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Author Topic: Califax, Urantian Enculturation, 19 January 2017, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 213 times)

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Teacher: Califax
Subject: Urantian Enculturation
Category: Revelation, New and Old
T/R Daniel Alderfer
Las Vegas NV.
18 January 2017, 1:22 Z

Transmitter: As we are here Father in expectation and confident of being able to hear and transmit a teaching or lesson you may have in mind. Thank You for this opening and if this is a favorable time, is there a communication for all today?

Yes you can begin writing Daniel. In this transmission today, this is Califax, wanting to speak on the subject of enculturation. This is a refined way to say: ‘what you learned from your environment since your birth.’ Until you reach a maturity level of midlife, most earth humans unreasonably hang onto the accepted societal take given by parents and schooling. Some advanced young person’s question everything early on and have by that time inspected, rejected and embraced some semblance of a logical and somewhat true explanation of the cosmos. Those in that category are rare.

“In the Urantian experience, almost no one has the knowledge of being accepted as a child of The Father from birth, or that true religion is simply devotion to and trust in that Father. Perhaps only ten percent are curious and thinking deeply enough to now begin a serious search to find out what is really going on. The prevailing view is likely to be that; ‘it is highly improbable in this life to be able to authoritatively find the truth, since there are many thousands of opinions and teachings that purport to be the truth, even cursory examination of most spiritual literature turns up dichotomies and discrepancies that disillusion even a careful scholar’.

“The Bible is a prime example, and except for the obvious parts like the books of Psalms, Proverbs and Job, with sections of the new testament where the statements of Jesus stand out with a simple brilliance, so much of the bible is difficult, disjointed, containing cultural biases and superstition as well as incorrect understanding of The Fathers mercy and love or regarding concepts of spirit that do not hold water and can be classified as only partially inspired truth. Only upon close, careful study and scholarly dissection, can one make sense of Biblical truth, a little here and a little there, that almost no-one has the patience for.

“The problem is; how to bring the highly inaccurate enculturation of most Urantians to a place where they begin to be motivated to have a relationship with the Father. The experience of mortals on earth in a spiritual search before the Urantia Book was available in 1955, has been that It is only by much eclectic study of many sources would the Thought Adjuster guide to greater understanding and maturity. When it comes to discerning the indication of Divine inspiration of any document, as we continue to discuss this enculturation challenge, the guidelines are generally this:

“(1- Do the statements in the document in question have an authoritative ring to them that resonates with your experience with any supernatural phenomenon or inner spiritual knowing?

“(2- Do the statements in the document make sense and agree with the scientific knowledge that has been proven by experience or experiment?

“(3- Does the information in the document have a continuous thread that agrees with itself, without discordant contradictions?

“(4- Is the wording logical and succinct, such that anyone with a mature educational level will find it soundly stimulating and is it linguistically presented so professionally that it commands the respect of those searching for spiritual understanding?

“(5- When the writings and instructions are put in practice, is the fruit of the information; increased practical contact with Spirit, a workability in a person’s life journey, yielding wise direction, that to a large degree provides numerous  and well rounded, educational knowledge for their successful functioning, life understanding and the building of harmonious relationships?

“There are more than a few documents of literature that are inspired revelation to some degree. The most practical are the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, [heavy with truthful metaphor], the Course in Miracles, [loaded with insights of the true nature of the physical dimension and the ways of God], but all highly flawed and cumbersome when compared with the crowning jewel of all earth literature, The Urantia Book. It conservatively contains ten times the detail, reliability, succinctness, comprehensiveness, sound erudition of spiritual and scientific principles, along with the true historical record of the Solar system, the history and composition of The Family of God, the universe configuration and how the creation of intelligent life by the process known as evolution takes place.  

“The other aspect that was carefully established as TUB was delivered was the thorough and painstaking process of collaboration and soliciting human input, over approx. 50 years, always with an authoritativeness that was obvious. The stature of the Celestial Authors, directly authorized by none other than, Christ Michael, Sovereign Creative Son of Nebadon, our local universe, becomes crystal clear. Its authenticity is unquestionable and without precedent of any existing earth literature. This account is recorded in the available history of the Urantia Books, compilation and delivery.

“My discussion above of the conditions at the moment, are for the purpose of stating an important understanding; wholesale acceptance of available revelation and turning to The Father, is the only solution to the extremely dire Urantian condition of planet wide imbalance, dysfunction and ignorance of what to do. This turning will only come about; first with the worldwide announcement of the presence of Jesus and then an almost simultaneous unveiling of the actual administration of the Magisterial Son’s Mission, followed soon thereafter with the shocks of economic dislocation and tectonic plate movement [causing flooding in some areas and upraising of land in others] precipitating volcanism and widespread earthquakes with great loss of life. An adjustment that will be of such significance and disruption, that all of any spiritual attunement, will be as motivated as humanly possible, to change to more worshipful spiritual priorities."
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