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Author Topic: Meloloc, No Worries, 8 January 2017 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 234 times)

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Meloloc, No Worries, 8 January 2017 Daniel, L V NV. US
« on: January 08, 2017, 13:15 »

Eyes Only
Teacher: Meloloc
Subject: No Worries
Category: General Discussion
T/R: Daniel Alderfer
Las Vegas NV.
8 January 2017, 18:15 Z

Scribe: With only adoration and respectful stillness we wait on your pleasure Father. Our being here is for Your benefit, to be able to do something in expanding Your Family and our usefulness for service as You create the future. Thank You for the patient, hopeful support we feel in every moment of our lives. Is there a message You would like relayed for all?

“Yes Daniel you can begin; the subject that I want to cover today is the theme of ‘Reverberations of history’. That means the fall out because man kind or any civilizations on any planet decides on a particular course to take either by premeditation or strictly happenstance action in response to developments. They decide to do this and then that happens and then because of that there must be this, as it would only be logical to do such and such. Because of the utter complexity that unfolds, it is only generally predictable as to the course a people or world will take. That brings us to the unfolding on Urantia right now; We think we know what to do in a circumstance and then the off the wall, illogical and perverse developments take place in behavior that changes the complexion of almost everything. This is what we are facing now with the Syrian-Isis-Israeli-Palestinian situation and to a lesser degree the American and Asian political developments.

“Our only path, as we respect free choice in Urantia’s evolution, is to patiently work through these contingencies, relying on suggestions to those in positions of power and influence, through their Adjusters and the proximity of Midwayers or other such beings that voice a telling observation to a group in conference, that turns the tide to some more positive and fitting action as well as hoping and praying for positive maturation. We are sorely tempted in many instances to use our bag of tricks through more overt means, to herd the group of cats into the corral, shut the door and forget to feed them as a solution, but that is the way of the world. If a people can look back and see the divine intervention in a circumstance that is clearly an abrogation of free will, it sets up a precedent of solving things by fiat rather than the personalities involved doing almost all the actual work for what must somehow develop into a solution that is mostly: just, kind and practical. [Goodness, truth and beauty]

“The taking over to make things move along must only apply when the next action means pushing the button on a nuclear weapon or the activation of some scientific experiment that will cause the runaway reaction to split a planet in half, type thing. Now when you have a being such as The Father is, where the comprehension of a situation is truly comprehended in all its almost unimaginable complexity and outplaying ramifications. As well the part no one can know, about His seeing fulfillments of plans by development of circumstances that then make possible unfolding's in the far, far, future. By this you can see how all of us can rest in very comfortable assurance that any amount of time in the present needed for it all to come together will be more then cheerfully endured. No explanation is necessary because as we study this history later we will be scrumptiously rewarded with an accompanying understanding that then brings our maturity along in the wake of today’s seeming delay, chaos and incomprehensibility.  

“But what I am writing here is not to set you up to happily endure more delay, It is to give you a mature understanding of the outplaying of your life from now on and the why and where for of the necessity for uncertainty [but with total security] for the rest of all time. One of the perks of eternal existence is; you after a while truly come to understand many of the inner reasons for the now unfathomable things taking place around you and thus are armed with even more of The Fathers knowledge and intelligence. You are prepared more fully to be The Father in essence, in your assignments of the future because your confidence is on the bedrock of actual personal experience.

“In a movie the hero often acts in supreme confidence that confounds those in the story, around him or her. It is one of the most satisfying aspects of the unfolding drama. Somehow with nonchalant unconcern they lead in the best way to proceed, with an aplomb that always plays out for the betterment of everyone. Ladies and gentlemen that is you in the future. That is what we are seeing first hand in the over care of Creators, Mother and Father of Nebadon and their assistants.  They have it in large part because in the end, even They, with billions of earth years’ experience, can rely consistently on the Fathers help and guidance in the middle of constant changes and perplexities.

“Again this is your friend and Guide, Meloloc bringing an aspect of your learning, to aid in your expansion.  This understanding today alone if comprehended by Humanity would end most anxiety and worry and could give a smooth brow to all. I for now say adieu and leave you with affection, coupled with that same confidence. Domtia………..”

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