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Author Topic: Machiventa, Happy Relationships, 11 January 2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 237 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker; Machiventa
Subject: Happy Relationships
Category: Melchizedek Teaching and Corrective Time Correspondences
T/R: Daniel Alderfer
Las Vegas, NV.
11 January 2017, 18:01 Z

Scribe: Our Father, we ask for your guidance today, for seeing and understanding your will in all things you bring to us for our expansion. Help us with your outgoing love to respond and serve all around us. We ask for compassion and kindness with mercy in all we do. Thank you for our supply and protection! Is there a communication that would be helpful for all today?

“Yes, you can begin writing. This is the one known as Machiventa Melchizedek. My intention and message at this time is regarding the coming of Jesus and a lesson on how to have happy relationships. We are confident it will be very soon. When we have a delay like we just experienced, all are exercised in personal allegiance in whatever administration you are working in. The buildup and then let down comes to be less and less because the deep understanding is strengthened, regarding the reputation of The Father.

“As humans this is a conviction that comes over time, for all you have ever experienced is fallibility and it is a leap of faith that at last you have been brought face to face with the one that you can trust in a simple childlike way with complete safety. Meanwhile, all you exist with are continuing to be consistently untrustworthy in varying degrees. We see in friends and acquaintances a wide range of accomplishment in the trustworthy department and when we find someone who in spite of great pressure and difficulty, almost always will do what they say, it is like coming on a secret vain of solid gold in the mountains.

“The almost always part we learn to live with, knowing things come up that take circumstances out of their hands. In fact, learning to live without judgement, of a spouse, co-worker, or business partner is the secret of happy coexistence. At this stage, we literally expect nothing and then are often pleasantly surprised should our individual in question come through with help and assistance. This frees us to be full of appreciation since nothing is looked for as our deserts.

“If the partner is consistently unreliable and unproductive we then have the prerogative to cease association or can continue with patient forbearance content with what is given. We must not constantly remind someone of their shortcomings with a stream of criticism because we think since they may have promised to be a certain way or do a certain thing it is our right. We learn to let go, because truly we have no mandate whatsoever for their path or journey. If this is otherwise, the relationship is strained and unharmonious as our nagging tends to short circuit their cooperation.

“This toleration frees those we are working with to grow at their own rate. It is a proverb in professional teaching circles that a free environment without pressure is by far the most effective dynamic for the most rapid growth of the student. The only exception to that is someone entering a special training program where the maturity, commitment, stamina and self-control necessary is such that the regimen is agreed to be highly pressured for sufficient length of time to make the discipline required second nature, to groom specialized fittingness that is on a level of finesse required, say for the duties of an internal organ surgeon or an air traffic controller.

“To have an immediate supervisor or boss that consistently overlooks shortcomings with an attitude that says: ‘However much time it takes, I want and need to work with you and my confidence is unshaken in spite of this time of little production or mistakes. This is a situation, a circumstance made in heaven that is highly motivational for our expansion and overcoming. If our conduct is egregiously irresponsible, enough may be enough, and the attempt for our use may need to take a serious break, still, as leaders we err consistently on the side of patient waiting and thinking the best. This undeviating and deeply sincere faith and belief in a person’s worth and total confidence in their eventual capability, is the most effective catalyst known in the universe for the inspiration and the maturing of an intelligent being.

“Over and over we reiterate our unfeigned sanguinity or conviction of the accomplishment being a forgone conclusion, in a steady, unchanging refrain of reinforcing the truth of their value. Almost no human condition of malaise and immaturity can resist this onslaught of rigid conviction. It transforms a child and it transforms an adult. As we become more adept in leadership we learn to communicate this effortlessly in the small things we say or don’t say that has all our coworkers convinced of their eventual arrival. Every single one of you is destined to be leaders. These foundational principles undergird the very atomic structure of The Fathers approach to family expansion and are the ways that become our true nature.

“Thank you for the cogitation and consideration of each of these items we covered as a further cementing of enlightened human and celestial relations. With loving regards, attachment and fondness, this is Machiventa, often acting planetary Prince of Urantia in close devoted service to our creators, Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia. Good Day!”

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