of immaturity limiting the work ethic that an entity is able to reasonably carry until further maturity takes place.

“With this type of enlightened approach to the utilization of human resources, there shines through it all a genuine happiness and sense of safety and security even though the day to day work environment may be highly intense and even chaotic, consideration is the foremost factor for all that takes place. At the same time there will be the opportunity to place oneself in cadres of extraordinarily demanding undertakings that will provide the extreme challenges many thrive on providing the excitement and even danger within reason that is fitting for them.

“With this foretaste of the work environment you can look forward to, the brevity is sufficient to prime the general understanding and set the stage for our initial beginning of the Mission launch. The realistic and sometimes unavoidably, less than ideal circumstances are the main theme of my remarks. In any startup much will be trial and error and an approach of pioneer resourcefulness will be the order of the day. Thank You one and all for your consistent vision that you have proven so thoroughly as the repeated trials of uncertainty and disappointment have resulted in the most close nit, dedicated, well informed and even tough group that is most appropriate for what is coming. With a conviction and pleasure as we look forward to meeting and working with you, this is Mansonloran with this lesson for all today!”


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