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Author Topic: Marloc, Begin Work Now, 27 January 2017, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 175 times)

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Speaker: Marloc
Subject: Begin Work Now
Category: Mother, Creative Spirit
T/R: Daniel Alderfer                                            
27 January 2017, 20:23 Z

Transcriber: We are here Father in respectful waiting, open and ready for Your inspiration. Full of confidence, knowing all you are creating is without worry about the most appropriate way to go. Thank You that we can come like this for requesting guidance for our lives and our tongue. Is there some teaching or message you have to be transmitted at this time?

Yes, this is Marloc, say that no matter what takes place, you can be sure in your heart that we, far more than you know are there for you. In recent verbal messages received and posted on the Forum, our hope is that you will do the same by simply beginning to speak, as you listen intently and focus on the job at hand. If you have a voice to type application on your computer you could try when you are verbally recording to your recorder to speak into the voice to typing mic on your laptop or desktop, then you can simultaneously kill two birds with one stone. This scribe today tried that but the ‘speak to type’ came out so garbled it could not be used this time. He gave up and reverted to the usual straight typing for today. His speak to type needs to be conditioned to his voice by the training you have to do with a new program.
“The practicing is the important part. Eventually many scores of you will be able to accurately say what we would like you to say into an audio recorder and eventually to a live audience, in a way that is trustworthily, fidel and up to the moment and it will prove to be invaluable. Our biggest hurdle in training you on the Serara forum is you coming to grasp the concept of; consistent working, now. If you could be there at your computer or desk every day, come hell or high water, for the one hour two hours or even more that you determine you can give, then we will have the workers ready when the worker is needed.
“The magisterial Son’s Mission has been up and running for years behind the scenes with faithful workers none of you knows about. Workers who came on their own to treat this like a regular job that they already have, this is our challenge. The fact that you will not be paid until later is the way for us to see your genuine service ethic. We can see that so many of you truly in your heart want to make sure to be a part of the magisterial Sons mission. We are asking you to quietly put your money where your mouth is by consistently being on the job.  At the same time, every day, seven days a week, [If you have to, take a day off now and then ask in prayer for permission]. Be a little early before your appointed hour, so you can pray for guidance in this particular work. Then listen with your pen and paper or your keyboard at hand and begin writing. At first since you are inexperienced, and on the surface can hear nothing, write appreciations, write requests about the people you know on the Forum and for the Celestial workers in The Corrective time. Continue like this until you’re sick of it and you have pages of what looks like worthless material.
“But the method in my madness is you will come to have solid track record of you really actually, every day, working in the Missions. Next when you need a break from transcribing practice do this;  after a half hour or so of this kind of work and as far as you know, no message has come, even though you petition under your breath for some kind of a valid message, you continue on the job with other Magisterial Mission work. What would that work be? There are over 370 members on the Serara Forum, standing with you.  As a tool for your training, send the most recent members that are inactive right now a little personal note. This is enough for all of you to work for many, many hours. You are reaching out in love, to the in active members. Members that you would tell a little of your story, how you came here and mention some something that you’ll be inspired to write to connect with them.  This will in short order show you just how much love of The Fathers you have or do not have. It takes so much love to do this kind of work, love that will be given to you upon asking.
“The members that are here are here because the Father drew them, no question. It’s just that with the distractions of life [that you have had a fight with as well], they have cooled off in ardor or simply forgot about the interest they once had. They’ll be prompted to drop in and check on things and will see the personal message you sent and again will tend to become active and resume their training because someone had the concern to be welcoming and warmly friendly to them.
“When they do finally drop in after some absence to find a note or two for them from various persons, personally you can see how this would be highly stimulating to them.  We can see how much love we have for the workers, the harvesters are right here, but perhaps almost never were supported and fostered by us.  It is all supernatural in the end and we can with the constant prayer, we are coming to, embrace this inactive member list with an enthuastic outreach to start the motors of those brought here but temporally uninspired and our interest and friendship can do the trick.

“So now, this is what every day looks like, you have attempted or actually receive and post a message or transmission, you have worked for another while in contacting a few more on the huge member list that will keep you busy for months, and then when you finish, you will start all over with follow up notes that guarantee your work is never done.  in this all, you are at the same time reading the postings on the forum and are commenting on as much as you can in letting the other posters know what you considered valuable to them, etc. By saying these things I am showing that the time you allot to work for the Missions is with never ending assignments you give yourself.

“What I am trying to make clear is that you are needed as a serious regular first priority worker in the mission, now in advance of the headquarters organization in York Pennsylvania. Who do you think would be most likely to be the pioneer workers there? Those who have been faithfully working behind the scenes for years in some cases. No need to tell anyone of your dedication and work because your actions speak louder than words. Those Celestial workers that surround you know all about your priorities and loving service or lack of, know all about your pleas for additional love as it takes so much of The Fathers love to do this kind of work.

“We your Spirit coworkers get the sense of your being eagerly anxious to see the actual beginning of the official administrative start, where the whole world is informed and coming to a place of understanding that will see all begin to cooperate. My purpose with this lesson is to somehow communicate; your regular, consistent, serious, work in obscurity is very much needed and an important stepping stone in your own expansion! This proves to us your sincerity more than any other thing. You are there on the job with your own gumption and motivation without any recognition officially. Why? Because you get the reality of the mission and want more than life itself to have an important part.

“You want to prove to The Father your appreciation isn’t just empty words. Are you doing the work? This is Marloc, writing this specifically at the behest of Father Michael and Mother Spirit.  We love you all and know these Missions will accomplish just what we had in mind for the corrective time, leading to light and Life being a reality. Good day and God Speed on your way. Domtia…….”


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