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Author Topic: Califax, The Mortal Lagacy, 13 January 2016, Daniel, LV NV. US  (Read 318 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Califax
Subject: The Mortal Legacy
Category: Faith
T/R: Daniel Alderfer
Las Vegas NV.
13 January 2017, 18:38 Z

Scribe: With appreciation for this teaching you bring to us Father, I Thank You for drawing us closer and giving us more understanding as You prepare us for evermore service. Reveal those things You would have us know for this Corrective Time training. Help us to have a humble and teachable attitude before you.

“You May begin writing Daniel. This is Califax and what I would like you to write today is on the subject of calcification. In stalactites and stalagmites in a lime stone cave the dissolved calcium molecules picked up by the water seeping through the limestone rock above the cavern are then deposited on the ever growing accumulations on the floor and ceiling into shapes resembling candle sticks, curtains, waterfalls and icicles.  The water evaporates into the air of the cavern and leaves behind the calcium. The cavern void itself was created by the limestone being dissolved into large quantities of fresh water in ancient times having rushed through those ever enlarging underground passages.

“The limestone strata was a calcified deposit, initially created by the accumulation of the microscopic skeletal remains of extremely tiny organisms called diatoms in long gone seas that were stable enough to leave behind a layer of those highly compact, tiny skeletons some times over a thousand feet thick. That in turn was buried by changing adjacent landscape that had material from land erosion deposited on top of that and if conditions were right turned the limestone into marble by the extreme pressure of the overburden and accompanying heat from mantel proximity to magma intrusions. The extreme heat from those intrusions cooked and atomically changed the calcium to the much harder and denser marble coupled with the extreme pressure.

“This metamorphic process changed the soft sedimentary lime stone rock to hard, fire resistant marble, of a thousand colors and veining. This is similar in principal to the metamorphic changes taking place in mortals from the basic, beginning, simplistic and animalistic stock into a holistic and highly perfected being having qualities like the original creator. These qualities were metamorphicly developed by the process of experientially subjecting the entity to spiritual heat and pressure accompanied with intelligent guidance by the designer’s internal agent.

“All along it is a co-creation that requires the permission and active participation of the Divine family member being created.  This in the end renders a free agent of magnificent trustworthiness and uniqueness, not out forging its own self-interested way but now in dedicated service to its Father Creator. The child came to have that attached loyalty because of being loved in such an unconditional way, that it was demonstrated to be of such an incomparable nature that far surpassed any similar relationship even of siblings created in the same manner. Over and over in a thousand instances experienced personally, came through the feeling of being most sincerely esteemed, worthy, important and cared about. This so far superseded the efforts of any but this personal creator Father, that it welded the two together.

“This wasn’t without trying episodes of great lengthiness, where the child was left to wonder if it really was true about that parental devotion. These times of suspense, drought, neediness and seeming neglect were for the purpose to contrast those always eventually manifesting rescues, to plenty and ease and gifting of increased power and ability to serve and help others. These interludes of such incomparable joy served to cement the truth that without the training of rigor and straitness, even the basic knowing of true reality, would be uncontrasted and unappreciable. Your particular place now on these first life training forums preparing you for service in the Magisterial Sons Missions is of a particularly crucial nature because of the precariousness that is the result of your extreme lack of experience.

“You truly are going from day to day whistling, on a hope and a prayer sustained only by your faith, a knowing and nothing else. That is why you are being observed with such wonder by beings of much higher accomplishment and development, which see and can appreciate just how commendable that trust is and you are. Those of our siblings and contemporaries who have lost it in doubt and second guessing will be right with us in the Family later on but will have missed this opportunity to early demonstrate pure love for the Father with no basis or proof much what so ever, just an inner knowing you are courageous and even reckless enough to believe and stake your life on. Thus is revealed a special breed of cat you might say.

“Yes you are sustained all along by your very experienced Adjusters, but those who have been unable to sustain that faith have very experienced Adjusters also. The difference is in the actual evolutionary mortal, the lowly physical side of the partnership, which somehow now at this early hour, because of their unique path, has come to see what side their bread is buttered on and who is buttering that bread and consistently chooses the difficult way of forging into the unknown. This is the insight I want to give you lacing it with encouragement to continue. This is Califax with the intent to have this account of the process of passage part of the record of the Teaching Mission List for all who come behind to understand. With appreciation and regard, Good day!

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