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Author Topic: Meloloc, Mission, Good or Bad, 23 January 2016 Daniel, L V NV.  (Read 251 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Meloloc
Subject: Mission; Good or Bad?
Category: General Discussion
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV.
23 January 2016, 17:57 Z

Transmitter:  Our Father, with happy expectations of your inspiration, your guidance, in what you are showing you would like us to do. We must express our appreciation, brimming over with feelings of the privilege and closeness with You and those You have created that are teaching us to be more useful in Your Magisterial Sons Mission. Is there a teacher and lesson You would have transmitted today?

“Meloloc; Yes there is, you can begin at any time. When you come like this to receive a message, rest in confidence that it is coming from a Celestial source. Often we have seen you receive a message only to have you sit on it for a day, reluctant to edit and post it because you see so much of your own attitudes and understandings in the content. We know you want nothing as much as to separate yourself from coming across as some great teacher who can wisely pontificate on some subject to guide and inspire others.

“You do this because you know only too well the extent of your own learning and the gaps in your education or shallow comprehension of a great many subjects. You don’t want to go to the revelation and archives very much either, because you are even uncertain of presenting the product from that, because your presentation or exposition is apt to be so colored with the possibility of half-baked premise’s or mistaken fittingness, being taught. You know since the brief time [about five years] since your coming to the Urantia Book, even though you read it in its entirety, your foundation is so recent and cursory that your only hope to rest easy, is to rely on the fresh inspiration from Celestial teachers.

“So far it is working very well, not to say there weren’t numerous times that what was delivered to be teaching lessons did contain clumsy or extraneous material that some time on the job will surely eliminate. Many times you have lamented privately to us or close friends how nice it would be if the Transmitting duties were cut and dried. Instead not a transmission is taken that isn’t full of decisions you have to make and discernment you have to attempt to exercise as you put down what you thought you heard. This drives most everyone a little crazy because the strain is continuous and the responsibility is not sought, so you long for relief to go on to less demanding and more pleasurable pastimes.

“The saving grace of the situation is realizing in your heart that the opportunity is so rare and propitious for growth and expansion and the associations with the Celestial guides and leaders is so outrageously instructive and stimulating that you’re shamefaced at your whining about stress’s, etc. Then you come back to that ferocious desire to make the most of this unheard of chance to be a part of something so meaningful that as a trainee in the MSM, this occasion and moment is much better even than if you were asked to be a part of the president’s cabinet with national responsibilities, even that would be a poor second.

“Again we have the unbelievable situation we have seen a hundred times, when for whatever reason, fully and utterly qualified long time UB students are brought to the exact place they need to be [Serara Forum or any corrective time training work] and they incomprehensively, blithely, treat this opportunity like they have the right to judge and be an authority on the rightness of it all, rejecting the Mission and Personal because they have found something hard to swallow or out of the box of their limited take about how the Family of God Works. No resilience and magnanimousness, only rigid rule keeping. In other words the humility is missing. They allow the doubt to swell up at every turn, instantly giving them the out to avoid the life they suspect is there for them.

“Also, let them be put upon or inconvenienced or forced to pull back, [many delays and disappointments and effort and trouble caused by the Mission and anon with joy, they have their reason for faithlessness]. [They have great reserves of love and comradery it appears, when it seems their fond dreams are about to be fulfilled with the sure promise of the announcements] but let that be messed with and the self-concerned hurt feelings make all love evaporate post haste.

“They wrap themselves in the warmth of the U Book comforter, dozing in the premise that at least they know the truth now as shown in the book and that is all they need to make them safe. It’s true somewhat, but where is the burning desire to be part of the Mission and to selflessly serve much more far-reachingly? Why is this type person seen over and over? Because, it would mean unquestioningly giving themselves over in across the board surrender.

“The reasons they give for their doubt are sound and good [this guy did this, and this one did that and that doesn’t fit my idea of a godly effort and organization], but they have forgotten that surrender to The Father is everything and their will must be completely out of the picture. They accuse the Celestials as being misrepresented and impersonated by Scribes for their own vindictiveness. Oh really!

“Thank you one and all for absorbing the lessons in loyalty and love this transmission today contains. This is Meloloc, watching, as a team, par excellent, is being developed by the type of exposure and discussion as took place with the simple question on the discussion forum; “Is the Magisterial Son’s Mission good or not?” With most kind and brotherly feelings, Good Day.”

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