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Author Topic: Califax, The Way Trained, Public Speaking, 22 Jan.2016 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 217 times)

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Speaker: Califax
Subject: -The Way Trained- Public Speaking-
Category: Monjoronson Staff and Messages
T/R Daniel Alderfer
Las Vegas NV.
22 January 2017, 19:24 Z

Transmitter: With feelings of appreciation for all of your help and loving care Father, we with trust in guidance today, confidence for doing any work you may have for us and joy at the privilege of this receiving any message or teaching, is there some lesson you have to transmit?

The way we train; Yes Daniel, begin to write. My message that I would like to communicate is one of explanation of training. This is Califax speaking; as each of you, are brought along in your spiritual maturity we pay special attention to any areas that may be needing additional help. Our method of training is through the Adjuster. As the Adjuster is closer then breathing the intimacy between you both is as close as two beings can get. This gives in the joint effort workability second to none.  That is why your giving permission to your Adjuster to give you advice helps so much. Take the circumstances of not a few on the Forum, where there is the need for a more isolated focus and single-minded concentration in coming to listen for taking a transmission. Were we to with the power we have, make quick work of this problem without you having to come over and over in an effort to acquire mature understanding, the frame work of persistent work would lack substance and detail for perhaps teaching others or even it being so effortless that the lasting pattering of your behavior would not stick and be permeate.

“It may seem like it is taking forever for progress to be made but the rate of your improvement and your getting it, is part of the sound teaching method that is common practice in bringing mortals to the place they can be used in a regular dependable way to take part in a work team that comes to function as one. Also important, there is the factor of you’re establishing a track record of continuous, being on the job for doing work mostly every day. This is unquestionably of utmost value. Without that, having only a part time approach, there is an unprofessional and less businesslike production. If working for the MSM is only second or third on your daily priorities it is next to unworkable. If you’re Job, relationships or lifestyle maintience is first, then that may be your road block that is baffling you.

Speaking in Public; Now I would like to say, concerning another area of growth and improving personal expertise; it has to do with speaking at a public gathering on Mission business.  The stage presence, projecting personableness and warmth, coming across that you are with and part of the audience in all things contemporary and to communicate early on that what you are about to say is of vital interest, your words will have an edge of being so pertinent that missing it would be a valuable opportunity lost. You accomplish that immediately by stating some current truth that is new and is intriguing, perhaps a question that has what they currently need to know as something that you can shortly deliver, if they will remain to hear and find out.

“You deliver that content, but have suspense to the extent that the attention is rapt for hearing the whole message. Your manner is affable and so constraining with fitting remarks that continually tie you with them in a shared journey and equal commiseration for yourself also having experienced the current important challenges. You present your life as having similar daily, perhaps trying, set of problems to overcome. It is important for your message to be delivered as coming from one who truly knows and understands all they face. Your delivery is fast paced, not ponderous and your diction and pronunciation is sharp, exact and very fluent, but never rushed.

“Good Humor is indispensable with appropriate occasional levity showing your own balance and confidence for successful progress in the reason for them coming to listen and you being present there. Point after point must be clearly rehearsed in a pleasant, not demanding way that gives hope for them personally to be able to find solutions with what resources they have. Often times with creative changes in usages, and help from the administration, a practical way will be shown and you will personally follow up on its execution. You will assure them that the present shortfall or looming possibility causing fear will sufficiently be addressed as to make an untenable seeming development, highly solvable.

“We are teaching on this subject because to hear these general principles of speaking extemporaneously [without rehearsal under inspiration] will be filed away now in advance and will later be brought to mind when we put you in this situation.  The greatest thing you can have to be a success for this task, so many of you will be used for, is to have the faith that you are being helped. It will not be unheard of in the beginning that you may reach the lectern and you really are blank and have not a clue how to begin or what to say in that first sentence.

Here is where with a pleasant expression you pretend to be gathering your thoughts as you look over the group and for maybe as much as a min. or more you will appear to punctuate your presentation with a little silence and suspense building. The truth is you don’t have a clue what to say yet. With nary a nervous gesture you wait and know help is on the way. If you were there for minutes in silence only waiting for help to come, it will come and is part of the throwing yourself at the mercy of spirit with no worries. This is Califax in an exercise of priming all of you for your soon coming service. Thank You for your time. Good Day!

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