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Author Topic: Califax, Meloloc, Positive Intentions, 16 January 2016 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 234 times)

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Speaker: Califax, Meloloc
Subject: Positive expectations
Category: Governments, Good and Bad
T/R: Daniel Alderfer
Las Vegas NV.
16 January, 2017,19:24 Z

Transmitter: Thank You for this opportunity to help with the Corrective time Father. We look with positive expectations in making whole again the life and physical balance on Urantia. Thank You especially for the timeliness in the intervention of what is very urgent in many aspects of global civilization. Is there a communication for all being trained at this time?

“Yes there is. We feel it is important to say that, should there ever come a time in the next year, when you deem it necessary to head out across country, anywhere in the world, in an automobile, or other transportation for whatever reason, to be sure to call upon, expect and be highly appreciative of the over care of your Angelic companions. This is Meloloc with others here with me that would like to speak.

“This is Califax, as always in a mind frame of happy optimism, to say that those in the middle of the happenings in the American republic with the transition to The Trump administration to take place approx. January 20th are being responsive to Melchizedek suggestion and guidance. Having feet of clay, those in the new administration are fallible to the extreme, but we are seeing much evidence of responsiveness and openness for receiving and looking to Celestial input as they wend their way through the minefield of human interactions that would confound any Solomon.

“There is a genuine spirit wanting a new beginning of transparency and good government and there is sensed an opportunity unprecedented for positive change. A lot of credit can go to the Adjusters involved working overtime to imaginatively inspire those now coming into prominence and power, presenting ideas and promptings that if taken and followed up on can do much to foster rapid progress here at the time of the Announcement by Jesus and the soon there after if not practically simultaneously the proclamations by Monjoronson and Serara. You’re supportive and confident prayers for all to play out in The Fathers will, can do much to lend additional powerful impetus for inspired progression.

“The extreme obstrafacation and sour grapes of the outgoing administration was and is an embarrassment because of the overt meddling and outright effort to sabotage, poison public opinion, spread untruths to cause trouble and to spin all taking place as detrimental and reprehensible and to try to keep alive a suspicious and pessimistic view, all the while fostering a spirit of rebellion and non-cooperation with made up stories and insinuations to do Calagastia proud.

“Every perspective new appointee was vilified and presented as nefarious and unfit. The extreme negativity and lack of any balanced perspective in itself was hopefully enough to alert anyone with a sense of justice to sit up and take notice. The unified nature of this offensive with all main stream news outlets carrying on in the same vein of vilification and derision along with the universal shill of any one of fame or notoriety called into action to join in the chorus of doomsday prognostications, was a study in bad spirited and undemocratic orchestrations. In spite of all this, the general positive nature in those now set to attempt to do a better job is encouraging.

“This [the American Republic] is the foundation we will establish. We are aware of its imperfections and yet it is a gleaming city on a hill in so many respects, and there is nothing on the scene that comes close with so many positive things going for it. The typical American family of old, the main reason for this preeminence, [now rather rare] of strong, unified, balanced, educated, Father and Mother, present for meals and guidance every day, exemplifies the sound minded child rearing standards and big heartedness that has in the two hundred years of the republic produced leaders in science and industry, and education, that was simultaneously supported with a prosperity to shock and thrill the rest of the world’s nations. This story with all its obvious shortcomings was and is a standard that was matched by few nations and is responsible for much of the positive world progress of the last 100 years especially and has been emulated worldwide, albeit with much to be improved upon, with deleterious behavior being promulgated with the good.

“We will build on this, especially the US constitution that is the most sound-minded and progressive blueprint [with all of its current corruptions removed] for human government if followed, that much of the representive, democratic government of the universe is patterned after. Untold amounts of trouble and sidetracking of human creative energy is negated upon the mindset of cooperative, hopeful, confident, forgiving, merciful, patient; ‘thinking the best’ with consistent positivity being in the approach of a whole nation. When the leadership aggressively puts forth that picture for all to emulate,

“We are looking for and expecting that to take place, with all our efforts and influence brought to bear. My request to you, is to do your part, [that is bigger than you know] to set the pace, with a light shining brightly to all those in your orbit, this same take, that is the exact way of The Father in everything He does. Your unshakable response and support for those now taking up the reigns, always voicing bullish, buoyant, cheerfulness to counteract the pall of pessimism and cynicism, that is knee jerk in far too many, will do enormous good.

“This is Califax, with only a bright vision of the future for Urantia. It will not be an easy or effortless path but it will be unerringly affirmative, favorable, beneficial and constructive one. Yet realistically, a highly chaotic score of years is just ahead of us. The most helpful thing imaginable at this critical moment is innumerable Urantians catching this upbeat perception and holding it as true, possible and inexorable. To have this enlightened prognostication [That a new era of positive change is upon us] that I am attempting to communicate to you. Thank you for your love and dedication, I wish you all a most good day.”

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